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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why Our Schools Are Not Teaching Some Important Truths

A citizen placed the following words in the Journal Junction section of The Journal newspaper of Martinsburg, WV on 1/31/07:

"Does this country know we are heading for a civil war? They tell us where to smoke, when we can smoke, that we have to wear seat belts, what we can build and can't..... This to me sounds like a dictatorship instead of a democratic government...."

If the teachings of the educational systems were consistent with God and jesus Christ, all school teachings would be rational. It is rational not to smoke because smoking causes cancer. It is rational to wear seat belts because lives are saved in auto accidents. It is also rational for a government to regulate home standards, bridge standards, appliance standards, auto standards, medical and hospital standards, etc.

It is well known that when a government makes rational laws, the freedom of its people will increase. But, it is also well known that when a government makes arbitrary laws, the freedom of its people will decrease. Today, the US government is decreasing the freedom of its people because it is making many more arbitrary laws than rational laws. The US government makes many more arbitrary laws than rational laws because its lawmakers do not consider God when they make laws.

Since all rational laws are either Laws of Nature or Laws of Nature's God, as the US founders told us in the Declaration of Independence, the US government became irational when it decided to remove the Declaration of Independence from the body of US laws. So, this citizen was right to say that the US government sounds like a dictatorship. But, this citizen is apparently ignorant of flaws in our educational system.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Open For Business: A Bunny Ranch in the Western Territory of the USA

On 1/28/07, Sean Hannity of Fox News discussed Hannity’s America. His America exposed a brothel in the West called the Bunny Ranch. He interviewed the ladies who work at the brothel and the owner of the brothel. The ladies work there for two reasons. One reason is their belief that prostitution is the fastest way for a woman to become wealthy. The second reason is that they do not believe in God. The owner believes that he is giving women this monetary opportunity. He also believes that these opportunities for women will soon appear in every State, as gambling is appearing in more and more Stares.

The ladies and the owners have developed such beliefs primarily because they are ignorant and thus unaware that man has now proven that God exists. But, they have a second belief — that a free market is really free. This is not true. The owner also believes that the free market is absolutely free and will open other brothels and gaming facilities throughout the nation.

The ladies and the owner developed these beliefs because the USA symbolic language propagates such beliefs. For the same reason, many other children are destroying their lives early. Today, our children have no respect for developing truths. Neither the ladies nor the owners know that the absolute freedom is an attribute only of a monotheistic God. We are also free. But, our freedom is relativistic and gains its meaning from other linguistic symbols we create. Thus, our freedom is not absolute because we are created things and live among many other things like stones, plants, animals, etc. God’s freedom is absolute because He does not live among other things unless He appears in our world. The absoluteness of God also explains why God has no oppositions of any kind and creates beautiful things that must learn how to exist with each other happily.

Phrases such as absolute freedom, free speech, free market, and free enterprise are reducing the quality of the USA language. If uncorrected, these misused phrases will destroy the USA mind. It is time to accept God and make corrections of human life.

The ladies and owner of this brothel must be informed that their beliefs are ungodly, inconsistnce with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and could lead to a civil war and the end to the USA. These words form a care package just as the deer cares for one of nature's real bunnies in the pic.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Monotheistic God Created Only One Universe. But, Why Have Many Religions Developed in the World?

Many different religions have been created by man even though only one true religion will ever be found for a monotheistic God. Ancient religions were originated with talking languages. Such languages usually became the common language of the nation in which the religion operated. When man learned how to write about 5000 years ago, religions began to propagate their religion with a scripture prepared with a written language. The early scriptures wrote the scriptures (e.g., Old Testament) as if God was talking to the. But, a monotheistic God cannot talk with any human unless He appears in our world as a human being. Today, only Christianity and Hinduism claim that God appears in our world. This is why many statements in the New Testament seem to be of divine origin.

