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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The BP Oil Drillers, Atheists,and Materialists Are Not Big Thinkers

Physicists say that our universe comes from the 'Big Bang' explosion of a single physical particle. But this particle can never be seen and thus cannot be proven to be the origin of our universe. On the other hand, believers say that our universe comes from God. Although God can never be seen, God can be proven to be the origin of our universe. So, why do some people deny God? One answer is that non believers are unaware of the work of a specific group of 'Big Thinkers.' These big thinkers search for knowledge of God's Intelligent Design of the universe and do not search for God's Design using the facts of empiricism.

My own thinking is an extension of the work of big thinkers. My extended thoughts are found in my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God" and in this website. My big thinkers are as follows:

Abraham (click); Moses (click); Anaxagoras (click); Plato (click); Aristotle (click); Jesus Christ (click); Nicholas of Cusa (click); Kepler (click); Galileo (click); Leibniz (click); Franklin (click); Riemann (click); (Cantor (click); Ernst Cassirer (click); Susanne Langer (click); Kenneth Burke (click); and Lyndon LaRouche (click).

The most important thoughts of these thinkers are presented below:

1. Abraham replaced idolatry with monotheism.

2. Moses presented the first major creation of a monotheistic God.

3. In Greece Anaxagoras unified God and the creation. His statements are as follows 'One is All', 'All is One, and 'each thing is in each thing.'

4. In his Parmenides dialogue, Plato shows that a monotheistic God cannot exist alone, that is, without other things. His creation theory is in the Timaeus dialogue.

5. Aristotle developed logical reasoning. His logic led to Euclidean geometry, Roman law, the Middle Ages, and today's life sciences, which is promoted by atheism and materialism.

6. Jesus Christ agrees with Anaxagoras' statement, 'each thing is in each thing.' Jesus Christ's agreement appears at John 14:20 (At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me and I in you.) His teaching of John 14:20 will not be applied until modern science uncovers functional relations.

7. In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa ends the Middle Ages and identifies the past misuses of Aristotle's logic. When freed from quantity, Cusa shows that the concept 'maximum' is necessary and coincides with the minimum. Thus, in God. all is one. Thus he shows that the maximum is an infinite line; that the infinite line is a triangle; and that a maximum triangle is a circle and sphere. he says that a monotheistic God is necessary, maximum, and minimum. However, if the maximum and minimum are contracted to quantity, many varying finite things are formed. The maximum quantities of these things are 'maximally large' and the minimum quantities of these things are 'maximally small'. Cusa also improved our understanding of the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). His scientific version of the Trinity is One, Equality, and Union.

8. Kepler applies to Cusa's minimum quantities to develop the free-force motions of the planets around the sun. Kepler uses Plato's five nested geometrical solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron. icosahedron, and dodecahedron) to describe the motion of the first five planets. His system of planetary motion challenges materialism and Newton's billiard-ball universe.

9. Galileo also applies to Cusa's minimum quantities in his studies of extending bodies. He refers to Cusa's ''maximally small' and 'minimum quantities' as 'indivisibles' because his bodies are wholes that can be divided into parts. Galileo says that all bodies are built with an infinite number of indivisibles. Thus, God made all creatures by contracting his infinite indivisibility. This contraction produces an infinite number of different finite indivisibles. Then, God made the universe by relating all of the indivisibles functionally..

10. Leibniz also applies to Cusa's 'minimum quantities' to develop his mathematical calculus. In the calculus, he calls Cusa's minimum quantities 'infinitesimals.' He also applies Cusa's 'mininum quantities' to challenge Newton's billiard-ball universe. In this challenge, he uses 'monads', which he views as the true atoms. He develops the true atoms in his paper on Monadology. All monads are immortal souls. But only some souls can perceive. The perceiving souls are embodied continually so they can function differently. He redefines space and time with new geometrical meanings. Space is the order of existences and time is the succession of existences. Thus, God has an endless number of plans.

11. Franklin accepted God. But he rejected deism. So, his God must be the God of panentheism. Since many colonists were religious followers of Franklin's God, the God of the USA is the God of panentheism. Since Christian faith suffered various corrupting changes, he had doubts with respect to the divinity of Christ.

12. Riemann identifies the hypotheses that lie at the foundations of geometry. He also uses Cusa's minimum quantities to study complex manifolds with infinitesimals and Leibniz's integration. Since these complex manifolds form non Euclidean geometries, the 3-D Euclidean geometry is useful only to teach children geometry.

