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Friday, November 30, 2007

Presidential Election

As an independent voter, one must study the presidential candidates thoroughly. I am such a voter and have made my initial decision on the US President. Since I have expressed my belief system in my book, my voting decision for President of the USA is rather simple. So, I intend to vote for Rudy Giuliani. My decision was based primarily on Giuliani's response to two citizen questions this week.

One of these questions was on the Bible. Giuliani's response indicates that he recognizes that any scripture, including the Bible, must be interpreted many ways, not merely literally. The second of these questions was on infrastructure (bridges, clean water, flood control, crime control, control, highways, etc.). As mayor of NYC, Giuliani focused on the NYC infrastructure. This focus required NYC investments in public sector programs similar to the ones used by President Roosevelt in the 1930s. Using economic terms, Roosevelt's programs (WPA, ... etc.) can be called a trickle-up economy as compared to a trickle-down economy, which passes taxes through the decisions of the rich class.

On scriptures, I do not believe that scriptures can be written by God through scribes because God exists in an infinite world and we exist in a finite world. But, I do believe that God can appear in a finite world and does appears as the Son. So, I do believe that the New Testament has divine teachings.

On infrastructure, I believe that 'life'' requires a permanent infrastructure that makes our changing lives possible in a finite world.

In summary, any government must always focus its efforts on both the permanent and changing aspects of its citizens.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Reminder to Use Symbols Precisely

Independent discoveries of widely accepted linguists in the 1920s say that "all empirical data are symbolic." In Part I of my book, I discuss this discovery and throughout the book stresses the importance of symbols in every field of thought. My recommendation is that all truth seekers should become very familiar with this discovery.

Giving names to objects as a child is a significant family event. Another significant event occurs when a parent begins to hear ‘why’ kind of questions from a child. Both are important events because the child’s mind is developing normally. If a parent does not experience these events, troubles with the development of a child can be expected and must be corrected immediately. Correct parenting and child development in the USA seems to be degenerating because AP tells us today that the reading abilities of US 4th graders are ranked at 19 out of 45 nations. Russia became the new leader.

This degeneration in the USA has causes. A few are as follows: the fall of the Union by laissez-faire capitalism, the rise of atheism, the development of a drug culture, the development of a ‘me generation,’ the development of a liberal class, the further division of religions, the increasing separation of the rich and poor classes, and the lack of developing precise symbolic languages.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Through pure and dreamlike thinking and mediation, believers in anthroposophy say that human minds can function in a spiritual world. This field of thought emerged with the work of the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). (Click) The enhanced mental consciousness is purely metaphysical and independent of our senses. Steiner (see pic) founded the Anthroposophical Society in 1912. This society is related to the Unity church, the writings of Jesus Christ, and the New Thought movement, which in the USA, was founded by Charles Fillmore and his wife, Myrtle.

My scientific proof of God reveals a monotheistic God whose infinity is completed. Thus, only two worlds exist. One is an infinite world, which is God. The other is the finite world, which consists of created spiritual atoms, which perceive and form functional things. Thus, there is no mediating world in between these two worlds. My proof also says that human knowledge can never be completed and thus cannot become absolute as Steiner thought.

I believe that Steiner’s thoughts could help all nations. I hold this belief because his thoughts seek a moral philosophy that applies to any free nation. Steiner thought, for instance, that freedom grows as the minds of people are enhanced. Interestingly, this thought is found in the thoughts of the founders of the USA. The founders thought, for instance, that freedom grows, not directly through the enhancements of the minds of people, but through the development of laws and their enforcement.

In the USA, the development of laws and their enforcement is a task of the US government. Interestingly, this task was included in the Declaration of Independence where it was expressed with two laws --- the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. The Laws of Nature have been sought aggressively by US government through the minds of Science. However, the Laws of Nature’s God are not being sought aggressively by the US government through the minds of Theology. To seek the moral laws of Nature’s God, I believe that the current laissez-faire capitalism must be removed from the USA.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Crafts of the US Government and Its People

Just as Plato says that the leaders of a nation reflect its people, the crafts of a nation also reflect its people. Thus, the craft of the US government is only a reflection of its people.

During my research for my book, I found the interesting pair of opposites known as permanence and change. This pair of opposites expresses the permanent and changing aspects of a nation. Most philosophers talk about them and usually say that these opposites mean ‘that in a changing nation, something always remains as it changes.’ After my book was published, I continue to run across this pair of opposites. My latest thoughts about them might help the people change the crafts of the US government so it serves them better.

