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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Theological Science* and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

In the Declaration of Independence, the founders of the USA spoke of two groups of unified laws that God entitles people. One group is called ‘Laws of Nature.’ This group of laws is sought by scientists. Each law is judged for being true or false. The other group is called ‘Laws of Nature’s God.’ This group of laws is sought by every person. Each law is judged for being right or wrong. These unified laws are not understood by most Americans and people n other nations. Yet, these two unified laws guide the ‘truths and rights’ of the life of every human being.

US citizens and the US government began to be guided by the Laws of Nature’s God on December 15, 1791 when the Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution. But it was not until 1950 that non violent civil rights movement turned the eyes of the US government closer to the Laws of Nature’s God. Thus, the US government was sensitive only to the Bill of Rights before the 1950s. This poor sensitivity implies that the US government was destructive to its own purpose.

On the other hand, the Laws of Nature began to guide US citizens immediately because some colonists were gifted scientists. However, the first research laboratory did not appear in the USA until 1878 when Edison Electric Light Company appeared. To promote research, National Bureau of Standards was established in 1901. At least 100 research laboratories existed in the U.S. when the National Research Council was founded in 1915 to promote national support of WWI. However, in the five-year WWII, military science and technology caused the US economy to double. This is the largest economic gain r recorded. With the WWII GI Bill, many new scientists will appear. These new scientists made President’s Kennedy’s moon landing program possible and neutralized the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

However, in the 1970s, many Americans and American scientists turned to atheism. This turn busted the unity of the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Nature’s God. But this American turn also turned the US government away from the Laws of Nature’s God. An example is ‘the right to life of an unborn child.’ In Roe V. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court ruled that the right of life of an unborn child is the choice of the woman. Yet, theological science proves that God exists, that the Laws of God's Nature are true., and that abortion is murder.

When the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God was busted in the 1970s, the US Supreme Court busted the Union and divided the USA into a new kind of nation. Essentially, the US Supreme Court destroyed the Declaration of Independence.

Obviously, the US government has become irrational. Thus, it is time for ‘the people’ to build a new government.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Using Theological Science* to Build a Godly National Economy, II

In yesterday’s blog. I asked whether the US government has become destructive enough to initiate a new US government. In this blog, the history of its destructive behaviors will show why the people of the USA should initiate slowly a new government.

The initial destructive behavior occurred when US judges decided that the Declaration of Independence has only one authority --- to conduct a war against England. This decision was wrong because the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence authorize a ‘society’ and a ‘government.’ These two political concepts are consistent with the writings of John Locke on his social contract. The society was named ‘United States of America’ The society became ‘one people’ or Union, under God. These two paragraphs identify the Union with fundamental social principles, self-evident truths, the creation, rights, and the abolishment of ‘government’ if it becomes destructive. Since concept ‘government’ was redefined by the US Constitution, it is clear that ‘society’ is sovereign in the United States of America.

The US government increased its destructive behaviors when it does not consider God and the Laws of Nature’s God in its own deliberations and decisions. This destructive behavior developed because government does not recognize the difference between the concepts ‘theology’ and ‘religion.’ Theology is a study about God whereas religion is the practice of studies about God. So, the US government has the authority to study God but has no authority to practice a religion.

The US government’s destructive behavior continued when the supreme Court allowed private citizens to divide the Union into economic and moral classes. These different classes allowed slavery and caused the Civil War. These classes also caused racism and poverty, the rise of evilness and crime, and the use of drugs by the 1960s. Further division of the Union occurred in 1967 after the Supreme Court gave rights to atheists, who are destructive of God and God’s gifts to man.

The US government also develops destructive behaviors when Congress legislates arbitrary laws instead of Laws of Nature’s God. The arbitrary laws of England caused the American colonists to build a new government under God. The US government’s destructive behavior by Congress is essentially returning the rights of the people of the USA to the Rights of the Kings.

Obviously, the US society must change its government.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Theological Science* to Build a Godly National Economy, I

After the Magna Carta of 1215 gave man his first freedom against the kings, in 1776 the USA became the first free nation of people. The USA became a republic and its people were represented in a republican form of government of, by, and for the people. But, note that the founding documents of the USA did not deal directly with ‘changing subjects’ such as the subject of economics.

On subjects that change continuously, the founding documents of the USA say that the people of the USA have a right to abolish the republican form of government and institute a new government. (See the Declaration of Independence). Abolishing a government can occur if the current government becomes destructive. Has the US government become destructive? Theological science tells one that the current US government has become destructive to most people, God, and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

Based on the rights of people, the US economy must become an open subject to all people in the USA. But, the US economy is not an open subject. Today, the US economy is open only to agencies of the US government, the Democratic and Republican parties, national and international bankers, US universities, US business and industry, the US stock market, and US people of the rich class. When the subject of the US economy was opened only to the minds of people in the selected groups of people above, the subject of the US economy was closed to ‘all other people.’ I concluded that the US government became destructive when it closed the subject of the US economy to most people of the USA.

By closing the subject of the US economy to most people, the Democratic and Republican parties gained control of the US economy. In general, the Democrats control the US economy when it uses taxes to increase trickle-up economic activities through the poor class. This tax was used successfully by President Roosevelt and President Clinton. In general, the Republicans control the US economy when it uses taxes to increase trickle-down economic activities through the rich class. This tax was used unsuccessfully by President Reagan and the Bush presidents.

