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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Long Can Capital Function For Our Nations?

Today, the world is changing very fast. One change is occurring in many nations because humans are recognizing their freedom and want to make it real. Another change is occurring in many nations because humans are developing new  interests in God after I proved God's existence scientifically in 2006. Another change is occurring in all free nations because their national debts are growing and limiting its government.  These debts are also reducing the security of its people.

In the USA, another change is occurring because the U.S/ people have lost their equality, which is defined in the Declaration of Independence.  I conclude that the U.S. people lost their equality after the early business owners in the 19th century died and a CEO was be hired by the family to govern the business. At colleges, these CEO are trained only to develop profits.  Thus, these CEOs are not interested in forming a more perfect Union as the U.S. Constitution mandates.

As I said before, free nations are using capital to serve its people.  However, this capital is being valued by rare physical matter such as gold, silver, oil, copper, arts, jewels, etc. If this rare physical matter decreases, capital will become very expenses.  If this happens, must we begin to put our Mothers and Fathers to death early?

I believe that it is time to redefine the symbol we call 'capital.' Isn't it time to study the writings of Henry Carey.  And, isn't it time to switch over to the American System of Economics, which was proposed by Henry Clay to Congress.(click)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Symbols of Obama and Romney

Yesterday, I said that many Americans do not understand the symbols that exist in the national language of every nation. This lack of understanding is troublesome for any nation. In an earlier blog, I also said that all crime, terrorism, and wars come from the minds of people who do not develop symbols properly. On TRu-TV, 'Operation Repo,' I conclude that the symbols of  Matt's mind have not been developed properly and cause unnecessary business problems for Matt's boss, Lou.

Today, I  discuss the way the symbols of President Obama and the symbols of Mitt Romney will function in the U.S. government.

The symbols in the mind of President Obama are aligned directly to God. Thus, the thoughts of Obama are focused on the future of the nation and on securing 'all people' in different ways. The symbolic statement, all Men are created equal (in Declaration of Independence), is an important symbol.

The symbols in the mind of Mitt Romney are aligned directly to economics. Accordingly, God is of secondary importance. Thus, the thoughts of Romney are focused on business individuals and corporations. His thoughts are not focused on the future of the nation or securing 'all people' in different ways. Instead, his thoughts are focused on the future gains on the world free market.

The symbols of Romney will likely take the USA into war against Islam.  But the symbols of Obama will likely avoid such a war because Islam and Christianity will be unifies soon.

So, another four years of Obama will be very peaceful.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Many Americans Do Not Understand Symbols

Many Americans do not understand their national language.  So, many Americans do not know how to read or make symbols, do not know how their mind will use symbols to function as a citizen, and how to interpret the founding documents of the USA.

For instance, many Americans believe that the founding documents gave all Americans freedom. . Then, these Americans  interpret the symbols, freedom and free, as absolutes, not realizing that God exists and that only God's freedom is unlimited.  No symbol in our created world is absolute. So, in any nation, the freedom of every citizen is limited by Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

To add a foreign language into the U.S. national language would affect negatively the performance of all immagrants because the meanings of the same symbol in two nation will always be different because human behaviors are not consistence.  When I was born in Pennsylvania, my parents never used their German language around me.

So, the languages of Spain, France, Germany, etc. should not be added into the U.S. English language. If two nations want to become one nation, only one national language should be used and taught.

Monday, April 23, 2012

More On the Effects or Performance of Capitalism

When Americans expands the English language, the mind of Americans are creating new concepts.  One of these newer concepts is called 'capital.'  On the general subject of new concepts, Henry Carey, who was an advisor of Abe Lincoln, said that the great defect of Adam Smith's economy is the absence of definitions. (See p.9 in The Unity of Law.) Smith's economy and its absence of definitions was installed in the USA.
after Lincoln was assassinated.

When the U.S. economists installed Smih's economy, they repeated the world wide definition of the concept 'capital.'  This world wide definition says that 'capital' is determined by minerals, such as gold, silver, etc. Thus, if a nation or a person has gold, silver, etc., a nation and that person has capital. A nation and person without minerals are thus without capital.

When Henry Clay spoke to Congress on the Americn System (click), the concept of 'capital' was defined properly by Henry Carey, on p. 376 of The Unity of Law). Carey's defines capital as 'the instrument by help of which the work is done, whether existing in the form of land, ships, wagons, houses, mental or physical force.'

As seen, capital is an instrument of work and progress.  If capital is determined onlby gold, silver, etc., a nation has no real progress

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Are the Effects or Performance of Capitalism?

