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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Man-made Containers Are Imperfect and Lead to Safety Problems

The oil that BP sought below the water of the Gulf of Mexico was contained by a God-made container. Then, when BP sought this contained oil, the BP workers failed to make a container that would transport the oil to users. The BP container thus failed because the oil pressure was s too high (6,800 PSI) to tap with a man-made container. This pressure was too high to be transported to users through a man-made container. So, BP must close this well by filling its container with cement. Now, we must depend on BP's skills to make a container, fill it with cement, and contain this high pressure force If the cemented container does not contain this high pressure oil, the oil will begin to flow again into the Gulf of Mexico and the land of the USA.

Like other developmental projects, this BP project failed because it did not consider the intelligent design of God-made oil containers. Here is where safety problems develop in any project. Yet, God gave all humans the potentials to perfect themselves and improve their projects. We thus become more perfect if we play with other friends when we are young; go to schools and colleges when we grow up; an collect facts and theories as we age so we become 'big thinkers,' who will act godly.

Unfortunately, a person can develop ungodly acts easily because the English language hides the real God. A person can also develop ungodly acts from false religious teachings. For instance, none of the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam come directly from God. So, religious leaders teach man-made scriptures, which hide the real God. So during a single lifetime, the development of futuristic projects, with the help of God, can be a difficult task. By this time, only one endless religion, with the same endless God, should be found throughout this planet. Religions must change or else they must take responsibilities for all safety deaths.

It is now time to include God in the development of all newly funded projects that serve life. The goal of each project must achieve the best containers. The pic shows containers for people.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Man-made and God-made Containers

If the word 'container' is new to you, please go to the website known as Picsearch. (click) This website presents many examples of man-made containers. With these man-made examples, you might be able to identify containers that were made neither by man nor by Nature, but containers that were made made by God. If you follow Rom. 1:20 in the New Testament you should should identify many of God's containers.

For instance, God made enough coal beds and oil beds on planets where life will exist. These beds are contained by rocks. God also made beds of light and heat for planets where life exists. This light and heat are contained by our sun. Some people believe that our moon is containing meteors so that life will be safe on planet earth.

Soon after the deep water oil bed of BP was leaking oil into the Gulf Of Mexico, in my website I said that the oil was no longer contained. What is meaning of this lack of containment? As a spiritualist, my first conclusion was that this bed of oil is independent and, when uncontained, was moving into the water of the Gulf of Mexico and into the land.

Did the independence of the oil explain what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico? I say that the independence given to all things by God will explain the 'good and bad' of all created things. However, the atheists and materialists say that oil has no independence. Thus, they say that oil motion depend on a force that moves the oil into the water of the Gulf of Mexico and land. But what is this force? Is this force gravity?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Containers and Safety in the Workplace.

The purpose of profits in businesses is to increase the wealth of the profit-taker. But profits do not always improve the safety of workers because God is not considered in the production of profits. God is not considered in the productions of profits and improving safety anymore because Americans have been forced to keep God to themselves by the Supreme Court. For instance, ever since 1967, when the Supreme Court removed prayers from public schools, God was forced out of workplaces by atheists and materialists. So, the safety of workplaces could be decreasing, not always in order to increase profits, but also to decrease safety costs.

For example, I conclude that God was not considered in the deep water oil drilling by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, Massey Energy Co. in West Virginia has considered God in coal mining. While these different workplaces produced profits, both produced worker deaths. BP has not told us that its deaths could have been prevented. But Massey said yesterday that it is a 'distinct possibility that an unpreventable flood of methane gas caused the explosion that killed 29 men at the Upper Big Branch coal mine.' Massey suggests that the act of God might have caused the mine explosion.