Obviously, the quality of a religion eventually began to depend on the quality of the written languages of the nation in which it was written. Since the early written language depended on the content of the ancient talking language and new talking languages had been developing, the written languages of religions began to differ radically. Such religious differences can be noticed today in the conflicts and wars between the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Unfortunately, such conflicts would increase even more so with the coming of the new and very precise talking and written languages of modern science.
The poor quality of written religious languages in the Western world became known by the 14th century, when scientists learned that Aristotle’s logic was limited to statements of the universe. Thus, all scripture prepared with Aristotle’s logic can be expected to have flawed statements about God and life. This limit led to a major scriptural problem for all Western religious leaders. This problem was then cast into concrete when Galileo said that the universe is not the center of the universe. This saying imprisoned him as a heretic and separated science and theology. This religious problem has never gone away. To solve this problem, science and theology must be unified nd become major partners in developing the future of man and all knowledge related to God, the universe, and life.
With the rise of modern science, it is time to stop all wars immediately. Too many people are being killed unnecessarily. They have been killed for irrational scientific purposes and irrational religions ideas. To build a new world, all world religions must bring forth for this new world only scientifically proven statements from their ancient scriptures about God, the universe, and life. These proven statements would build a peaceful and border-free world with a single written language.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Way to End the Iraq War With Happiness for All

The Iraq War began as a war between the US air power and the ground power of Iraq. It is ending as a gorilla war in which the combatants have no controlled geographical areas even though the combatants have developed new ways to conduct this gorilla war. So, neither combatant has developed a scientific way for winning a gorilla war.

In 1969, I worked for a ‘think tank.’ Its research job was to develop computer technology for ground forces of the US Army. At that time, the Viet Nam war with communists was a gorilla war. Since communism was growing, gorilla wars were added to the 5-year world threats prepared by the CIA. Soon, the Viet Nam War would end. Did the US Army learn how such a war can be won? Did ways to win gorilla wars become a military course at West Point? I don’t believe they did because the generals who became involved in the Iraq war seemed to be ignorant of how a gorilla war can be won.

Should man waste his time by developing ways to win gorilla wars? This is like asking your neighbor whether we should develop ways to win wars against crime, drugs, or cancer. Most neighbors cannot answer such questions because they work every day to answer completely different sets of questions. The truth is that people should not waste their time to answer such questions. This is why people create governments. In the US, a government was made of people, by people, and for people. It was made with the US Constitution. The Constitution became a ‘social contract’ between ‘this government’ and ‘the people.’ Earlier a different ‘social contract’ was made among all of the American colonists. This earlier social contract was named the Declaration of Independence.

Today, the US government no longer functions according to the Declaration of Independence. So, it is violating both social contracts. Government is violating both social contracts because it no longer considers God or the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in its deliberations. Such considerations were stopped when the field of law removed the Declaration of Independence from the body of US laws. How can this minority cause such a major governmental change without any approvals of ‘the people?’ The same way lawyers give themselves discretion from State to State on justice cases? Such illegal governmental changes can be shown to be the root cause all wars found throughout the world today.

All wars can be prevented by ‘the people’ in any nation if ‘the people’ learn the modern truths that have been found about a monotheistic God. Many of these modern truths are found in my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Thus, the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all other religions can correct all false teachings that are found in their ancient scriptures. To practice false teachings in modern times is man’s major error today. To stop the wars of ignorance, The New scientific world must be distinguished precisely from The Old ancient and biblical world.

Today’s lawyers and religious clerics must correct the errors of their minds. Once done, they must admit these errors of the past to ‘the people’ of the world. If they do, the Iraq war can be ended immediately and without military forces.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The First Scientific Proof of God: Is Named a God- Honored Book in January 2007 by The Christian Courier, a Widely-read Newspaper in Wisconsin

The following words are found on page 9 of the January 2007 issue of The Christian Courier of Milwaukee, WI

"In the past, human life has been guided by many opinions and insufficient truths. This history of the development of human knowledge is why all governments, including governments of free nations, can legislate arbitrary laws and serve special interest groups. However, this history will change now that God has been proven scientifically.