13. Cantor found the transfinite numbers. These numbers are infinite sets, which can be added to the finite number system. Infinite sets are made when God's infinity is contracted by quantity to produce functional things for the universe.

14. Cassirer's research on symbols produced the first book on the history and philosophy of symbols. His work is thus about national and cultural languages and their development with symbols.

15. Langer organized the 1920 writings of linguists on languages and the use of symbols and signs (or signals) for communications among all species. These linguists concluded that sensual data are primarily symbolic. She challenged the current development of life sciences with logic. Atheists and materialists fear her book because many life scientists say that humans are machines.

16.Burke conclude that all human lives are dramas. So he does not believe that humans are machines. Some drams are highly scientific. Thus, he was thus able to predict Hitler's Holocaust.

17. Among these big thinkers, only LaRouche is still living. He uses Riemann's infinitesimals and non Euclidean geometry to develop a natural economic system. The 'free market economy' must be subordinated to the natural economic system.


Further, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was not an accident. This drilling was not a natural or moral science, as I and my big thinkers show.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does Empiricfism Hide the Oil Plumes in the BP Deep Water Drilling in the Gulf of Mmexico?

The dictionary has many meanings for the word 'plume.' In the fields of ecology and geology, the meanings are as follows:

Ecology: A space in air, water, or soil containing pollutants released from a point source.
Geology: An upwelling of molten material from the earth's mantle.

In early June, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said that he depends on the definition of 'plume.' He continued to insist that no massive underwater oil plumes in "large concentrations" have been detected from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. (click) However, an oil plume was seen on the website on Wednesday, May 26, 2010. BP planned a "top kill" designed to choke off the gusher of oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico by force-feeding it heavy drilling mud and cement on early Wednesday May 26, 2010. But the 'top kill' did not work. Instead, oil plumes continued to take oil to miles of U.S. land and shores.

Just like stones, trees,, planets, animals, humans, etc. are things, plumes are also.things. But atheists and materialists do not say that only things exist. They speak of environments also. Around 500 B.C., Anaxagoras said that each thing is in each thing. At that time, the world was spoken of as 'One is all' and 'All is One.' This world was difficult to understand until the 15th century. Then Nicholas of Cusa found that the absolutely maximum is absolute minimum and thus exist only in God. So the concepts 'everything' and 'nothing' will never be found in the universe. Thus, infinity and zero are not numbers; environments do not exist; and indivisibles must exist is every thing. Galileo followed Cusa in his study of bodies. He found that all bodies have an infinite number of indivisible parts. So if one continually divides a foot ruler and its parts into half, the foot ruler is found to have no end. The same is true for all things and plumes in the universe.

A scientist can becomes confused if his or her mind depends only on sensual knowledge (empiricism). With sensual knowledge, the human minds cannot reason properly with respect to the universe's immeasurably large and immeasurably small regions. This reasoning ability does not exist in our atheists, our materialists, and all BP personnel. This explains why oil plumes cannot be detected by Doug Suttles and other BP personnel.

BP's deep water oil drilling problem occurred because the Western world atheists and materialists reject God and metaphysics. Because of these rejections, BP personnel are thus unable to determine the immeasurably large and small plumes in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, sensual knowledge (empiricism) is being promoted by the founders of Project Reason. (click) This project is destroying the field of science in England and the USA.

The people who live in the States adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico are suffering because Western scientists do not understand oil plumes. Let's put the blame on the right persons for the current oil drilling problem. Further, deep water drilling is not ready to serve any market.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Oil Drilling Problem in the Gulf of Mexico Reveals Scientific and Moral Problems in U.S. Corporations

The corporation is a business organization that separates it from its owners and limits the liability of its owners. Incorporation provides the ability to organize people effectively. A corporation differs from other organizations such as sole proprietor ships and limited partnerships. (click) From 1776 through the 1960s, beliefs in God guided many corporations and their owners. But by the 1970s, many CEOs were guiding most of our corporations. Unfortunately, the teaching of scientific management to the CEOs might have minimized the guidance of God in our corporations. This 'minimized God' seems to exist in many corporations today. And the 'maximized God' might now exist in the 'stock market.