Since I found that human life never ends, I think continually about an eternal life under God. My new thoughts about the above opposites have developed into an endless infinite series. This series would be written as follows: permanence 1 & change 1, permanence 2 & change 2, permanence 3 & change 3 ... etc. The numbers attached to permanence reflects that which remains when a nation changes. The permanent number would represent all past semipermanent cultures, for instance, the beginning of the USA. The semipermanent cultures would create a history book and record all USA cultures. The latest semipermanent number would reflect the current culture of the USA. On the other hand, the numbers attached to thel changes would reflect the futuristic thinking of the people of the USA.

My discussion of this endless infinite series teaches the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ on the developments of the human mind and the kingdom of God. I conclude that this infinite series also reflects God’s fixed ideas of Hell and Heaven. These fixed ideas mean that unchanging nations are falling into Hell whereas changing nations are rising into Heaven.

In my book, I say that the USA lost its Union of people after the assassination of President Lincoln. I conclude that this loss destroyed any hopes of establishing the infinite series of permanence and change. Today, I say that the USA also became an ungodly nation after the US Supreme Court removed God from the USA with its 1967 decision in favor of Madelyn Murray O!Hair. Further, I argue that the laissez-faire capitalism of the US government cannot produce the natural rise to Heaven as taught by Jesus Christ. Furthermore, I argue that the US government and US science are not thinking enough about the changing future, which is necessary to produce a natural rise to Heaven, even if the supply of oil is totally depleted.

So, as Plato says, the people of the US must become effective actors if they want the infinite series above to become a real model of the USA. Without effective action, the US government will reflect the lack of action of US citizens. With respect to blessings from God, I doubt that God likes what is occurring on this planet, in the USA, and in Hollywood.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Human Crafts vs. Lower Animal Crafts

In yesterday’s blog, I distinguished God’s divine craft from all other crafts. The other crafts include the crafts of all humans and all lower animals such as birds and beavers. Based on our observations of animal crafts, all animals can be divided into two kingdoms, the kingdom of humans and the kingdom of lower animals. These kingdoms differ because the kingdom of humans contains intelligence, which can build knowledge about God and the universe. The kingdom of lower animals cannot build this kind of knowledge. The division of animals into two distinct crafts indicates that God’s divine craft is wise and that God’s intelligent design included an intelligent craft among the created things. I conclude that this single intelligent craft is found only in the human kingdom.

Unfortunately, today’s world leaders have never recognized this intelligent kingdom and its craft. We notice this lack of recognition when we see their continued slavery of intelligent humans, their accumulation of natural resources, their desire for power, their rejection of God, their non intelligent crafts, their arbitrary teachings, their interests in personal wealth, and their focus on the ‘here and now’ rather than the future. For some reason these leaders do not recognize the statement, ‘all Men are created equal." This statement means that ‘all Men are intelligent.’ Something is thus wrong worldwide. In the USA, I believe that the teachings of management sciences at colleges and universities are misleading our nation.

In his book on mind (Idiota de Mente), Nicholas of Cusa discusses the craft of God and the different crafts of humans. He shows that the craft of a layman is no less intelligent than the craft of a philosopher. So, if you have a BS degree, don’t worship a person who has a PhD degree. And don’t work for, or worship, an ungodly boss. Only God and his wisdom should be worshiped. All work of the people in any nation must be treated as intelligent crafts. To say otherwise is to admit that a nation is ungodly.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Divine Craft vs. the Human Crafts

When we distinguish an infinite God from all finite things, we will eventually conclude that God’s craft is perfect whereas our crafts are not perfect. The difference of these crafts is noticed by the completeness of God’s infinity and the incompleteness of the infinities found in all finite things. By noticing this completeness and incompleteness, we see clearly that God is unlimited and unmeasurable whereas all finite things are limited and can be measured. We also see that a divine craft cannot be known by us exactly.

These reasons tell us that we can make conjectures, or give opinions about a divine craft but can never attain the full knowledge of a divine craft. Since God’s existence is known by the existence of finite things, all attempts by atheists to find the ultimate law of the universe will thus fail.

Since a diving craft produces finite things and produces them out of nothing, while we know that what is produced is not perfect, we also know that what has been produced must be the best of all worlds. In a best of all worlds, it seems obvious (1) that human life is more desirable than death and (2) that a divine craft must have produced a world that has no death. So, if humans never die, what will those humans do who are living on planet earth when the sun darkens? In Chapter 24 of Matthew of the New Testament, Jesus Christ tells us that the darkening of the sun will eventually happen. Will these humans be saved or will they save themselves? A sound answer to this question cannot be found. However, astronomers also tell us that the sun will darken. But, neither they nor our political leaders have told us whether these people will be saved or would save themselves.