The trickle-up and trickle-down economic systems appeared only after the people of the USA were divided into economic classes. This ungodly division was man-made. This division is against God and the founding document statement that ‘all men are created equal.’ I believe that this division emerged when people were allowed to own land and when natural resources became privately owned. Unless the US government changes, eliminates all economic classes, and becomes the only owner of land and natural resources, I conclude that ‘the people’ of the USA must institute a new form of government.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Using Theological Science* to Understand Barack Obama and John McCain

This blog argues that theological science is the only science that can develop true understandings. So all understandings developed by atheism are arbitrary. With theological science, a person will understand political candidates no differently than understanding trees, planets, dogs, stones, or any other things. Under a monotheistic God, understanding is found as a potential ability in mind. The potential of understanding becomes actual when mind develops its Soul and begins to understand itself and other things.

Understandings develop differently from one mind to another mind. For instance, a human and a dog understand each other differently because the human mind develops understandings with symbolic languages whereas a dog’s mind develops understandings with sign languages. And although humans and dogs can understand a stone differently, the stone cannot understand humans or dogs because a stone, although a thing created by God, is not a living thing.

Understanding presidential candidates begins with sensing the relative unchanging attributes of the candidates. Statements about this kind of attributes can be compared. For instance, a comparative statement is ‘Obama is rich’ and ‘McCain is very ‘rich;’ Obama is middle-aged’ and ‘McCain is very old;’ and ‘Obama has some Congressional experience’ and McCain has lots of Congressional experience.’

However, the unchanging motives of the candidates are the most important attributes of the candidates because motives inform a voter about the acts a candidate does for God and all the things that God created. The motives of each candidate can be compared using the pentad grammar of Kenneth Burke. His pentad deals with the following emoting factors: (1) act, (2) actor, (3) scene, (4) means, (5) purpose. Voters should seek a follower of Burke to make the comparison of candidates in any republic.

It is time for voters and candidates to become more intelligent with respect to comparing U.S. leaders.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Theological Science* and the Hoover Administration

Some US governments organizations do not open their minds to the thoughts of 'the people.'. The Hoover Administration (1929-1933) was that kind of government. During the depression alternative economic solutions were offered, for instance, from Kenneth Burke. So, the depression continued until Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election in 1993.

There is a reason why the depression in the 1930s continued under the Republicans. The Republican president, Herbert Hoover, was a mechanical engineer, who graduated from Stanford University in 1895. As a mechanical engineer, Hoover is influenced onlyy by the 'Laws of Nature.' Like most US presidents and today's US scientists, Hoover's attention was not on the Declaration of Independence and its Laws of Nature's God Based only on the Laws of Nature, Hoover thought that a laissez economy would correct the 1930 depression itself. So, the Hoover Administration did not intervene in the depression.

In general, Republicans do not like US government interventions into the US economy. The opposite is true about the Democrats. Roosevelt intervened greatly in the 1930s to increase employment. He used a 'trickle-up' economy. And Clinton intervened greatly in the 1990s to lower the government debt. He also used a 'trickle-up ' economy. A trickle-up economy always works through the poor class of citizens. Republicans have intervened in the economy but only with a 'trickle-down' economy. A trickle-down economy works through the rich class of citizens.

It is unfortunate that the Republicans and Democrats do not seek Laws of Nature's God. Both parties act as if God does not exist. Since theological science requires to seek Laws of Nature and Laws of Nature's God, these parties are inconsistent with God and theological science.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Theological Science* Solves the Cold War II Problem, II

Patrick Buchanan, a syndicated columnist, (click) identifies new causes that could start a second cold war with Russia. Although I have disagreements with the Catholic Church on God, through the years I have gained lots of respect for Buchanan’s catholic thinking.

Buchanan discusses these new causes in his article ‘Who’s responsible for Cold war II.’ The new causes are those Americans, who are architects of post-Cold War policies, who promote the US democracy, and who brought ex-Soviet republics into NATO. These causes include the Bush-McCain plan that would bring Georgia also into NATO. It appears as though President Eisenhower was right when he spoke of the need to manage the military-industrial complex.

When are US leaders going to understand that wars are created by the sick minds of some US humans? US leaders also do not understand that sick minds also create the many criminals we find in the USA today. In the USA, sick minds are being produced by the ugly English language, logic thinking, and the use of flawed symbolic languages. Is the same kind of minds bringing Cold War II?

When the great linguistic work of Kenneth Burke became available, the mind of our new young Americans would become very powerful and be cleaned of this sickness. However, this new mental power never developed because the highly mechanical and materialistic Hoover Administration did not understand this new US human opportunity.

I agree that Joe Biden ought to conduct a public hearing on who caused this US humiliation.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Theological Science Solves the Cold War II Problem, I

Cold War II between Russia and the USA can be prevented with new political systems in both nations.

Unfortunately, US logically-minded citizens are showing their political ignorance when they define democracy as the logical opposite of socialism. Such citizens do not even know that the US political system has never been classified by any citizen or the US government. Only dialectically-minded people can compare the US political system with the political system of other nations. Former President Clinton and England’s Prime Minister Terry Blair were unable to define a ‘Third Way’ between democracy and socialism because they are not educated in dialectical thinking. So, to prevent Cold War II, Russia and the USA must think dialectically, as I said in yesterday’s blog.