A scientific proof of God has political power because people and governments can no longer deny God and His creation of the universe. Thus, human life and governmental activities of the past must become consistent with God's wisdom, His infinite power, and His creation. However, this consistency cannot be achieved in isolation. It can be achieved only through common languages that express the same truths about God and His creation. Different cultures and their governments must thus become unified and very friendly."

The Christian Courier, a non-denominational publisher, has survived the rising costs of publishing and is in its 30th year of operation. But, I like its great coverage of many fields of thought. This coverage is important today because religions can no longer avoid their involvement in the affairs of other fields of thought. The teachings of Jesus Christ, for instance, are much broader than most people realize. For this reason, I discus the teachings of Jesus quite differently. But, the coverage of The Christian Courier is important for three other reasons. One is the expanding wars, terrorism, and international conflicts. The second is the involvement of religions in them. And, the third is the rising forces of atheism in the USA. My book is ready to defend Christianity against all of these forces. In fact, there is no reason not to believe that Christianity will become the last and only religion that will survive such clashes of this century.

See this January issue and other issues of Christian Courier online. Click.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An Example of God’s Activities in the Universe

The photos above show different sonic booms that are formed around an airplane when the airplane is moving faster than the speed of sound. But, do not view these photos as if God or Nature always produce some kind of miracle like a sonic boom. The truths in these photos cannot be known without believing that God does create all things in the universe out of nothing. But, people must understand that God also functions in everything that already exists in the universe. God does this through His intelligent design of the universe. In the case of sonic booms, God is functioning in these sonic booms because the boom is in God's intelligent design of the universe. As part of God's intelligence design, God functions in any sonic boom by organizing sonic booms out of things (clouds) that already exist.

The sonic barrier associated with each different airplane creates a new and geometrically different sonic boom. These booms did not exist before the airplane speed was equal to or greater than the speed of sound. Note. The sonic boom is different for each different airplane. Thus, each sonic boom functions slightly different for each different airplane. The geometry of each sonic boom is thus like a fingerprint for each different airplane. These photos show us that God is activity in all of our activities, including our expanding activities

As seen, people are not investigating Nature properly if they do not include God's activities and the functional relations He included in His intelligent design of the universe.

Monday, January 22, 2007

How Does God Contract So Things Are Created and Form the Universe?

Yesterday, I used the symbol ‘contractedly’ twice to discuss panentheism. I should have defined the meaning of this word because, to my knowledge, it was a new symbol in the 15th century that was used first by Nicholas of Cusa. This is a basic symbol that is needed to distinguish and talk about an infinite God and His finite universe.

Unfortunately, the ancients thinkers thought that God and the created universe exists in the same world. For this reason, they thought incorrectly that God lived among the many stars we could see at night time. This is one of many errors made by the ancient thinkers.

Tody, most people do not realize that God’s wisdom deals with two ways of thinking: infinitely and finitely. At the same time, most people also do not realize that they must learn how to think finitely and infinitely. Unfortunately, most people never learn how to think infinitely. Such people turn into atheists.

To think about how God deals with infinities and finites, think about an infinite geometrical line. Now assume that your two arms can be extended infinitely so that both fingers can touch both ends of this line. Now, with your fingers force the two ends to contract. What is the result? By forcing the two ends to contract, you have created either a finite straight geometrical line or a finite curved geometrical line. These two different lines will be found only in a finite world.

So, to create a universe, God does not take different parts of himself so that He can add them to our finite universe. God is not partible. But, since a monotheistic God is inexhaustible, He can contract His infinities to finites eternally without exhausting anything since extractions from infinity do not change an infinite God. Essentially, contraction is like placing something where nothing has been before.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Latest Thoughts on Panentheism

Panentheism is the newest and most popular theology found in Christianity. I reviewed the a book that introduces panentheism to American readers. This introduction is titled. "In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being: on God’s Presence in a Scientific World." You can read my review of this book on Click.