My panentheistic God says that God creates all things out of nothing. My 'big thinkers' about a pantheistic God agree that all created things are functionally related but are not contained by God. Thus, the oil bed opened by BP was contained because BP had to drill through the stones that contained the oil. The beds of coal opened by Massey must have also been contained by stones. So, I conclude that,although God does not contain anything, all the created things are contained by each other in a functional manner. So to open beds anywhere, a science of opening beds does exist in ways so that all worker deaths can be prevented. For information on many different containers (click).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Pressure of the Oil in the BP Container in the Gulf of Mexico is 6,800 PSI. What is the Origin of this Pressure?

According to BP scientists, the pressure of the oil inside the BP containing system in the Gulf of Mexico is 6, 800 PSI. Unfortunately, these scientists say that the well must be closed because this pressure of the oil is too high in order to remove the oil from the containing system and develop sales. So, the BP scientists must close the well completely by forcing a special cement into the oil containing system. This cement will require that some oil in the containing system must be forced out of the containing system and into the Gulf of Mexico. This failure to capture and sell this oil was a bad experience.

However, Plato teaches us that negative experiences can lead to positive knowledge and new developments and monetary successes. In a money economy, such successes are determined only by the money and its value in that economy.

I agree with Plato and thus believe that negatives can lead to positives. But I have this belief because I have developed considerable knowledge of God's Intelligent Design of the universe. The BP scientists seem to be students of materialism and atheism rather than being students of God and God's Intelligent Design of the universe. Thus, the BP scientists must close the well because they did not study God or God's Intelligent Design. With my knowledge of God and God's Intelligent Design, I say that this oil well could be emptied and made productive, successful, and profitable.

I say that the origin of the 6,800 PSI oil is God, not any mechanical structure.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Atheists Are Saying That the USA Is Not a Nation Under God

On many highway signs, the atheists are saying in big words that the USA is not a Nation under God. But these signs are false as I will show below because they are violating the Constitution. The purposes of these signs seem to be hidden. For instance, one purpose of these signs is to force the Supreme Court to give all U.S. citizens absolute freedom, which is not possible under God. Another purpose of these signs is to divide the people of the USA. The major purpose, of course, is to remove God completely from the USA and divide the USA into small nations so that the U.S. military force becomes smaller.

However, scientific proofs of the existence of God are increasing in the new century. These scientific proofs no longer need support from any religious scripture. Furthermore, the continued development of powerful reasoning minds is also increasing our understandings of God. Based on these new proofs and powerful understandings, these atheistic signs are really trashy and scientifically out-dated.

However, the founding documents of the USA, which are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both speak of God. Specifically, words in the Declaration of Independence speak of the 'rights' of the 'one People,' who are endowed by their 'Creator.' Further, the Declaration of Independence speaks of the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God.' These laws are given by God to all citizens of the USA. These words in the Declaration of Independence are now considered by lawyers and politicians as the foundation of the U.S. political philosophy. The Declaration is now used to interpret the Constitution.

More recently, I prove linguistically that the Constitution speaks about the existence of God by interpreting the Preamble of the Constitution. The Preamble says, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ...." In this saying, the word, 'Union,' means 'all people in a nation.' The two words, 'more perfect,' is given its meaning by science. The two-word phrase, 'more perfect,' means a variable. In a nation, 'more perfect Union' means a 'varying Union of all people.'

Alone, the word, 'perfect,' cannot be found in the universe. This word can be found only in a perfect thing. A perfect thing cannot vary, otherwise a perfect thing would become 'more or less perfect.' Thus, a perfect thing is something that does not vary. Here is the definition of God. As a perfect thing, God is the only standard for measuring imperfect or varying things. To form a more perfect Union, humans must thus learn God's Intelligent Design of the universe.

Americans must think about my words in this blog because it separates in any nation the believers and nonbelievers. In the USA, the practice of atheism is troublesome because atheists are attempting to divide the founding documents of the USA.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Unnatural and Natural Economies

Economists do not consider God in their thoughts. This behavior can be seen in Wikipedia because it does not talk about natural economies (click), such as the natural economy of Lyndon LaRouche. Further, Wikipedia talks only about economic theories that are based on money, which are valued by rare resources such as gold.