To think dialectically, both Russia and the USA must focus their governments on the two major factors of human life --- the ‘independence’ and ‘sociability’ of their people. The governments of both nations require only two political parties to govern. One party would be the Independence party. And the second party would be the Social party. These two parties would elect representatives of the people. The representatives would function as dialectical thinkers who define continually the future paths of progress of ‘the people.’ In the USA, the US Democratic and Republican parties must thus be terminated. If this political system is installed in every nation, the progress of the people in all nations would be very similar, spiritually and materially.

Obviously, this two-party political system allows people to live in any nation of their choice. It thus allows nations to tear down their walls, as President Reagan said. This political system would not allow land and natural resources to be owned by humans. This system turns all humans into ‘spiritual/social’ persons. This system would also turn all governments from an organization of power to an organization of service.

Cold War I was an irrational idea. And so is Cold War II an irrational idea. For instance, Russia and the USA are working together today on space research. As our sun darkens, these nations will transport people on this planet to other planets. Russia and the USA also worked together to stop WWII by building atom bombs. Today, Russia, the USA, and other nations they are working together to develop clean fusion energy. Russia and the USA could also work together on a serious radiation problem. Russia and the USA could remove this dangerous radiation waste product of the atomic bombs from this planet by rocketing this waste to the sun or some planet on which man cannot live.

Dialectical thinking is telling us loudly that it is time for man’s mind to reveal newer truths about human life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Thinking With Metaphors, III

In yesterday’s blog, it becomes clear that the most powerful nations in the world, Russia and the USA, are unable to coexist without fearing a second Cold War. Both nations fear such a war because they are not building metaphors of life that would develop the ‘Middle Region’ of the political opposites, socialism and democracy. I conclude that this region is not developing because the Russian culture is guided by dialectically thinking based on the rejection of God. On the other hand, American life is guided by logical thinking and God.

These two different ways of thinking about life must be overcome before the Cold War fear can be eliminated completely. To eliminate this fear, the people of the USA must develop dialectical thinking based on the existence of God. And Russia must change its dialectical thinking so that its thinking is based on the existence of God. Russia’s dialectics must also reject Darwin’s biological evolutionary theory. In Germany, dialectical thinking is developing but must be reformed so that dialectics are based only on the existence of God. In China life is already guided by dialectics. For instance, the pair of opposites, yin and yang, is guiding many aspects of Chinese life. But Chinese dialectics must also be reformed so that they are based only on the existence of God. Other nations must also develop dialectical thinking based only on the existence of God. Otherwise, life will be filled with evils and international conflicts will continue to develop.

The development of dialectical thinking in the USA is a big task because the English language must be filled with dialectical symbols. The English language can be filled quickly if the German language is taught and mandated in the US school system. However, the addition of dialectical thinking has enemies. In the USA, the enemies are the atheistic logicians and atheistic scientists.

Dialectical thinking must be based on the existence of God because human freedom comes only from God. In any nation, freedom is thus not absolute. Instead, freedom is a variable and increases only with non arbitrary laws. As new non arbitrary laws increase, the natural rights of humans increase and approach, but never reach, infinity. Without dialectical thinking, slavery increases. This increase is a form of death.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Thinking With Metaphors, II

On p. 122 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ one will find writings on Nicholas of Cusa. The book by Cusa on ‘The Layman: About Mind’ should be of interest to a person who is interested in dialectical thinking. In this book, Cusa teaches that every human being, in any walk of life, has a special path of knowing the world. So, a philosopher, a scientist, a mathematician, a theologian, etc. has no better way of knowing the world than a poet, a housewife, a farmer, an auto mechanic, etc.

If Cusa was living today, he would tell us that Nobel Prizes are arbitrary and are focused primarily on poor fields of thought on reductionism. These fields of though do not realize that the world cannot be reduced to a single mathematics statement or a physical particle. Nor can an economist reduce an economy to money. Further, health cannot be reduced to a pile of pills; life cannot be reduced to a single death; peace cannot be reduced by free trade; a scripture cannot be reduced to perfect religion.. Such prizes would be based on the belief that the mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain. The alternative is the mind viewed as a thing-in-itself.

In his book on lay persons, Cusa says that mind is an image of an eternal enfolding in God. Thus, mind is immortal and imperishable. It is without concepts until it is embodied, becomes a soul, and performs a function based on a fundamental principle. As a soul, mind can act and measure things by conceiving and understanding by constructing notions with symbols. The human mind thus becomes an organization of symbols that reflect realities of the world. Since a fundamental principle differs from person to person, all people in the world cannot be reduced to a single intellect. Thus, merging US people in into Union cannot be divided precisely, as if people were mechanical things.

Different minds can produce undesirable events when the minds of people are not organized properly. For example, when a group of politicians creates a socialistic nation (e.g., Russia) and another group of politicians creates a democratic nation (e.g., USA), both groups believe that a socialistic nation and democratic nation cannot coexist. They create this false belief by thinking logically. Logical thought views these two nations as ‘political opposites.’ Unless both groups of politicians fill the ‘middle region’ of these political opposites with dialectical metaphors, irrational wars can develop.

In the USA, the two major parties also use logical thinking by creating the opposing concepts, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative.’ Without a middle region filled with metaphors, these two major parties slow the progress of the USA. To overcome logical thinking, the members of both parties must become dialecticians.