This discussion is eye opening because the world’s leaders are not interested in developing the crafts given to their people by God. The leaders of today seem to be interested, not in developing their political craft, but in developing their political power.

Clearly, todat’sl nations have lost God, the crafts of God and the potential developments of human crafts. Slavery is a sign of this loss. But,, laissez-faire capitalism, rich-poor classes, crime, drug cultures, free trading, and terrorism are other examples of such signs.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Explaining Why a Positive Review of My Book Has Never Appeared on

In his comment on the 11/20/07 blog, Theodore Rausenberg asked ‘One other thing, George. I noticed that even 18 months after your book was published there still isn't one single positive review of it on your amazon page. How come?" I answered his question but will tell a more detailed story here.

My book began to develop in 1979 when new translations of the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa appeared in the USA from Dr.. Jasper Hopkins (Univ. of Minnesota). I became one of the first US citizens to master Nicholas’ negative theology (On Learned Ignorance). Why didn’t the Roman Church propagate this great 15th century work of Bishop, Nicholas of Cusa?. One can only speculate. The first review by the Aristotelian logician John Wenck was negative and caused a nasty debate with Nicholas. However, some of Nicholas’ work does challenge Vatican teachings. Nicholas says, for instance, that the universe has no center and that the Christian Trinity is generated eternally. At Padua University, Galileo must have become familiar with Nicholas’ writings because he was imprisoned for saying that the earth is not the center of the universe. Although the Roman Church apologized for this imprisonment in the late 1980s, isn’t it time for religious leaders to consider the thoughts of their members and admit that leaders can also make errors?

I say that Nicholas was the first modern scientist. I also say that Nicholas’ work caused the split between Science and Religion and Science and Theology. This split still exists today. But if one reads the works of other big thinkers in Europe, one will conclude that the ideas of Nicholas were used quietly by these thinkers. I show this aftermath in my book.

The above split impedes my attempt to bring Nicholas’s work to the people of the USA and to unify Nicholas’ negative theology with modern science. When I began to study Nicholas’ work in 1979, the US Supreme Court was already removing God from the USA with its decision in favor of the atheism of Madelyn Murray O’Hair. With this 1967 decision, many scientists and intellectuals followed the developing 1960 drug culture, O’Hair and atheists such as the US logicians.

By the time I was retiring in 1994, I continued my research because I was convinced that Science and Theology form a single field of thought. With the opening of Science&Theology News, I concluded that it was just a matter of time until the fields off science and theology would be unified. But this newspaper was closed in 2006, shortly after my book was published. With the closure of this newspaper, I felt that I was the only US citizen who was interested in unifying Science and Theology. I concluded that even Christians are not interested in unifying Science and Theology. But, The Christian Courier recognized the value of my effort immediately.

It seems clear that my book is not of interest to Americans, especially those who believe that the universe will end soon and are no longer concerned about their future or the future of their children and grandchildren. This in only one reason why positive reviews have not appeared on A more important reason is that my book is very different compared to what is taught in colleges and universities today. The higher institutions of education still distinguish God from science and do not teach the theory of God. My book unifies the theories of God and the theories of science.
Unless US citizens turn toward God seriously, end atheism, correct our logicians, and stop listening to religious leaders who teach the end of this world, I believe the USA will fall apart scientifically and theologically and will split into many third world nations.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Love You or I Do Not Love You: A False Logical Thought

On Monday (11/19/2007), The Bachelor of ABC-TV told the last two competing ladies that he does not love either of them. Both ladies were deeply hurt and thought that The Bachelor’s decision was not sensible. I believe that The Bachelor’s decision was sensible only to him because he knows the concept ‘love’ only as a logical (either/or) construct. This way of knowing love is possible in the USA because the ugly English language is filled with either/or concepts, which have their origin in the logic of Aristotle. The two ladies seemed to possess different knowledge of the concept of love. Based on their knowledge of love, the concept of love is a variable, which can both increase and decrease. So, they viewed love as something that can grow, but also decay, over time.