Panentheism became popular because it explains how God creates all things out of nothing. Panentheism does this without creating a pantheistic universe in which all created things become gods. Panentheism did not develop earlier because the ancients viewed all created things as containers which are either empty or filled. Empty containers were called 'vacuums' whereas the filled containers were called 'things.' Vacuums and things were distinguished by defining what was 'in' each thing.

To me, the greatest error that one can find in the Bible uses the word 'in' at Job 32:8. This error was not found until functional relations were discovered with modern science. Job says, "But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding." I interpret this spirit as the human mind, which functions for us to develops knowledge. Thus, I accept panentheism and view a human being as a function of God But, ancient and modern religious leaders interpret this spirit as the Holy Spirit of God. Thus, they view a human being as a filled container. These different interpretations will divide today's Christians.

A panentheistic God is active and cannot be exhausted. This God is also found "in" all created things. But, this "'in-ness' does not mean that all created things are containers. Panentheism says that this "in-ness" means (1) that all things are relativistic rational images of God's absolute rationality and (2) that no two things in the universe are identical. Today, the in-ness of the ancients is replaced by 'functional relations' that connect things. For instance, consider the equation, F = MA. This equation means that F is functionally related to M and A. Using the in-ness of the ancients, we can also say that F can be found in both M and A. Since a panentheistic God is active, we can use the in-ness of the ancients and say that God is in all created things contractedly. So, we can also use modern thoughts and say that God functions in the universe contractedly through all created things. Since the freedoms of human beings are relative and not absolute, God's functionality in the universe is through a harmony with all created things. Today, we do not understand this kind of harmony. Since this harmony is eternal, man must investigate and develop knowledge of this preestablished harmony.

So, it is wrong for a Christian to say that humans are containers in which the Holy Spirit exists as a part of each human, talks to humans, guides humans, and inspires humans. Nor can we view the universe as a container. Nothing is outside of God or the universe. And, neither God nor the universe are containers that can be filled. The functionality of all things in the universe explain why death is an illusion. Further, vacuums will not be found in the universe. And, no two identical things will be found in the universe. Thus, identical twin beings will not be found in any specie. Does this mean that the current gene theory has problems?

Monday, January 15, 2007

The General Acceptance of My Book

My book has now been on the market for six months. Its rank has oscillated monthly from a low rank to a popular rank. But, it has never been reviewed at or Barnes & Noble. Although I tried to simplify its contents, it seems apparent that my book’s unification of Science and Theology has made the book more difficult to understand. More recently, I have come to the conclusion that the absences of reviews are reflecting the awareness of the reader’s general acceptance of the book and their awareness of the potential major changes that could affect all humans, many business and industry, all governments, and the behavior of political and justice systems.

So, instead of sharing thoughts about my book through open reviews of it on the Internet, I conclude that the thoughts of many readers about my book are being secured privately so that individuals and organizations can survive the potential changes. Clearly, the scientific proof of God will affect the whole world. This proof can expect to develop to a single worldwide religion, a virtual one-world government, and the worldwide sharing of natural resources. And, how will each individual handle the modern ideas of resurrection and reincarnation?

I also recognize that atheists are currently selling their best selling books For instance, the books by Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, etc. are currently bestsellers for the book market for people who do not believe in God. For this reason, the publishers of these books do not want to open up a debate on my book with the best selling atheistic books now. So, any debate between atheists and theists is being delayed until this atheistic market is served. But, as you see in my blog of my book, I am preparing for this debate. With this blogging effort, I expect to reduce the market of atheistic books drastically.