As seen, logical thinking creates criminals and white collar criminals. The cure to all crime is dialectical thinking.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Thinking With Metaphors, I

When Nicholas of Cusa found that the concept ‘maximum’ is also ‘minimum,’ he confirmed that a ‘greatest thing’ never changes. With this discovery, Cusa found that a monotheistic God unifies all opposing concepts. With this discovery, Cusa concluded that Aristotle’s work on logic was wasteful because ‘maximum’ imposes a limit on our thoughts. This limit does not allow us to create concepts that are maximally different. Thus, many opposites we create are metaphors. And either/or opposites (e.g., inside/outside) become structures of thought for the metaphors we create.

I use the opposites ‘infinite’ and ‘finite’ to build a structure between God and God’s creation. These opposites coexist and tell us that an infinite thing is the origin or cause of all finite things. Other opposites help to build this structure. For instance, the concepts ‘identity’ and ‘difference’ help to build this structure between an infinite thing, which identifies and unifies all opposites, and all finite things, which differ.

The pair of opposites ‘true’ and ‘false’ also help to build this structure. With these opposites, we can say that an infinite thing holds truth whereas all finite things hold different falsities. Further, create the opposites ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and we can say that an infinite thing holds a good whereas all finite things hold different evils. Furthermore, create the opposites ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ and we can say that an infinite thing exists in Heaven and that all finite things exist in different Hells.

In my recent blogs on the dialectical thinking of Kenneth Burke and Conrad Richter, one learns about their abundant use of metaphors. These writers also speak of other people in the arts and their use of metaphors to express their experiences. In my book, I also tell the reader that the teachings of Jesus Christ are dominated by metaphors. These wide uses of metaphors are very different compared to the reductionism of those scientists who are half-dialecticians, who are found today in the fields of physical sciences and life sciences.

As an electrical engineer, the recent breaking dam in Arizona from flowing water is a metaphor of a capacitor that breaks when electricity flows. Sciences are failing because many scientists are rejecting God and do not use metaphors. Reductions, such as reducing all human activities to money or reducing everything in the universe to a Big Bang particle could produce the failure of man. Reducing human life to the saying s of a scripture by religions could help produce that same failure of man. What is the US government doing to prevent this failure?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, Conrad Richter, and the Unification of Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing

Conrad Richter (1890-1968) was a famous and honored novelist. (click) He was also a dialectician like Kenneth Burke. Richter was born in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, the same Pennsylvania German town in which I was born. His first novel was ‘The Sea of Grass (1937)’ and became a movie. To my knowledge, his only philosophical writing is ‘The Mountain on the Desert (1955).’ This book unifies fictional writing and nonfictional writing. The nonfictional aspect of this book is a new form of energy that he calls ‘psycho-energy.’ This new form of energy challenges the naturalists and evolutionists who argue that the human mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain and is not a thing-in-itself.

It is usual for a dialectical thinker/scientist to emerge from a German town in America because the German language and the Pennsylvania Dutch language are dominated by dialectical thinking and science. On the other hand, the English language is dominated by logical thinking. So, the ugly English language is hiding many new ideas.

If Conrad Richter’s philosophical work becomes widely accepted by life scientists, we can accept the following two new ideas: (1) all non sciences and all sciences are merely different ways of thinking and different ways of thinking dialectically and (2) the symbolic languages used by the literary field contain energy, which can be used by a human and transferred to other humans. This new form of energy could defeat all atheistic ideas. Richter’s daughter, Harvena, tells us lots about her father and his work in her book, ‘Writing to Survive: The Private Notebooks of Conrad Richter (1988).’ (click)

Richter’s psycho-energy applies to the spiritual atoms found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. The spiritual atoms are also taught on my website. His energy allows one to say more about mind-body relations. Contrary to our atheistic physicists, the real energy of this world is still unknown.

Isn't it time to reform the US science, language, and educational systems?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Logic

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that dialectical thinking can be found in the USA only in the literary field In this field one also learns that the poet and drama critic, Kenneth Burke, worked in this field as a dialectician. Since Burke was widely respected, many other members in the literary field must be dialectical thinkers. So, in the US intellectual fields, only scientists are non dialecticians, or as Burke says, half-dialecticians. A half-dialectician is a one-sided thinker who believes that all things in the universe can be reduced to one thing, the Big Bang.

US scientists became half-dialecticians in the 1970s, three years after the Supreme Court rejected God and forced prayers to be removed from public school as requested by Madelyn Murray O’Hair. This action can be linked to the origin of the concept --- non sequitur. (click) This concept originates in the field of logic, whose father is Aristotle. So, one can see clearly the past history of half-dialecticians. All half-dialecticians are coming from Aristotle. And all dialecticians are coming from Plato, who was the first dialectician. Logic has thus become the lowest truth language using symbolic language. Lawyering is a close second.

History also tells us that the logical mind of Aristotle ruined the Roman Empire, ruined the Roman Church, and caused all 20th century wars. So, the Aristotelian mind of modern followers can be expected to ruin the USA and other Western world nations, just like they are trying today to ruin my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.