This TV incident shows that the American life is being confused by the ugly English language and its false logical concepts. The thinking of some Americans, especially the US logicians, must be corrected.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Attempt to Stop the Propagation of My Book

Another attempt has been made to stop the propagation of my book on God and Science. This attempt occurred in the 'comments' section of my 11/10/07 blog. These comments have nothing to do with the contents of this blog. Instead of commenting on the blog, a logician, who said that he is Stephen Black, had the need for 30,000 books for Christian students. But, he offered no credentials, which raised many question in my mind. Although Stephen Block is found in a Google search, none are logicians. But, I responded to this inquiry, which seemed to be just another attempt to destroy my character and my book.

Black's comments were focused on logic, my dishonesty, and my book. Such attempts of logicians have occurred earl er, specifically in this website beginning in July 2006 and again in May 2007. It is clear to me that they fear my book and its impact on the field of logic. In my last comment in this dialogue, I told Black that logical reasoning will become less importance as the future of science and theology develop and are influenced by my book. Black says that my book will not be purchased by him and that he will inform others not to buy my book. Clearly, this recent event is another attempt by logicians to save atheism.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mind-Body Negatives and Their Origin in the USA

Yesterday, I opened a blog on the subject of mind-body. In this blog, I spoke of the negative effects on our body that are caused by the negative thoughts of our mind. Some negative thoughts mentioned by Charles Fillmore are thoughts such as anger, revenge, jealousy, fear, and impurity. I could add a few negative thoughts such as atheism, alcoholism, prostitution, abortion, laissez-faire capitalism, pornography, nail biting, lack of self esteem, negative messages to patients by medical doctors, smoking, poor eating, gambling, and lack of cleanliness. Although the list of negative thoughts seems to be endless, the list can be reduced to two forms of negative thoughts--- falsities and immorality.

Since all thoughts are either positive or negative, all negative thoughts can be identified only by identifying all positive thoughts. Interestingly, the founders of the USA identified all positive thoughts by equating them to the ‘laws of man.’ Such laws have their origin in God and are expressed in God’s intelligent design of his creation.

The founders identified the ‘laws of man’ for us and placed them in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. One set of man’s laws are the Laws of Nature. These laws express all natural truths about the universe’s infrastructure. This infrastructure supports all life in the universe. The second set of man’s laws are the Laws of Nature’s God. These laws express all moral truths about life.

Unfortunately, the US government has decided that the Declaration of Independence is a single authority of the USA to conduct the Revolutionary War against England. I disagree with this decision because the first two paragraphs identify a second authority. This second authority makes the USA a nation under God.

So, all negative thoughts in the USA have their origin in a bad decision of the US government about the Declaration of Independence.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mind-Body Relations

When reading his book on the Atom Smashing Power of Mind, I noticed that Charles Fillmore discusses the relations between the human mind and its body. He speaks of this relation as a harmony. Thus, he says that bodily diseases and imperfections are the result of negative thoughts such as anger, revenge, jealousy, fear, impurity, etc. and that bodily health and perfections are the result of positive thoughts such as love, courage, peace, strength, good will, etc. I agree with Fillmore adding that negative thoughts about God and the created things in the universe are the origin of cancer.

Fillmore thoughts on mind-body relation are in close agreement with the thoughts of Gottfried Leibniz found in his Monadology. There, Leibniz says that the soul is a self-acting entelechy. He says that the soul is more than a simple monad, which represents the whole universe. Leibniz says that the soul has its own laws and that the body has its own laws. So, Leibniz says that a ‘preestablished harmony’ exists between the soul and body of all animals.

I use Leibniz’s monads in my book. I call them spiritual atoms because they are the indivisible and immortal atoms of the universe and form all things to be found in the universe.

So, considerable agreements exist between Charles Fillmore and my thoughts on the relations between mind and body.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Spiritual Atoms Distinguish My Thoughts From the Thoughts of Charles Fillmore

In my 11/13/07 blog I noticed two points of difference between my thought and the thoughts of Charles Fillmore in his book on "Atom Smashing Power of Mind" This difference is caused by Fillmore’s belief in Ch. XI that only one mind exists, the Mind of God, and that we can tap into it in order to gain intuitions. This belief suggests that a mediating world exists in between God and the universe. This mediating world, which is known as the celestial world, allows devils, angels, demons, etc. of the mediating world to also tap into the Mind of God to gain clues about God’s ideas. This single mind explains why Fillmore says that mind is not language.

Since I say that an infinite God is the origin of all finite things, a mediating world cannot exist in between an infinite thing and finite things. Thus, when God creates, God must create atoms first because they are needed to form all finite things. Since these atoms are neither zero nor finite in size, they exist as infinitesimals. An infinitesimal atom can be seen only by the eye of our mind. Today, we model an infinitesimal atom with a 3-D geometrical point. I discuss them in Part IV of my book and call them spiritual atoms.