Since the way individuals and organizations might handle this book was not predictable by me, I believe that this book will be compared with science books and scriptures for years.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Different Summary of My Book: The First Scientific Proof of God

When modern science emerged in the 14th century, the fields of science and religion were separating. Accordingly, new knowledge of God’s creation was not sought by many modern scientists because they do not believe that God exists. But, thanks to other modern scientists, new knowledge of God’s creation was found. Unfortunately, these new findings have been propagated slowly. But, these findings have now been assembled in a single book with the first scientific proof of God. Since this book was published, no scientist or scientific group have challenged this proof. My book also shows that the scientific teachings of Jesus Christ were a major factor in this assembly. Obviously, the book informs us that ancient scriptural teachings are insufficient for developing the knowledge that God wants all humans to have.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

President Bush’s New Initiative on the Iraq War

Last evening, President Bush presented his new initiative on the Iraq War. The new initiative can be called a ‘community/military organization’ and seems to be patterned after the ‘community policing organization’ that was installed and tested in the early 1990s in the USA. I tested the first two of these community police organization in Houston and Seattle.

The US community policing organization was patterned after the Koban found in Japan today. Kobans were installed in Japan after WWII by General Douglas MacArthur. They became part of Japan’s national police force, which the general installed. A Koban functions as an office in which police activities can be integrated into community affairs. The national police force was part of MacArthur’s work to build Japan into a republic, as defined by Plato. Of interest is that President Truman, an anti-federalist, fired MacArthur.

Since President Bush is also an anti-federalist, I see problems with his new initiative. For instance, the free market economy that Bush wants to install in Iraq is inconsistent with the monotheistic God of Iraq. I wonder whether Iraq’s insurgency is coming only from the US demand to install a free economy in Iraq.

Today, many past mysteries of a monotheistic God no longer exist. For instance, see my new book ---‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Under depleting resources and under God, the people of a nation can no longer rely on the atheism of business and industry to guide them into the future. National goals must guide a godly nation today. The idea of a completely free market economy is no longer a reality under depleting resources.

Bush’s community/military organization will not work because the US military is not able to communicate to the communities. A language problem thus exists with Bush’s initiative. This language problem can be solved with a national police force in Iraq. Since unemployment is 40% in Iraq, can’t Iraq create a national police force as Japan did? Adding 20,000 US troops for a year, until the national police form is trained by US community police, would seem to be a better initiative.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Criminals Are Created, Not Born

In this book, you will learn that criminals are not born in the brain, as evolutionist say. Criminals are created by the symbolic languages they develop and use to guide their actions. The causes of all crimes thus come from the human mind and the ways people think and guide their behaviors. Accordingly, the quality of the languages developed by a nation determines that nation’s criminality and its desire for warring.

Two kinds of symbolic languages have developed. One is the talking language and the other is the scientific language. Since scientific statements must be proven before it can become part of the scientific language, scientific languages cannot create criminals. All criminals are thus created only by talk languages. The problem of crime is a tough problem to solve because the mind of a human can be holding scientific truths and unproven statements from talks.

In order to unify Science, Theology, and Religion under a single symbolic language, so that theologians and religions also teach only true statements, theologians and religions must become scientific where all truths and proofs reside. Needless to say, Science, Theology, and Religion have been the creators of most crimes throughout history. The development of scientific proofs during the Renaissance brought truths and proofs into the field of science. It is never too late to bring new truths and proofs to life from other fields of thought. In the USA, if the US Department of Education cannot work of this goal, it should be closed. Further, immigration policy should measure the potential criminality of immigrants. Otherwise, an immigration policy could fill a nation with foreign criminals.

The scientific proof of God in my book is a good example of the living water of Jesus Christ. To this single proof of God, I begin to reveal some of the thousands of proofs that follow from the first scientific proof of God.

Since Science Is Not Considering God In Scientific Matters, Science Is Losing Its Abilities to Serve People

Today, scientists are saying that science will come to an end soon. And without the true God, Western world theological and religious teachings also say that the end is coming, some say soon. If these sayings are rational why should anyone act irrationally by working hard to buy a new home, have any children, save lives in a fire, suffer as a cancer patient, seek the final knowledge about science, etc. All of these irrational acts are consistent only with an irrational God or a godless universe. They are nor consistent with the unbelievable rationally of a scientifically proven God. If one includes a scientifically proven God into the thoughts of the universe, no science, no theology, and no religion can be completed (or perfected). A scientific proven God is consistent only with a universe that has no end

My book identifies the one and only scientifically proven God. So, it is time for physical scientists, life scientists, theologians, religious leaders, and common people to think deeper about God and reject the highly irrational behaviors they develop today.