Apparently, the natural economy of Lyndon LaRouche and the teaching of Jesus Christ about the end of the sun in Ch. 24 of Matthew are not of interest to Wikipedia, and today's colleges, universities, economists, and governments.

In the USA, at all times, the economists must consider God because the USA is a nation under God. When God is considered, God must be viewed as absolute being. Thus, the Creatures that God made cannot be viewed as absolute beings. To distinguish God from all Creatures, all national languages must thus become perfect or natural. For instance, if we want to naturalize the word 'free,' we must say (1) "that God's freedom is 'absolute' (or maximum and minimum)" and (2) "that the freedom of Creatures are 'relative' (or more or less)." To God, His freedom is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum. And to us, our freedom can never become maximum and our freedom can never become minimum or become a slave. God's freedom is thus unchanging whereas the freedom of Creatures can change (or vary).

When an economist proposes the 'free market economy,' is this economy natural? Does this economists consider God and the relativistic freedom of all Creatures?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Economy of Lyndon LaRouche

In my blog dated June 27, 2010, I say that Lyndon LaRouche (1922- ) is one of seventeen 'big thinkers.' (click) He became one of these thinkers when he modernized the economy that Jesus Christ spoke about in Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament. There, Jesus spoke about an endless economy because he knew that God's creatures would live forever. Thus, Jesus knew that our sun would eventually darken, that our planet would end, but that our 'words' would never end. To describe the endless economy that LaRouche modernized, Jesus taught about the way fig trees live from season to season and how Noah built an ark to save people from a flood. In Chapter 24, Jesus was thus teaching us how to think clearly about the way God made the world we live.

Many of today's economists are atheists. They are not concerned about the end of our planet and sun because they believe that they have only one life and thus believe that their 'words'' come to an end when they die. These economists are thus concerned only about wealth, money, and money's value and growth. For these economists, a 'free market economy'' is necessary. Other economists are godly and are either deists or theists. The deists are usually Jewish economists whereas the theists are usually Christian or Muslim economists. Unfortunately, the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim economists accept the necessity of a 'free market economy.' They accept the free market economy because they also seek wealth by increasing money because they seem to be ignorant of the teaching of Jesus in Matthew, Ch. 24.

Lyndon LaRouche is a very different economist because he believes that people are immortal and that the words of man are endless. So he sought an economy that is endless. He found this natural economy in the non-Euclidean geometrical work of Bernhard Riemann (1826-1865). Four geometries are found in a natural economy: spiral, growing cone, cylinder, and decaying cone.

spiral cone-- cylinder--cone

A natural economy develops when the spiral begins at the vertex of the left cone and turns and grows upwardly. When the spiral stops growing, the spiral turns and moves around the cylinder. And if the economy begins to degenerate on the cylinder., the spiral moves to the right cone and crawls down and returns to the vertex. Permanent economic growth occurs if the spiral remains on the left cone endlessly. Economic stability occurs if the spiral remains on the cylinder and the size of cylinder remains constant. If the cylinder decreases in size, the cylinder has changed to the right cone and the economy is failing.

The content of the natural economy is measured annually with pie charts. A pie chart example is shown below. As an economy grows, more and more pie charts are necessary to study the natural growth. This natural economy will move humans from planet to planet.Obviously, a free market economy cannot be used to operate a natural economy. Only the national government can operate it because human needs exceed greatly the wants of humans.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Western World Religious Reforms Are Needed by Jews, Christians, and Muslims

With the new and modern understandings of a panentheistic God, all humans should be making and living in a permanent peace. But a permanent peace is not being achieved because man's religions, economies, and politics are bringing wars, which hide man's attempts to develop a permanent peace. Let's just look at the three religions in Western world and ask why do the religions of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims hide man's peace.