This corporate change was supported in 1967, when, at the request of Madelyn Murray, the U.S. Supreme Court removed prayer from the public schools. Since a prayer can express a scientific or moral idea, this Supreme Court ruling has reduced the scientific and moral skills of our school children. But this Supreme Court ruling was illegal because the words in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution form a single founding document. I prove this singularity in my blog dated 6/17/10. In general, the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution say that "the USA is a nation under God."

With this Supreme Court ruling, some of our children became atheists. (click) And some of our children became workers at the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) to build a legalized atheism. (click) However, a legalized atheism can be authorized in the USA only if God's existence is proven to be false. Thus, the USA will always be a nation under God until an atheist proves that God does not exist. I conclude that the ACLU and other atheists promote atheism because they assume that God can never be proven. While this assumption is true, it is also true that God's non existence can never be proven.

The founders of the USA decided to build a nation under God based on two reasons. First, they learned that God's existence and God's non existence could never be proven. Second, they learned that a nation can develop 'understandings' of God. Many of these 'understandings of God' have been found throughout man's history. The founders included some of the important understandings in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. One understanding is expressed with the word 'Creator.' This understanding that God made the universe. more recently, this understanding has been amplified greatly. In every nation, this amplification has made every CEO outdated. Those of us who are amplifying this understanding must thus question every CEO, especially BP's CEO and the corporation that developed the deep water drilling problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

Developing science without the guidance of God and His Intelligent Design is an ignorant corporate behavior. This statement is proven by reviewing the problem that the BP's CEO developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Stated in a more technical way, a CEO should not authorize a scientific project, one that enters the unknowns of the immeasurably small or immeasurably large, without experiments.

How long can the people of the USA remain quiet with poor science, poor morals, and poor leaders?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Root Cause of the Deep Water Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

When the U.S. moon landing project came to an end, I joined the U.S. Department of Justice to apply the high technologies of the space program to the nation's problem of crime. Quickly, I concluded that the new high technologies is able to reduce crime but is not able to prevent crime. I came to this conclusion quickly because I included an active God in my thoughts and concluded that all humans are free spirits who act without any mechanical forces. So, if a nation expects to build scientific knowledge of human life, its scientists must study the thoughts of free spirits. Only such studies can reveal root causes of all human events including events such as crime. For example, I found that flaws in any national language can lead to crime because all national languages are developed by free spirits.

In this blog, I identify two important human thoughts that led to the deep water drilling problem in the Gulf of Mexico by the British Petroleum (BP) company. One is the thought known as 'the free market.' This thought became common to many free spirits in England and the USA. Today, this thought affects many free spirits of England's government, the U.S. government, the English and American economists, and the deep water oil drilling organization of BP at the Gulf of Mexico. A second one is the thought known as 'the laws of Nature and Nature's God.' One part of this thought --- the Laws of Nature --- is commonly known by scientific free spirits in England and the USA. However, part of this thought --- the Laws of Nature's God --- does not affect many scientific free spirits in England or the USA.

The second thought was discussed in England by free spirits such as William Blackstone. (click). In the USA, the second thought was 'included in the Declaration of Independence' and is used to interpret the U.S. Constitution. Thus, in the USA, the second thought is more like a law than a discussion among free spirits. The second thought is part of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as follows: "When in the course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation."

The initial statement of the Preamble of the Constitution must be interpreted by the second thought of the founding U.S. free spirits. The initial statement says, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ...." The single word 'Union' is given its meaning by the Laws of Nature. These laws define Union as 'one People.' Today, the national. language of the USA widens 'Union' to 'a nation of all people' or 'a nation of united states and all of their people.' The two words 'more perfect' is given its meaning by the Laws of Nature's God. Together, 'more perfect' identifies a variable. Alone, 'perfect' identifies 'perfect' as an attribute of God. 'To form a more perfect Union, free spirits must thus learn God's Intelligent Design of the universe by finding the attributes of God. Since the attributes of God are infinite in number, free spirits can never know God or God's Intelligent Design completely. So, free spirits are always entering the unknown.

When the deep water, 20-inch drilling was made by BP, this drilling would enter an unknown part of the body of a planet that God made. This drilling was thus experimental. However, experiments should never be guesses. Had BP's experiment obeyed the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, a drilling would be a real experiment. The use of a 20-inch drill was only guess.

The banning of deep water drilling by President Obama is correct. This ban should be maintained until guesses become knowledge.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Deep Water oil Drilling Must Be Stopped Until Science is Corrected

The science promoted by atheists, deists, and materialists is wrong because they either reject God or accept deism. Both develop a science that brings the universe to an end. The correct science accepts an active God and theism. With this God the universe has no end.