All True Thoughts of Science, Theology, and Religion Can Be Expressed Only With a Single Symbolic Language

When Aristotle's 'either/or' logic was found to be limited on spiritual matters, a new symbolic language had to develop so that man could investigate the mysteries of God. Thi new symbolic language began to develop with the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa. The new logic became known as 'both/and'' logic. With the new logic, for instance, the opposites, both hot and cold, coexist. With the new logic, scientists uncovered the concept of temperature. The new logic also explains why an infinite God can originate all finite things. The scientific proof of God thus has a sound foundation in logical reasoning.

A new single symbolic language must thus be used to understand God and the universe. If this single symbolic language is not used, many junk sciences will develop. Today, the atheists want to eliminate God from the world. Obviously, the elimination of God from our lives would create a Hell here on earth. The development of the new logic and the work of Nicholas of Cusa are found in my book.

Science, Theology, and Religion Form a Single Field of Thought

The scientific proof of a monotheistic God found in my book unifies Science and Theology/Religion for the first time. The consequences of this proof are significant since many changes will occur. For instance, all past theologies, religions, and scriptures can now be questioned. And, all sciences that have not proven their thoughts cannot claim to be a science. The large number of different theologies and religions throughout the world must either accept science and make corrections or expect that an uncorrected theology or religion will degenerate into a 'cult.' In time, the cult will fall apart. And, all of those sciences that cannot develop proven laws out of their thoughts will also degenerate into a cult, which, in time, will fall apart. Since all things found in the universe originate from the scientifically proven God, the truths of all things created by God can be found only by science. Theological or religious mysteries must thus be viewed merely as unknowns that sciences have not explained yet.

These two basic cults should be of interest to law enforcement because these cults will lure atheists. It is in such cults that criminal minds are developed.

The Importance of the First Scientific Proof of God

The scientific method of proof gives man the ability to rationalize sensual phenomena. With this ability man can build knowledge of the world in which he lives. When God’’s existence was proven scientifically by me, I also found that man’’s ability of rationalizing came from God, rather than from Nature as evolutionists say.

However, proving God’’s existence reveals many other truths. For instance, God's existence means that God must be monotheistic and unlimited. Unfortunately, these other truths indicate that all religions and scriptures have generated many errors in the past and carry them into the present and future.. For instance, many religions teach that the universe comes to an end. All sciences also have errors. For instance, many sciences also teach that the universe comes to an end. The truth is that the universe of a monotheistic/unlimited God has no end.

Since man did not begin to learn about the scientific method until the 14th century renaissance, all sciences and all religions must correct many incorrect teachings of the past. These incorrect teachings are misleading people. And, many people are being killed as a result of these flawed teachings. For instance, the Iraq War could be stopped immediately if the three different Muslim factions would recognize that their religious and scientific teachings are highly flawed. Why should more humans give up their lives when any war could be prevented or terminated quickly by recognizing that ignorance of the true God and atheism are the origins of all wars?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vacation Delayed to Announce a National Security Problem

My vacation was delayed for a few days so that I could send you an important message for the USA. This message deals with public reviews of my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God" through I also added this message to the AmazonConnect. (Click) The title of the message is "No Reviews of This Book Yet."

I believe that the lack of reviews of the scientific proof of God by Americans is becoming a national security. There are too many new sciences in my book. Without a comprehensive review of my book,the only proof in the world of God using science, atheism will force its ignorance and unproven ideeas upon all people. See some of the new ideas that a typical atheist, Sam Harris, are being offered. Click.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On Vacation Until February

Please leave questions or general comments here. My blog will open again in February when I expect to discuss the difficult subject of reincarnation.