Spiritual atoms combine with each other lawfully so that the different things required in God’s intelligent design are formed. Since all spiritual atoms can be destroyed only by God, they are always functioning and are never free. To determine God’s intelligent design, humans must develop symbolic languages. These languages must model every thing that exists in this intelligent design. Thus, it is only with the development of symbolic language the human mind will develop. So, I say that the human mind is language.

The existence of underdeveloped human minds in any nation is thus morally wrong and is a sign of slavery.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Difference Between the Thoughts of Charles Fillmore and My Thoughts

In yesterday’s blog, I made the assertion that the minds of all Men are created equal. But, in Chapter XI of his book on the Atomic Smashing Power of Mind, Fillmore says that women have more abilities of intuition than men. In the same chapter (on p. 88), Fillmore also says that "mind is not language." Since we have differences on these two points, I will use this blog to show the cause of these differences.

In my book, I show that a monotheistic God unifies all opposites. This is a belief of Friedrich Hegel and Nicholas of Cusa. It is also a belief of the Jewish writer of Psalms, who says at Ps. 139: 12 that’ the darkness and light are both alike to thee.’ A God that unifies all opposites means that God is absolute and that created things are relative. Thus, in all created things, the concepts of darkness and light form a relation with each other.

All people must recognize that an infinite God creates a gap when he creates finite things. I recognized this gap in my thoughts and concluded that God and his creations are connected logically. This logical connection says, "what is found in our created world must be denied in God’s world and what is in God’s world must be denied in our created world." However, Fillmore establishes a relation between God’s infinite mind and our finite minds by allowing the human mind to tap into the pure mind of God to gain intuitions. An intuition is a fundamental form of knowledge that guides the development of human knowledge about God and the many things created by God.

Because a gap is formed by a monotheistic God when he creates, relations between God and created things are impossible. Thus, relations can exist only between created things. Since the human mind is a created thing, in order to talk to each other and develop knowledge of God and his created things, our minds must develop both a talking and a scientific symbolic language. So, I say that a knowing mind is a scientific symbolic language.

To gain finite knowledge from God’s infinite wisdom, I concluded that God must appear in our world where he can learn a talking symbolic language, which allows him to teach new and turbulent ideas. (See my thoughts on new and turbulent ideas in Part IIb, Chapter 3.) Both Fillmore and I are convinced that such an appearance did occur when Christ appeared in the Jewish culture about 2000 years ago as the Son of God and taught new ideas. I say that Christ taught new and turbulent ideas by using the ‘living water’ he spoke of in Chapter 4 of St. John.

The differences between my thoughts and Fillmore’s thoughts are caused simply by a gap that I believe is created by God.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Minds of All Men are Created Equal

If a person asks ‘why’ kind of questions about the teachings of Jesus Christ, a person might remember that he or she asked such questions as a child. As a child, a person asks ‘why’ questions after objects in the home or the yard were distinguished and named. Once named, the child was ready to ask deeper questions. The teachings of Christ tell us why we must develop our minds. This is the way Christ saved many humans over the last two thousands of years.

However, our minds are not like the minds of the lower animals such as a horse, a dog, and a bee. Our minds are different because our minds can answer ‘ why’ kinds of questions. The lower animals cannot answer ‘why’ questions and cannot debate with us. This is why we have dominion over all lower animals. Accordingly, I assert that the minds of all Men are created equal is a true statement.

This statement is contrary to the beliefs of evolutionists and biologists, who say that the mind is not created. Instead, they say that the mind comes from the brain. Since the brain is not identical in all people, the evolutionists and biologists conclude that the minds of people are not equal. This inequality in the human species supports people who believe in racism and slavery.

Scientists should not accept the evolutionary theory of evolutionists and biologists. If scientists do not accept this theory, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health have the authority to fund studies on my assertion above. If this assertion is proven scientifically, God’s intelligent design of the creation and my proof of God are confirmed.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Interim Report on Charles Fillmore’s Book on "Atom Smashing Power of Mind"

I have read the first ten chapters of Fillmore’s book and felt that I was reading Part IIb of my own book, "The First Scientific Proof of God." Fillmore’s and my interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ are independent and similar. Both of our interpretations of Jesus Christ are thus very different from the old teachings of Protestant and Catholic churches today. Using our interpretations of Jesus Christ and using the 21st century linguistic terms, the teachings of Jesus Christ are only about ‘intelligent design’ of God’s creation and the ‘human mind.’ Both of us are also saying that the teachings of Jesus Christ are of a divine origin.