When the first modern scientist, Nicholas of Cusa, discovered that man’s knowledge cannot be completed, he found that the power of logic is very small compared to the power of dialectical thinking. One can see this comparison in the developing cultures of China and Russia today. While Dr. Phil is trying to save the USA by helping many US citizens on their drug problems, those people who want to save the USA must save US citizens from a logical problem. The US can be saved by eliminating the use of non sequiturs to explain human life, human health, and human disease.

Further, if you want cancer cured, you cannot wait. You must act immediately by reforming US science drastically.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Kenneth Burke’s Second Nature of Man

According to evolutionists, man has only one nature. This nature is that which Nature gave to man. However, if one will reject Darwin’s evolutionary theory and one will accept God, a second nature is found in man. This second nature is man’s language. Kenneth Burke (1897-1993), a poet and drama critic, also said that man has a second nature because language is not merely an instrument for external communication. The language of man is also an intrinsic instrument through which man becomes an agent of change. Some theologians speak of this agent as a ‘little creator.’

According to Burke, the life of man is a continuum of dramas. These changing dramas can be understood correctly by any Platonic dialectician who has learned how to carve an idea ‘at the joints without breaking any part.’ (See a ‘Grammar of Motives’ by Burke) Burke would also say that today’s US scientists are half-dialecticians, who seek only ‘rational reduction to unity.’

In the early 1990s at the US Department of Justice, I concluded that criminals are created by symbolic languages. This makes sense because Burke predicted the Jewish Holocaust by his analysis of the symbolic language used in Mein Kampf. (See ‘The Philosophy of Literary Form’ by Burke.) When I retired in 1994, I told Attorney General Reno that crime can be cured by improving our symbolic languages. But, nothing has been done by Justice yet.

If the atheism found in the US field of science and if atheism is allowed to grow continually without limits, can a holocaust or war occur also in the USA? History says that this is possible. However, if dialectical thinking becomes a standard n the USA, I do not believe that any new power, holocaust, or war will ever develop. But a law is needed by Congress to assure this standard.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Theological Science, Dialectical Thinking, and Religion

A Union of people maintains itself by accepting the new knowledge produced by the many different fields of thought found in the Union. If this new knowledge is not communicated among the people of a Union, the Union will become divided. This division can cause social conflicts, crime, and even wars.

For instance, religions can cause such social problems and even destroy a Union. Such problems can occur when a religion does not seek and teach the new knowledge that is not found in scriptures but is flowing among other people of a Union. Fundamental religions are examples. However, even if a religion maintains members who can detect and teach new knowledge, these members can teach false knowledge to a congregation. An example is the Baptist Church whose scientists did not open their minds to my new teachings of dialectical thinking. So, the Baptist congregation has lost a new opportunity to do greater works than Jesus Christ did.

Today, advancing people attain continually new knowledge about God. Because of this new knowledge, these advancing people are saying, as I teach, that scriptures are not inspired by God and are not the words of God. Jesus Christ, who Christians view as the son of God, taught his audiences about reincarnation and the need for people to develop self-knowledge. For instance, at John 14:12, Jesus Christ tells his audience that because he goes unto the Father, people who believe in his work will do the work he did and will do greater work than he did. So, a person, who does not study the work of Jesus and does not develop new knowledge, cannot be classified as a Christian.

I believe that many religions are impeding the progress of their nations today when they close their minds to new knowledge such as the development of the human mind with dialectical thinking.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Theological Science and the History of Dialectical Thinking

The history of dialectical thinking has been irregular because this new way of thinking is often met with enemies. In the Western world, dialectical thinking began with Plato’s Parmenides. In this dialogue, man uses dialectical thinking to prove (1) that opposing concepts, such as ‘one’ and ‘many,’ coexist and (2) that a monotheistic God and not-God (creatures) coexist.

Plato expands his dialectical thinking in his Sophist dialogue. At 257b Plato says, When we speak of 'that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different. However, Plato’s dialectical thinking was opposed by Plato’s student, Aristotle, who developed logical thinking.

Since Platonists could not reconcile the thoughts of Plato and Aristotle, logical thinking, because it was a simpler way of thinking, became the way of thinking after they passed on. However, if one unifies the New Testament thoughts of St. John and St. Paul, and the 1945 Gospel of Thomas, one will likely conclude that Jesus Christ was a dialectician. Obviously, Jesus Christ had oppositions to his thoughts.

Logical thinking ruled the courts of the Roman Empire and the Roman Church until the Renaissance when Eastern Christians told Western Christians about Plato’s lost writings. By 1440, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa became the first modern dialectician. Cusa’s dialectical thinking is continued in Germany by Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx. Marx developed dialectical materialism, which was installed in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Even though capitalism failed in the Soviet Union, dialectical thinking still exists today in Russia. In the 20th century, Hegel’s dialectical thinking was also brought to the USA by US dialecticians.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics in China was a display of the dialectical thinking of the Chinese people. My book and website are dominated by my dialectical thoughts. My oppositions are logicians, atheists, and many US scientists. These opposing people are one-sided thinkers. But, if the USA does not reform its education system for Americans and include dialectical thinking. I predict that China and Russia will become the major economic and 'human rights' leaders in the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Theological Science and Mind

Theological science says that all finite things originate from an infinite thing, which we name God. However, God is not the exact name of an infinite thing. If the exact name of an infinite thing was known by man, man could know the exact name of everything in the world.