Capitalism came to the Western world after feudalism was defeated. However, for over two centuries, the meaning of capitalism has never been defined precisely.

Under President Kennedy, Robert McNamara was the first government leader to definee the effects of an annual capital budget of the U.S. Defense Department. Further, when I became a member of the U.S Justice Department, I wrote a memo saying that solving the U.S. crime problem will allow us to solve other U.S. government problem. My memo found very few friends.

Today, scholars define capitalism variously. Philosophical and scientific scholars say that capitalism is the logical opposite of communism or socialism. I reject these definitions  Other scholars say that capitalism is a philosophy of a free economy.  I say that this philosophy is useless because it only creates rich individuals and corporations. Let me explain this uselessness.

A free economy is based on a banking supply of 'capital'  This capital allows citizens and corporations to own businesses that produce goods or services, profits, and incomes.  A banking supply of capital can produce monetary effects for some individuals and corporations.  But such a banking supply of capital cannot produce a more perfect Union, which is required in the U.S. Constitution to produce the 'equality of man.' A banking supply of capital is not able to produce the 'equality of man.'

To be godly and real, capitalism must produce effects that produce the equality of man.

Friday, April 20, 2012

We Can Understand God

We cannot know God because our mind cannot know an infinite thing. But we can understand God because our minds can know all finite things and also know that all finite things are coming from God.

In my new and modern  Holy Bible, I will show how our minds develop understandings of  God. I will also show that Jesus developed these  understndings of God the same way. My new book could be available in June.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Cannot Know God

God cannot be known with our senses or with our reason ability (metaphysics).  Also, we cannot  know that God does not exist because non-existences cannot be perceived.  But we can know that God exists, as I proved scientifically in "The First Scientific Proof of God." I found that God exists because our universe has only finite things and thus must have an origin. Physicists say that this origin is a Big Bang thing.  Since a Big Bang is a finite thing, the physicists have created a contradiction. (A finite thing cannot be the origin of all finite things because it cannot be the origin of itself.) To avoid this contradiction, I say that this origin must be a not-finite thing, which is named as an infinite thing.  Since we cannot compare an infinite thing with any finite thing, the origin of all finite things is God, who is unknown.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comparing Atheists, Republicans, and Romney With Believers, Democrats, and President Obama

In 2006, I proved scientifically that God exists. This proof is found in my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God." At that time, I could only speak of God's existence and could not speak of other facts until three years passed. Then, by 2012, I developed enough facts about God to prove that God is active with the universe He created eternally.

With my new proofs, it is simple for me to compare believers with atheists,  republicans with democrats and Romney with Obama.  In this blog, I will speak of President Obama.

Like atheists, republicans, and Romney, the believers, democrats, and Obama do not know my new facts about God. However, the minds of believers, democrats, and Obama are much closer to my God than the atheists, republicans and Romney.

For instance, believers, democrats, and Obama want to produce goods, health care, etc.  for 'all' Americans.  On the other hand, atheists, republicans, and Romney want to produce profits, wealth, etc. for a few Americans.

When my second book appears, I show that God produces the best of 'all' universes for all. When I compare Romney with Obama, I view Romney as an ungodly possible president and Obama as a godly President.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mitt Romney on the Subject of God

Mitt Romney is a Mormon and is a member of the Latter Day Saint Church. (click)  The founder of the LDS Church was Joseph Smith. Members of this church saw Smith was a prophet. (click)

In 1820, Smith had visions. In one vision, an angel directed him to a buried book of golden plates, which inscribed a Christian history. In 1830, he published an English translation of these plates, called them the Book of Mormon, and organized the Church of Christ. His followers see his publications as a scripture. All members were later called Latter Day Saints. Smith's Illinois. He was murdered while waiting for trial. About14 million belong to Mormonism worldwide. Smith said that the knowledge of Jesus became maximum. Since some truths can never be known, no living human can achieve the maximum knowledge.

Statements about God and Universe are found in the the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These U.S. statements are very different than the beliefs of Mitt Romney, the teachings of the LDS Church, and the conservatives.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Tax Proposals of the Democrats and Repoublians

The Democratic-led Senate wants to increase the tax rate (the Buffett Rule) for all $1 million-plus earners.  This Senate action would produce $47 billion for jobs.  Because of the Buffett Rule, the Republican--led House wants to decrease the tax rate of business. This House action would produce $46 billion for business that would come from the $1 million-plus earners.