Since my book also applies spiritual atoms, symbolic languages, the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa, and dialectical thinking, I believe that members of the New Thought movement ought to consider these new applications found in my book.

If the old interpretations of Protestant and Catholic churches about Jesus Christ are replaced by the new interpretations, major changes must take place in the USA because our knowledge of the theory of God has now become very clear. This clear view of God will cause US citizens to force the US government to become a ‘government under God in a nation under God.’ No longer can the US government be godless or legislate atheistic laws. The current godless nature of the US government is in a nation under God. This form of government is the result of irrational political thinking.

How long did the Democratic and Republican parties expect this irrational US government to maintain itself? It is also becoming very clear that the God of Christianity is becoming the most advanced religion in the world and could eventually become the God of all people in the USA.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Important Christmas Gifts, 2007

Authorhouse: The First Scientific Proof of God by George Shollenberger
Paperback: $14.95; Hardcover: $18.95 (click)
Amazon: Atom Smashing Power of Mind by Charles Fillmore
Paperback: $11.66 (click)
Amazon: Phenomenology of Spirit by G. W. F. Hegel
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These books are needed by people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and expect to be reincarnated eternally so that the mind can be resurrected as Jesus Christ's mind was resurrected. Resurrection increases one's consciousness and makes a person a God-like human being. These books will make a person have a spiritual character. On p. 37, Fillmore says, "The more spiritual Truth you pile up in your mind, the more you have of reality, and the larger is your capacity for the unlimited; but if you have nothing of a spiritual character, what little you have of intellectual attainment will eventually be taken away from you." Here is the reality of what spiritual characters view as Hell.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Hidden Power of the Human Mind

People use the power of their mind differently. One group of people uses only a small portion of their mind’s power. They are atheists and use this minimal power to maintain an average atheistic life. A second group of people also uses only a small portion of their mind’s power. They are believers in God and use this minimal power to maintain an average religious life.

However, a third group of people has emerged. This group of people uses an increasing portion of their mind’s power. They are believers in God and use this increasing portion to maintain an advancing religious life and find this advanced life by developing ‘hard to find’ knowledge about God and the creation. In the USA, the first group might be represented by around 15% of the population. The second group might be represented by around 60% of the population. And the third group might be represented by around 25% of the population.

The three groups of people above have clear causes. The first group came into existence as an opposition to the widely accepted teachings of Jesus Christ in the Western world. The second group came into existence about 2000 years ago immediately after the teachings of Jesus Christ. The third group came into existence with the Renaissance, with personalities such as Nicholas of Cusa, Leonardo da Vinci, and Galileo, with the modern science, and with the New Thought and New Age movements.

The first group developed an opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ on the human mind by developing godless theories such as the Big Bang theory and Darwin’s evolutionary theory. The second group became a non advancing religion because the people in this group do not understand the teachings of Jesus Christ on the human mind. The third group became an advancing religion because they developed a clear understanding of the teaching of Jesus Christ on the human mind.

Over time, and because of sound scientific knowledge, I predict that the third group will attract the people in the second group and then the people in first group, before this century closes. This attraction could occur faster in the USA because the USA is a nation under God, as I show in my 10/11/07 blog. I discuss the hidden power of the mind on the subject of energy on p. 12.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Three Big Religions Must Reconsider Some of Their Current Teachings

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the big three religions in the Western world. Their teachings differ because they have different scriptures. Judaism uses the Old Testament. Christianity uses the New Testament. And Islam uses the Qur’an. The teachings of their scriptures differ and have led to conflicts and wars for centuries even though their scriptures are based on the same monotheistic God. What are the causes of these differences?

Judaism and Christianity believe that their scriptures are linked by inspirations of God. These two religions thus believe that both of their scriptures are divine words of God. Islam believes that the language of the Qur’an is the language of God and contains the final divine words of God. All three religions believe that the world is coming to an end, all people will be judged by God, and all people will be either rewarded with a life in Heaven or punished with a life in Hell. Although these three big religions have conflicts today, their fundamentalistic religious practices and teachings are similar and merely express differently the way the world might come to the end.

To me, the three big religions have essentially created a single religion. Thus, like polytheism was given a limited life by Abraham’s monotheism, the single religion formed by the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will also have a limited life. I predict the limited life of the three big religions in the Western world because man’s monotheistic ideas are growing and slowing destroying the ideas of the three big religions. I also say that no wars can ever stop this growth.