An infinite thing is said to be simple because it cannot be exhausted or divided. So, when God creates things out of nothing, all created things must become distant images of God. When images are discussed, one learns that the closest image of God is mind. This image is important because it is a substance that can become intelligent.

However, to become intelligent, mind must become embodied. When mind is contracted by finitude and plurality, we perceive many different and related things. One of these things is man, who has received the intelligent substance. This substance was discovered when man concluded that he has the ability to measure and know things that God creates. Today, those humans who are unaware of this special gift from God usually develop different forms of evilness.

It seems clear that ‘physical matter’ cannot cause man to measure and know all finite things. It is also clear that ‘physical matter’ cannot cause man to name things exactly, name the attributes of things exactly, distinguish things exactly, and relate things exactly.

To a theological scientist, mind is a thing that has the potential to become intelligent by perceiving the things that God created. The history of man tells us that man has become increasingly intelligent only by continually developing new symbols and knowledge by his mind. The human mind is thus becoming more and more ‘intelligent.’ This intelligence cannot be attributed to ‘physical matter.’ For this reason, 'artificial intelligence' is only a dream of atheists.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Theological Science and Faith

A typical dictionary today has many different meanings for the same word such as ‘faith.’ The different meanings of words are entering today’s dictionaries because the field of etymology did not develop the philosophy of symbolism after linguists discovered in the 1920s that sensual data are primarily symbolic. Instead, the field of etymology merely developed as a study based on the methods and findings of historical and comparative linguistics in the 19th century.

So, every nation must reform its field of etymology. Without such a reformation, a national language will not develop properly. Improper development of a national language can become a national problem because the power of the human mind in any nation is determined by the power of the symbolic language of that nation.

In this blog, I will present an example of how a national language can be developed properly. In this example, I will limit the meaning of the word ‘faith.’ This limit will change the word ‘faith’ to a symbol by developing its most precise logical meaning for a Spirit who is developing self-knowledge. So, the symbol ‘faith’ will be given its most precise logic meaning in the field of knowledge with dialectical thinking.

I use dialectical thinking in the field of knowledge by identifying a pair of opposites that coexist. A pair of coexisting opposites in the field of knowledge is formed by the concepts, ‘known’ and ‘unknown.’ This pair of coexisting opposites says that all knowledge cannot be known. So, some knowledge will always be in the unknown category.

Faith is thus a belief in something unknown. For example, a person might have a belief in God and reincarnation. The opposing belief of faith is called science. Science is a belief in something known. Here, we see that ‘faith’ and ‘science’ coexist as opposites only in the mind of a human who thinks dialectically.

Today, US scientists do not think dialectically. So, their minds are one-sided. As one-sided thinkers, they reject faith and must also reject the examples, God and reincarnation. To them, ‘unknowns’ do not exist. Thus, they think logically but do not think dialectically.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Theological Science and Free Trade

Theological science is a science guided by the existence of God. Since free trade is not guided by God’s existence, free trade is incompatible with theological science. This incompatibility is noticed with the increasing flow of economic goods from China to the USA, the loss of US jobs, and the increased US borrowing from China, and the increasing ownership of US securities by China. ABCs TV Prime Time discussed the USA-China economic activities last evening.

It is clear that China has become a builder of infrastructures for people. This means that the Chinese government produces the basic ‘needs’ of its people. The people of China are thus free to produce the ‘wants’ of the Chinese people. China is building an infrastructure for it people. China is also building infrastructures for nations adjacent to China and many third-world nations in Africa. From the adjacent nations and the African nations, China seeks oil and basic foods stuff for its people. This kind free trading seems to be aligned to theological science because the life of people is its focus.

The leaders of China view the USA as the leading nation on technology in the world. I believe that this view is correct because many new US technologies are appearing in th USA. However, I do not believe that national leaders know that US science is failing because it rejects theological science. So, unless the USA reforms its field of science, the relations between China and the USA might change. But, I do not believe that Chinese leaders like the absence of infrastructure building in the USA.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Theological Science vs. Today’s Sciences and Religions on the True Opposites of the Symbols, Finite and Infinite

When theological science uses the true meanings of the symbols ‘finite’ and ‘infinite’, these two symbols become a true pair of opposites and the dialectician can say that God is distinguished perfectly from the world that God creates. Thus, theological science (TS) can make two true statements. First, TS can say that in God, finite must be denied. Second, TS can say that in a finite world, infinite must be denied. These statements show how true opposing concepts are defined by a person who thinks dialectically.

Today’s sciences use the symbols, finite and infinite, but do not use them as true opposites. Because these symbols are not defined properly, these sciences have become one-sided. A one-sided scientist will say that finite things exist but will also say that an infinite thing does not exist. This is how today’s sciences reject God. Today’s sciences use uncompleted infinities, which are called ‘bad infinities’ or ‘finite infinities.’ The one-sided sciences of today exist because today’s scientists are not taught dialectical thinking at our colleges and universities. The ugly English language explains why dialectical thinking is not found in English-speaking nations.

Today’s religions use the symbols, finite and infinite. But, religions are still hanging onto those past thoughts that say that the infinite God exists in the sky among the stars that do not move. After Pope Benedict became the leader of the Catholic Church, I read that he would initiate studies on the symbol ‘infinite.’ But I have not heard anything more about that initiative. Obviously, theological science will not be accepted by religions until the true meanings of the symbols, finite and infinite, are taught in all religions.