The correct science was found by Nicholas of Cusa and was confirmed by Kepler and Galileo. In 1854, Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) presented a paper entitled 'On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry.' (See pages 411-425 in 'A Source Book in Mathematics' by David Eugene Smith). This paper also confirms the correct science and was confirmed by Karl Gauss. This paper was confirmed in 1905 by Albert Einstein's relative theory of space. Since space and time have never been unified by materialists, all scientists must consider theism and an active God. To help these scientists, I will discuss Riemann's paper.

Riemann's paper does not deal with knowledge that man has found with microscopes and telescopes. Instead, his paper deals with the 'regions of unknowns', which man calls 'the immeasurably small,' and 'the immeasurably large.' Specialists who deal with these regions must thus master Riemann's paper. Some specialist are the Big Bang mathematicians and scientists (or cosmologists), atom smashers, space researchers, deep oil drillers, etc. They must master Riemann's paper. Since most of these specialists are unfamiliar with Riemann's paper, these specialists tend to mislead the people in every nation in the world through TV and newspapers articles. Deep oil drilling can also mislead nations because such engineering developments are dealing with 'unknowns of a planet.' So, I agree with President Obama to halt all deep oil drilling, that is, until the drillers have mastered Riemann's paper.

Apparently, Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) mastered Riemann's paper by 1927. After mastering Riemann's paper, he issued two new books immediately in 1927, 'The Analysis of Matter' and 'Why I Am Not a Christian.' (click) On the Christian book, Russell rejected the Christian idea that the existence of God can be proven without reason. I agree with Russell. After 1927, Russell seems to turn his attention away from logic so he could apply Riemann's paper. In 1929, he makes a significant comment on Riemann's geometry in Smith's book on mathematics.

In more detail on Riemann's paper, Riemann speaks of manifolds. A manifold allows us to comprehend different features of a thing in a dimensional space such as 3-D. He says that such manifolds are either 'discrete' or 'continuous.' A discrete manifold consist of things of one kind. Examples of discrete manifolds are as follows: all eggs, all dogs, all trees, all rain drops, all integers (1, 2, 3, 4, ...). We make discrete manifolds so that we can count similar things. On the other hand, continuous manifolds are formed when different features are infinite in number and cannot be counted. For example, the colors form a continuous manifold; or the positions of things we find with our senses form a continuous manifold. Since we can't count an infinity of things, we must measure them. To measure anything, a means of carrying forward one magnitude as a measure for the other is necessary. Otherwise, a part can become a part of another part. The parts of a whole are called quanta and are distinguished by a mark.

When man learned how to count things, man developed a better life because he found new knowledge. However, human life became like a ride on a see saw after man began to measure continuous things. For instance, we have many health problems because we divide ourselves into either mechanisms or spirits. Some humans thus view themselves as a mechanical wholes that have a countable number of parts. But other humans, like me, view themselves as spiritual wholes that have an uncountable (or infinite) number of parts.

In response to Riemann' paper, Russell said that '... geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal and depend upon integration for statements ...' These words are not limited to geometrical objects such as finite lengths, areas, or volumes. The infinitesimal can be used as 'indivisibles' to study wholes and their parts. In my book on, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I use indivisibles to develop knowledge about 'all created things' in God's Intelligent Design. I unify 'all indivisibles' so that I can account for 'all uncountable divisible things' in the universe. As seen, Riemann's paper is very helpful to my work on God and the universe.

In the Gulf of Mexico, the BP deep water oil drillers found that the bed of oil was not a black liquid like the black liquid that rose out of the ground, for instance, in Oklahoma years ago. Instead, these deep oil drillers found that this deep water bed of oil was a solidified structure of crystals. Was this structure of crystals a new form of oil? If this structure is new, the BP deep water oil drillers entered an 'unknown' of the universe. This is a region of the immeasurably large. I believe that such unknowns can be reduced if scientists, mathematicians, and engineers master the Riemann paper.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How Gulf of Mexico Oil Problem Solvers Can View God and the Universe

If you live in the present but do not live in the past and future, you will not understand my thoughts, the thoughts of God, or the thoughts of Jesus Christ. The life of Jesus and my life occurred in time because people can say that our lives occurred in the past, present, and future. In Bk. II, Ch. Two of his ‘On Learned Ignorance,’ Nicholas of Cusa says that God is eternal. So, God does not live in time. However, if the creation is not other than God’s being all things, we must conclude that the creation always existed, from the time is was able to exist. What occurs in man’s time are thus those possibilities that man can make actual. As seen, the future of human life will thus depend on present possibilities.