Western world religious leaders of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam say that their scriptures are the 'Word of God.' This statement is false because all words, which are found in a religious scripture or another book or material, are man-made and thus have the purpose of communications among humans. So, instead of developing truths in the field of religion, scriptures have become tools of political systems, economic systems, and wars.

However, many teachings of these religions are also false. For instance, Jews live with deism, which aligns to materialism and atheism. Deism is opposed to panentheism, which has an active God. Jews also believe that God gave them the land. God does not give land to any person or culture. Further, Christian believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Islam is correct. Jesus was created just like all other humans have been created. And, Islam's belief that Christians are infidels and Muslim believe that they will go to Heaven if the kill Christians. Both belief are falser because lots of knowledge about God and the Universe comes from Christians. Further, there is no place like Heaven, where Muslims can go, or a place like Hell, where infidels, criminals, etc. can go. God and the creation are very different than religions teach.

Although it seems that the field of religion is changing, in order to correct the past misuses of scriptures, scriptures ans other religious material must become truth seeking tools that seek understandings about God and truths about His creation. So, all religions must be unified with the field of science. Courses of religion must be required in all high schools and offered in all colleges, and universities.

In all nations, I suggest that synagogues, churches, and mosques reform and become social units that develop youth desires and morals, destroy local drug problems, and help seniors pass on to their next life of reincarnation. But, in the USA, I conclude that it would be inappropriate for Muslims to build a new mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero of the 9/11 event in NYC.(click)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unifying Science and Theology and Building the Double Belief System

The Double Belief System has been mostly been a developmental process of theologians, philosophers, and scientists in the Western world. This System has been a long development because its development occurs only when the human mind develops as a result of self-knowledge. Jesus Christ had recognized this developmental process in Greece and thus spoke of the importance of self-knowledge in his teachings as seen in the Gospel of Thomas.

The development of the Double Belief System was not smooth. For example, Abraham (1813 B.C.- 1638 B.C.) rejected pantheism and idolatry and proposed a monotheistic God. Jews spoke of this God as the 'Infinite One.' After hundreds of years, Moses decided to describe God's creation and presents it in the first five books of the Old Testament. Together, Abrahan and Moses thus speak of 'One is All.' This is one half of the Double Belief System. Then, about twelve hundred years pass before Jesus Christ says something important about the 'One is All' in the New Testament at John 14:20. So, after Jesus Christ passed on, the minds of the Jews and Christians held knowledge of only one half of the Double Belief System. Nor does any new knowledge of the Double Belief System appear when the Christian Trinity was found in 325 A.D. or when Islam's Qur'an appears. The other half of the Double belief System will not appear in the Western World before the 15th century. These facts prove that the Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur'an are not perfect sources of self-knowledge.

In the 15th century Nicholas of Cusa ended the Middle Ages and began the modern science with his first book, 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click) Unfortunately, a sound translation of his 1440 book did not appear in the USA until 1979. Thus, over five centuries passed before the Double Belief System could be advanced. In Bk. I, Ch. 4 Cusa shows that the concepts, 'maximum' and 'minimum,' coincide. These concepts are only two of an infinite number of attributes of God. Thus, when these two concepts are contracted and quantified for use in our finite world, the maximum is maximally large and the minimum is maximally small. Today, science refers to them as the unknown regions of the universe. The non believers in God say wrongly that man can know these regions completely.

However, when Cusa quantifies things, in Bk. II, Ch. 2, he tell us that our mind's are unable to understand everything. Since we cannot understand everything, we must learn what we cannot know, which means 'learn our ignorance.' To explain why we cannot know everything, in Bk.II, Ch. 3 he says that 'we cannot understand why the Maximum enfolds and unfolds all things.' Our minds tell us that we cannot understand 'all things' immediately if God creates things 'all at once.' We can understand things only 'few at a time.' The ancients understood that God unfolds all things. But it took modern theology to understand the God also enfolds all things.