This prediction is based on the following beliefs: (1) that God and his creation are endless and (2) that the power of the human mind is developing divine abilities since it is not a power received from Nature.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Interest in My New Christianity Is Increasing

Interest in my new Christianity is noticed by searching Google or Yahoo using terms such as george shollenberger, spiritual atoms, and scientific proof of God. This interest is increasing because the current teachings of Christianity have been challenged by the New Thought and New Age movements. Now, current teachings of Christianity are also being challenged by me. I conclude that US Christians must consider these challenges because the US government and many US citizens have exchanged God for money and greed.

The major challenge of Christianity is that a person does not really follow Jesus Christ unless the person is resurrecting his or her mind. The resurrection of a human mind requires reincarnation so that the mind of followers can be resurrected just as Jesus’ mind was resurrected over millions of years. On p. 149, I say,"... Christians must consider the possibility that Christ has appeared in the universe often."

The New Thought and New Age movements emerged with the thoughts of the mind-body complex and the teachings of Christ. My New Christianity emerged with my personal mind-body thoughts, my research on the teachings of Chris, my research on the philosophy of symbolic languages, and my development God’s true infinity with dialectical thinking and perfected symbols.

My use of ‘things-in-themselves’ distinguishes our mind from the brain. So, the mind is treated as a thing-in- itself and is not determined by the brain. As a thing-in-itself, all human beings must resurrect their minds and must thus be reincarnated after death. Thus, I use spiritual atoms to generate all things in the universe and their energy. My thoughts on Jesus Christ separate the New Testament from the Old Testament and the Qur’an because I conclude that the teachings of Christ are of a divine origin. On p. 151 of my book, my thoughts on Christ limit the teaching of Christ to three primary intellectual subjects: (1) common sense, (2) rational mind, and (3) God’s rational kingdom. These subjects deal with the growth or resurrection of our minds. My thoughts on symbolic languages in Part I and God’s infinity in Part IV are guided by these three intellectual subjects. These subjects also guide my thoughts in Part IV on ways of conceiving God’s creation and developing world peace.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Scientific Proof of God Has Been Found

Tonight, ABS-TV announced a major breakthrough for breast cancer patients who are pregnant. Prior to this breakthrough, the cancer patient had to abort the child before chemotherapy is used. Now, the patient can use chemotherapy if the child’s growth has passed a specific phase.

This breakthrough implies that the placenta protects the child, which means that the child and the placenta form a new thing-in itself. This new thing is not a part of the Mother. In the placenta, the child consists mostly of positive phenomena. The placenta functions ass negative phenomenon to both the Mother and the child, that is, after conception. But, the negativity of the placenta protects the child from the negative chemotherapy of the Mother. At birth, the placenta is removed and no longer presents the placenta's negativity to the Mother and child. Apparently, the production of a new child is protected by God's intelligent design.

My own scientific proof of God is generalized for all created things in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. , However, as I said before on this website, a proof of God should be found in every created thing.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Recent Conclusions About My New Christianity

Based on the blogs I prepared on my new Christianity beginning on 10/23/07, I have made some important conclusions. For instance, these blogs show that the five people, who made book reviews of my book (The First Scientific Proof of God) on, express ignorance of God and the contents of my book. Also, logicians and atheists, who commented on my blogging effort over the last 15 months, express ignorance of God and do not comprehend my blogs. This ignorance seems to come from the beliefs (1) that all energy in our world comes from Nature, rather from God, and (2) that the mind is developed by the brain rather than by itself.

This ignorance might originate from the Greek word genea, which is translated as ‘generation.’ To Moses and the Greeks, a generation is millions of years rather than the thirty or so years used by biologists. So, the human mind develops over many lives. To maintain life over millions of, reincarnation must be a necessary part of life. Since the mind develops itself over millions of years, people must be reincarnated.

In the USA, the long range development of the human mind separate those people who build their minds spiritually from those people who do not. I chose to teach my book and discuss my new Christianity to help this development. Thus, I assert that the spiritual development of the mind of believers in God will always grow whereas the lack of developing spiritual minds by non believers in God will decrease continually. The early growth of a spiritual mind might explain the stories of Atlantis and other advancing spiritual cultures, sush as the Mayan culture.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

With Spiritual Atoms, My New Christianity Agrees With Mind-Body Thinkers in the New Thoughts and New Age movements

Spiritual atoms are used in my new Christianity. See Part IV of my book. The current thinking of many physical scientists says that the energy of the universe and its atoms originate from an exploding Big Bang physical particle. I reject this thinking because my spiritual atoms are energetic and originate from God.