Jesus lived with the thoughts of Greek thinkers such as Anaxagoras, who had lived 500years earlier. By living with these past thoughts, Jesus learned about God and the creation that God made. These 500 year old thoughts convinced Jesus that God is properly expressed as 'One is All' and that the creation is properly expressed as 'All is One. To express God and the creation, Jesus taught the following words at John 14:20, “At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.”

These words say that ‘God is in all things in the universe’ (which means --- One is All) and that ‘all things in the universe are in God’ (which means --- All is One). However, these words are not simple. These words will not become simple until modern science discovers the functional relations among different things, for instance, when an apple falls off of a tree and applies a force to the ground on which it lands. Thus when we say that ‘God is in all things in the universe,’ we are saying that God is 'functionally related' to all things in the universe and everything in the universe is 'functionally related' to God and all other things in the universe.

If scientists do not know the functional relations between oil things, God, and all other things in the universe, the actualities of the future will be troublesome.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Current Two Views of Science vs. the Gulf of Mexico Oil Problem

Today, the development of modern science divides Western world scientists into two camps. One camp of scientists either reject God or accept an inactive God. This camp consists of atheists, materialists and deists, who use only Euclidean geometries and expect maximum entropy to bring the universe to an end. The other camp of scientists accept an active God and are thus theists. They use only non-Euclidean geometries and do not expect the universe to come to an end.

The oldest of these camps came into existence when Nicholas of Cusa found that two of God's attributes are 'maximum' and 'minimum.' Kepler used Cusa's model of God work to identify 'free-force planetary paths.' Galileo used Cusa's model of God to prove that all bodies in the universe have an infinite number of indivisible parts. In the early 1700s, Leibniz found the active atom, the mind/body harmony, and the new meaning of space and time. In the 1900s, Riemann found non-Euclidean geometries. Recently, I found that all things in the universe are finite and that all finite things originate in an infinite God. I found other attributes of God. With these attributes, I found that the attributes of God connect God logically to every finite thing in the universe. I also found that all finite things and God are not contained in any way. Independence is thus found everywhere.

The newest camp came into existence when Kepler's planetary geometry was challenged by Isaac Newton's mechanical (billiard ball) universe. But the universe has never been proven to be a Euclidean geometry. In the 20th century, a Big Bang universe was proposed. However, this universe cannot be proven. Nor has physical matter been identified. Nor have particle physicists found any physical atoms. The atom smashers have only found structured particles.

The oldest camp is making progress even though it has a small number of members. However, the newest camp, which has many members, is not progressing. It seems time to reform Western science.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Obama's Correct View of the Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

In a recent talk with Larry King, President Obama expressed his conclusion about the oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico. In general, President Obama concludes that industry does not do its homework before starting a job. So, President Obama thought that BP did not do enough research before drilling for deep oil. I say that President Obama's conclusion about deep oil drilling 'is hitting the nail right on the head.' Let me expand my saying.

After drilling, BP found that deep oil is stored in a planet as 'things' and not as a liquid. As things, the oil is stored as structured crystals. (click) Apparently, this crystal structure was unknown and a surprise to BP and other U.S. scientists.

This structure was a surprise to today's scientists because they tend to reject God and do not believe that the universe was created by an Intelligent Design (ID) of God. Instead, most scientists believe that the universe is (1) a machine, (2) had a beginning, and (3) has an end. But if God exists and is active, the creation had no beginning and will have no end because an active creates a world in which 'All is One' and 'One is All.' In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I prove scientifically that God is active. So, God's created universe is very complex and can be understood only with metaphysical thinking.

Since British thinking is focused on the human senses and empirical data, BP scientists would not detect the deep oil as a crystal structure. Further, empiricists would not realize that synthetic mud, cement, golf balls, auto tires, etc. will not be able to break into the crystal structure of oil that God made.

So, I agree with President Obama. BP did not do the homework necessary to conduct deep drilling project. It is time for science to turn away from atheism and materialism. It is thus time to replace Newton''s thoughts with Leibniz's thoughts.