If man’s mind is to be opened wider to reveal new knowledge, dialectical thinking must be taught in every nation.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Theological Science, Self-Knowledge, and a ‘World of Spirits,’ III

A World of Spirits will be difficult to develop today because the minds of people are still easy to influence by the ideas that are flowing among people. Influenced easily, we can be institutionalized easily and become a member of, and participate in, the daily rituals of useless cultures. But, they divide people unnecessarily and impede the development of the kingdom of God. Thus, to develop a World of Spirit in the kingdom of, every human must become a free Spirit. Such a Spirit will not be influenced without thinking deeply about the new ideas that are flowing among people.

Theological science is a new idea that is flowing out of my book and this website. Theological science is a new science under God and competes with all atheistic and most religious thoughts. Guided by God and God’s act to create our world, theological science has not become a difficult subject compared to subjects found in today’s religious teachings and the teachings of many modern scientists. Instead, it is a simple science and can be understood by lay persons. So, in this blog, I describe the new science in a simple form. With this description, you might be able to spin away easily from those useless cultures that have a tendency to confuse the mind of humans.

Look around you home, yard, town, and evening sky and notice that you see many objects, which I call things. All of these things have both essential and non essential properties, which I call phenomena. One essential property of every thing is called ‘finite.’ With this property, all phenomena can be measured with scientific instruments. If we find and measure all phenomena of a thing, we know all of the properties of that thing. But, theological science says that we do not know the whole thing yet because we do not know the purpose of that thing, which is an essential property of every thing.

To investigate the purpose of things, theological science sought and found the origin of all finite things. A contradiction would be formed if theological science assumes that the origin of all finite things is a finite thing. To avoid the contradiction, the origin must be named as ’not finite.’ This means that origin of all finite things is one infinite thing. For thousands of years and into the 21st century, only a few people could cope with one infinite thing well enough to further develop its actuality and potentials. Today, one infinite thing is defined sufficiently to investigate how an infinite thing originates all finite things out of nothing.

One infinite thing has essential properties that are both one and infinite. Thus, the properties of an infinite thing cannot be exhausted. Obviously, we can’t know such a thing. But, we can develop knowledge of the thing that it creates. For instance, an infinite thing cannot be divided into parts. So, we can conclude that an infinite thing must create indivisible things. However, we must avoid the contradiction, which says that an infinite thing can create a multiplicity of infinite things. So, an infinite thing can only create many indivisible things, which are finite and are related to each other. The created things I call spiritual atoms or Spirits. Some Spirits are dominant and organize other Spirits into bodies to form God’s kingdom or a World of Spirits. Like God, all Spirits are immortal and thus live continually in bodies formed by an infinity of Spirits.

As seen, the world of God is not even close to the kind of world that governments, politicians, educators, industrialists, bankers, religions, etc. are making today.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Theological Science, Self-Knowledge, and a ‘World of Spirits,’ II

In the 15th century, when Nicholas of Cusa sought the maximum knowledge of man, he knew that man must accept the uncertainties and certainties of symbols and their meanings. For this reason, Cusa often used the strong certainty of mathematics. Since the maximum of man’s knowledge cannot be known with mathematics, he had to define the symbol ‘maximum.’ He defined maximum using the following statement: that which there cannot be anything greater. Since maximum cannot be less (otherwise it is not maximum), Cusa used dialectical thinking and found that the maximum is both maximum and minimum. Here,we see why today’s logicians are confusing our sciences. We also see that Americans will not understand Cusa and other dialecticians because dialectical thinking is not taught to most Americans.

Since a greatest thing unifies opposites and does not vary, the greatest thing began to be spoken of as "The Absolute." The concept ‘absolute’ allows man to attribute varying things with the concept of "relations." Thus, it was in the 15th century, not in the 16th century when Galileo experimented with a ball rolling down an inclined plane, that the concepts ‘motion and ‘dynamics’ emerged. Historically, Galileo’s dynamics follows from Cusa, Newton’s dynamics follows from Galileo, and the calculus of Newton and Leibniz came out of these past thoughts on dynamics.

So, when a person accepts God and speaks of God as the greatest thing, that person’s mind must learn how The Absolute must be connected directly to all Relative things. Let me show how one must think about this connection.

The Absolute, which is one and indivisible, makes this connection by making things that participate in his essence. Since God is indivisible, God creates indivisible things by contracting them by plurality and finitude. A plurality of indivisible things is called ‘Spirits.’Each spirit is modeled with the geometrical point. These things move because they are embodied and form dynamic wholes. The embodiment of the Spirits is very complex and will never know by man. This is why philosophers say that the essence of things in the universe can never be known. But we can understand things by knowing more and more phenomena associated with each spirit-body thing.

Based on the inability of man to achieve maximum knowledge and man’s never ending life, we must rethink and restructure human life. For instance, money must be rethought and changed so that it becomes a means for life (not an end) so that new means for individual and social activities appear. This new form of human life must be given to every human because the new life will become a World of Spirits. In the USA, this new world would replace Adam Smith’s thoughts on a Wealth of a Nation.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Theological Science, Self-Knowledge, and a ‘World of Spirits’, I

Yesterday, I discussed the USA because the USA was the first ‘Nation of Spirits.’ In this blog, I showed that the USA began as a Nation of Spirits but fell backwardly because its government and many of its people turned away from God. Essentially, the US government became a government like the British government, which makes arbitrary laws rather than Laws of God’s Nature as specified in the Declaration of Independence.