The Buffett Rule would lower the wealth of the very rich class. But the Buffett Rule, which is presented by President Obama, is only the new step of producing the 'equality of man.' The equality of man is only one of many moral 'laws of Nature's God.'  These laws are required by the Declaration of Independence (DOI).  This DOI law about the 'equality of man' is identical to the phrase ---all Men are created equal. This phrase is found in the initial authority in the first two paragraphs of the DOI. is presented

The simultaneous action of the republicans reduce business taxes in order to to counter the Buffett Rule is an ungodly act. Taxing must be determined with real 'cause-effect' relations.  The games being played by congressional persons are ugly and ungodly.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Changing Behaviors of Men and Women

The Democrats and Republicans are as different as the day and night on the subjects of God and women.

On the subject of God, God created all humans equally.  This is why all humans are called Little Gods by theologians, who say that all humans are the closest images of God.

On the subject of men and women, men viewed men as hunters and women viewed themselves as  garden workers and home keepers.  With the industrial revolution, men viewed men as factory worker and women still viewed themselves as garden workers and home keepers.  With the rise of wars and divorces, women began to view themselves as factory and office workers.

When the very rich classes of men appeared, a new class of women appeared.  Some men view young women as whores and older women as pure home keepers.  These classes of some men and women turned their lives away from God.

My research on God and Jesus say that very rich classes of men and women are not natural and immoral. Compared to Democrats, only Republicans seem to serve the very rich classes.

My New and Modern Bible Is IComing

A bible about new teachings of Jesus will change every nation. I will inform you when it becomes available in a few months.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Capitalism is in Trouble

Capitalism means the investment and ownership of production and distribution, and the exchange of wealth by individuals or corporations. (click) Capitalism can be compared with the wealth of a nation's government, compared with the capitalism of other nations, or compared with communism

So, in any nation, two forms of money seem to exist.  One money is private money and functions in a free market economy.   Example of private money is oil, ice cream, and electricity. In a capitalistic nation, the other money must be public money.  This other money produces infrastructures for the people (1) of the of a free market economy and (2) the people who build and operate all infrastructure.  Examples of public money are health care systems , roads, and bridges.

It is clear that these two forms of money are dysfunctional and cannot sustain a growing nation.  This is why all nations are in debt. It is time to develop money systems that work for all nations.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Obama Might Fix All World Economies. But Romney, or Other Republicans, Will Not Fix Them

The only economy that will maintain the people of any nation is a spiral winding on the surface of a geometrical cone.  This spiral was found by Lyndon LaRouche and Bernhard Riemann.(click)

I do not know whether President  Obama's infrastructures are aligned to the LaRouche-Riemann economy.  But Obama's economics could be similar to the LaRouche-Riemann.  If so, the Obama might fix all world economies and will serve all U.S. citizens.

I doubt that Romney's experiences in economics will fix the U.S debt problem or the world economies because the republican free trade economies serve mostly bankers, big investors, and the CEOs of corporations.  Romney's experience seems to be mostly in the reduction of labor for corporations

Friday, April 06, 2012

A Difference Between President Obama and All Republicans

The minds of people are not identical.  When a person is born, this child distinguishes the different faces of the Mother and Father.  Each face is known as a gestalt. When the child goes beyond gestalten, the child identifies things.  But things remain unknown until the child whispers the first word to itself, says it to Mother or Father, talking begins.  This talking is never perfected because all words are symbols that are imperfect.

The republican lawyers don't understand the above facts about the development of all children under God.  Recently, these lawyers are saying that a three-page letter should not have been sent to the U. S. Supreme Courts by President Obama on the subject of the health care law.

These lawyers are wrong because the three branches of the U.S. government are functionally related.  Thus, no branch of the U.S. government has any power.  Since all three branches are functionally related, they must talk in order to secure all U.S. citizens.  So the three-page letter from President Obama to the Supreme Court was a correct functional relation.

It is clear that President Obama knows how the U.S. government works.  But it is clear that the Republicans do no know the function of the U.S. government.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Presidential Election Will Likely Face Romney and Obama

The latest republican votes indicate that either Romney or Obama will be in the White House next January. With this long republican debate, the real needs of the USA did not appear.

If this is the case, I will vote again for Obama because the republicans have no God and do not understand the need for space research, world democracies, health care, hoarding,  the equality of man, and the need for infrastructures.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My New Book

My new book is on its way out.  It will come out in several months and will become available as an E-Book, paperback, or hardcover. Its title is 'A New and Modern Holy Bible.'  Since this book is very different, I will hold this website open to answer  your concerns.

The CBS/TV program on '60 Minutes' last Sunday was awful. My book will show that we must go into space continually in order to to locate other planets and master the cosmos.