All of my spiritual atoms begin as an infinite set of true atoms. These true atoms were conceived by Gottfried Leibniz. See Leibniz’s true atoms in "Leibniz: Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays" by Paul and Anne Schrecker (Bobbs-Merrill). The spiritual atoms are created by God. To understand the creation of an infinite and monotheistic God, I had to recognize that God’s idea of the creation must be contracted so that my mind would be able to distinguish the intelligent design of the creation from God’s wisdom. Nicholas of Cusa taught me how to recognize contraction processes. With this help, my mind recognized the contraction process of God’s idea of the creation only after I recognized the logical relation exists between God and the creation. When I recognized this logical relation, I found that (1) the universe has a plurality of things, (2) that all of these things are finite, (3) that all of these things are functionally related, and (4) that all of these things are energetic, as defined by Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2.

A Goggle search on spiritual atoms will reveal the thoughts of other people. (click). More information can also be found on a pic website. (click) Click on these pics, including the pics of Leibniz. Also click on the pic on the right of an atom in motion and read the material on spiritualism.

In Part III of my book, I discuss the history of the development of atoms by our physical scientists. They did find the chemical atoms such as hydrogen, oxygen, ... etc. However, they also found that the chemical atoms are partible and can be parted by atom smashers. But, these smashers have never found any completely free physical particle. Instead, they found that a physical particle can approach freedom only asymptotically (Yang-Mills theory). This implies that the universe cannot be reduced to physical atoms. Thus, the new US generation of physical scientists and atheists seem to be wasting their research funds on godless research projects.

Currently, I am expanding my readings of people in the New Thoughts (click) and New Age (click) movements. My first reading is the "Atom Smashing Power of the Mind" ($11.66) by Charles Fillmore (1854-1948). He and his wife were the US founders of the New Thought movement. Christians should be interested in Fillmore’s discussions on the teachings of Jesus Christ on the power of the human mind. Certainly, a very big change must be made soon in the fields of science, theology, and religion.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, VIII

In this blog and before I discuss God’s intelligent design and the creation, I want to summarize my general thoughts about my new Christianity. Hopefully, this summary will help people throughout the world, especially those who live in the Middle East, overcome religious differences without more wars and killings. The thoughts and acts of all humans are too important to God and man’s progress.

My new view of a monotheistic God is expressed in a statement on page 6 of my book. This statement, all finite things are originated by an infinite thing, is my scientific proof of God. This new view will cause changes in every religion in the world today. My new view of God is no more important than the new view of God that Abraham had developed to show the falsity of polytheism. Since I accept the Declaration of Independence statement, that all Men are created equal, I say that Abraham’s thoughts and my thoughts on God are merely similar contributions to man’s increasing development of knowledge about God, God’s intelligent design, and God’s creation. My contribution is consistent with Abraham’s indivisible God, which means that God is a pure one and has no parts.

My new view of a monotheistic God led to other new findings. For instance, I found that a mediating world does separate God from the creation. This is because the extremes, of God’s infinity and all finite things, have no middle region or celestial world. Thus, angels, falling angels, archangels, demons, devils, Satan, saints, prophets, ... etc. do not exist. The absence of a mediating world means that God and the creation are separated with logic. This separation means that God and man cannot communicate with each other as we communicate with each other. However, in Part IIc of my book, I show that God and man can exchange information. In Part IIb, I show God can communicate with us if he appears in our world as the Son of God, as expressed by the Christian Trinity. In this Part, I also show that the teachings of Christ are divine and thus that Christ and the Son of God are an identity.

I accept the finding of Nicholas of Cusa that God is the ‘unity of all opposites.’ For instance, the opposites, beginning/end and absolute maximum/absolute minimum, are unified by God. When viewed in the creation, God’s opposites are not maximally different. The creation thus had no beginning or end in time. All eschatological teachings are thus false. Further, people cannot earn a life in Heaven or be punished with a life in Hell. At death, things pass on.

Since all created things are divisible and God is indivisible, all divisible things originate in God intelligent design as an infinite set of indivisible spiritual atoms. I discuss these atoms in Part IV of my book. Today, I view the subsets of this set as irreducible complexities that we will never know. For this reason, our knowledge of God’s wisdom will never be known. Thus, I believe that the true and natural life of people must be guided by brotherly love and humbleness. Racism and human classes must be eliminated.

As seen, my contribution to man’s past progress was made with dialectical thinking. Clearly, these contributions to man's progress are not based on the misuse of nonsequiturs, as some atheists say about my book.