Theological science says that Spirits are created. Since Spirits are perceiving Spirits, God is the Perceiver of all perceiving Spirits. Thus, God blesses Spirits but not nations. The way God blesses Spirits is unknown to us. However, it is clear to me that a World of Spirits is arbitrary unless every human on this planet participates in the development of a World of Spirits. For this reason, I suggested that treaties be made among all nations in Part IV of my book. Such treaties would unify all Spirits on this planet. With this treaty, all nations would become a socialistic nation without losing the independence of any Spirit.

Former US President Clinton and England’s Prime Minister Blair have worked on a Third Way that unifies democracy and socialism. Their efforts should be lifted to the international level. My personal thoughts on the unification of Spirits would include the elimination of land ownerships by people and the elimination of natural resource ownerships by nations.

US President Nixon was not known as a socialist. But, he had developed huge social initiatives. I represented the US Department of Justice to discuss these initiatives in 1972. I was impressed. For instance, these initiatives would create a four-day work week for all Americans and would increase the protein diet of Americans. In these initiatives, man would also begin to manage the underground space where water, sewage, electricity, transportation, etc. are managed. Instead of boring into the underground with mechanical equipment, nuclear energy would be used to bore holes and simultaneously place glass casings in underground spaces like worms bore holes and make casings. This underground system would eliminate all highway trucking. With treaties, such social initiatives could apply to all nations.

Free traders, industrialists, bankers, and other greedy Spirits need to think deeper on the truths and realities of human life. Since life is a continuous process that never ends, greedy people also need to think about reincarnation and the possibility that a person in the USA, for instance, could be reborn in one of today’s third-world nations. Think deeper when seeing a starving child on TV.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Theological Science, Self-Knowledge, and a ‘Nation of Spirits’

When the US founders formed a Union in 1776, they created the first nation of free Spirits. Before the Union was formed, the founders had quietly discussed slavery. Again, in 1826, the subject of slavery was reopened. Because they believed that slavery is a natural phenomenon, eleven southern States seceded from the Union and the Civil War began in 1861. In 1865, this war ended and the Union won. However, after Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, the Union began to fall apart. This fall was caused by a laissez faire economic policy that places people into economic classes, often based on who a person knows. To my knowledge, people differ only by bodily form and purpose. These economic classes do not cause people to increase their self-knowledge. Instead, these classes turn people away from God and the Laws of Nature’s God. Yet, both God and these laws are mandated in the Declaration of Independence.

The concept ‘independence’ is property that only a monotheistic God can give to humans. Since this concept is not absolute, man’s independence demands that humans accept moral responsibilities to God. The US Civil War is an example of man’s moral responsibility to God. On the other hand, US atheistic economic classes and US atheistic sciences are irresponsibilities because they turn more and more US citizens into atheism and prevent man’s development of self-knowledge. When the development of self-knowledge decreases in a nation, the immorality of people will increase and require more and more law enforcement agencies and prisons. The decrease of morality in the USA began in the 1960s when the US Supreme Court began to support atheism. Today, the basic moralities that still exist in the USA are being supplied by religions. To reverse this rise of immorality, the Union must change.

Astronomers tell us that the universe has an uncountable number of suns. Thus, the probability is high that humans have been living on other planets for a very long time. Thus, to say that humans have existed on planet earth for only 4000 years and that humans will go to Heaven or Hell after their death are low probability teachings today. It is more probable to say that UFO’s are real and that humans on other planets are concerned about the wars and high immorality of human life on our planet.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, IX

Self-knowledge about things can be developed fully or partly. But, some things, for instance, God, must remain unknown to man. So, self-knowledge can never be completed. Karl Marx and Friedrich Hegel speak about knowing things partly and fully. But, Marx disagreed with Hegel on the subject of God. Hegel says that God is a thing that cannot be known. Marx says that God does not exist.

To Hegel and Marx, a thing thus remains unknown until man has sensed phenomena about that thing, develops self-knowledge about that thing mathematically and with dialectical thinking, uses that thing, and perfects self-knowledge about that thing.

If some tree falls and if man was not there to sense the fall, man knows nothing about that tree. Trees can fall at any time y and without man’s knowledge. But, this event tells us that the realities of the world are never fully know by man.

Today’s US scientists disagree with Marx and Hegel. Instead, they say that man’s knowledge of everything can be completed. Thus, they are saying that the reality of the world can be known.

I disagree with US scientists when they say that everything can be known and that the reality of the world can thus be known. My evidence is the continued failure of the field of science to (1) define the underlying matter of things, (1) identify true physical atoms, (3) identify a free physical particle with atom smashers, (4) identify and prove how living things are originated from nonliving things and (5) identify and prove the origin of all finite things. I also disagree with Karl Marx on the subjects of God and mind. To me, God and mind are things.

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa discovered that self-knowledge cannot become maximum because what is maximum is also minimum. The only thing that can be both maximum and minimum is monotheistic God, who unites all oppositions. According to this discovery, the theory of knowledge expressed by US science is false.

Unless US scientists correct their failures and US scientists and Marxists prove that God does not exist, every nation should turn away from the current political methods of building a nation of free humans with current sciences.