In the concepts 'enfolding' and 'unfolding,' we recognize a Double Belief System and the philosophy ' One is All and All is One.' Thus, God and all things coexist. Thus there was never a beginning of God or a beginning of all things. God and all things always existed and both had no beginning and have no end.

The Double Belief System will destroy the deism of the Jews (click), the God and Son of God of Christianity (click), and the God of Islam (click). Since such religions have misled people for thousands of years, it is time to modernize the field of science and theology by unifying them. so they can develop the Double Belief System in an orderly manner.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Double Belief System of Spiritualism vs. the Mechanical Universe of Materialism

In 1999, the Evolution theory of materialism was compared with Creationism by the U.S. National Academy of Science. On page 203 of my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God," I discuss how the U.S. National Academy of Science compared them. I concluded that this comparison was politicized and criminalized when the Academy's scientific members of the Steering Committee on Science and Creation made a thirty-page report, giving one page for Creationism and giving twenty-nine pages for Evolution. This report was dishonest.

Today's materialists search for physical atoms, particles, strings, and a Big Bang substance for its mechanical universe. However, they have only found physical structures with their atom smashers. The first firm belief of the ancient spiritualists was that God and things exist. So they said thought that that ' One is All' But this belief led to idolatry and the death of God because people concluded that 'if All came from God, then God must be dead.' However, Abraham destroyed the first firm belief when he developed monotheism. With monotheism, the first firm belief changed to a double belief system. Scientifically, the Double Belief System is written as 'One is All and All is One.' This statement means that God and things coexist.

The Double Belief System has been maintained firmly by spiritualists in the Western and Far East worlds for thousands of years. I identify seventeen very important spiritualists in a blog in my website on June 27, 2010. However, the Double Belief System should have developed greatly after Jesus Christ taught in at John 14:20. But the importance of this teaching of Christ was not detected. Instead, Christianity degenerated and the backward Middle Ages began. Fifteen centuries would have to pass before Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, and Leibniz found new knowledge about the Double Belief System. One newness was 'spiritual atoms.' These irreducible and immortal spiritual atoms indicate that the universe cannot be reduced to matter. The spiritual atoms also indicate that Isaac Newton billiard-ball mechanical universe is false. Spiritualists are thus saying that God created only purposive things, which are not contained.

Today, two world theories exist. The Double Belief system has an active/panentheistic God and a universe that has no end. . On the other hand, the Mechanical Universe has split the materialists. In one camp, we find atheists. In the other camp, we find the deists, who are mostly Jews. Both camps say that the Mechanical Universe can be known completely. This means that the universe of the materialists has an end.

I urge President Obama to ask the U.S. National Academy of Science for a report on the facts about the 'Double Belief System' and the 'Mechanical Universe.' I also urge President Obama to give this report to Congress for review and debate so that the Academy's report and Congress' review can be given to citizens. When most spiritualists of the Western and Far East worlds learn the Double Belief System, a very large common religion could develop. I say that such a religion is the only way that a world peace can be developed.

Friday, July 09, 2010

My Response to a Problem of the Deep Watter Oil Drilling by the BP Company in the Gulf of Mexico.

One problem with the deep water oil drilling of of the BP company in the Gulf of Mexico is that the oil mixes with the Gulf water and other substances in the the Gulf water. Since all Gulf animals, who live in the Gulf water, drink Gulf water also to get food. In each drink, these animals swallow material. In time ,some animals will die unless they move to clean water.

To help these animals stay alive, oil plumes are being encouraged to become related to a dispersant agent . This relation with such an agent will cause oil plumes to form new bodies, which are are less toxic or are not toxic at all. Unfortunately, since every oil plume is formed by an infinite number of indivisible parts, many different and effective dispersants will be needed to refresh the Gulf of Mexico to its past livable status. Without developing knowledge of the infinitely large and infinitely small of deep water oil drilling before drilling, this economic production will go down as one of man's greatest error.