Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, June 30, 2008

Theological Science and the Philosophy of Symbolism

Atheists and many scientists speak negatively about the scriptures developed by the field of religion. And many theologians and religion leaders speak negatively about the scientific papers and books developed by the field of science. This negativeness is immoral human behavior because both scientific documents and scriptures are poor explanations of God and the universe.

Perhaps, this negativeness can be eliminated if scientists, atheists, theologians, and religious leaders would learn about symbols and the philosophy of symbolism and learn that scriptures were written with ancient symbols. For instance, the symbols ‘prophet’ and ‘prophesy’ are found in the scriptures. Today, the ancient symbol ‘prophet’ has been modernized and changed to the symbol ‘scientist.’ And the symbol ‘prophesy’ has been modernized and changed and appear today as two symbols, ‘hypothesis’ and ‘theory.’ So, the scriptures produced by religions and the papers and books produced by scientists are equivalent in that both seek truths. I say that they are equivalent because I argue that humans, rather than God, have produced the scriptures.

I conclude that today’s scientists, atheists, theologians, and religious leaders are unaware of the nature and philosophy of symbols. I also conclude that US colleges and universities and seminaries do a poor job in teaching our students about the nature of symbols and the philosophy of symbolism. If colleges, universities, and seminaries educate the students properly, won’t the negativeness of the scientists, atheists, theologians, and religious leaders be reduced and eliminate the fights between them? Isn’t it time to develop those human behaviors that increase the brotherly love among all people?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Theological Science, the Only True Science, II

Theological science, a new but ancient science, emerged when man recognized God. Today’s atheists want to return to an older godless science. This godless science is known today as ‘empirical science.’ In my book and on this website, I argue against this atheistic return because I conclude that theological science is the true science and must be developed with the guidance of God.

The founders of the USA also say that the people of the USA must be developed under the guidance of God. The founders made God’s guidance a law of the land and impressed it in the two founding documents --- in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence and in the Preamble clause of the Constitution, which says that government must ‘form a more perfect Union.’ So, the US government must change so that it seeks guidance from God. In my book and on this website, I show how one seeks God’s guidance.

Thus, any attempt of turning a nation away from God today must be viewed as a waste of time and money. In the USA, such an attempt would be a violation of the founding US laws.

Although the development of modern science has achieved many successes, today’s scientists tell people to believe that science will be completed and will come to an end soon. They view religions are useless institutions. However, the return to a godless science is like the return of Christianity to fundamentalism in the 19th century. (Fundamentalism emphasizes literal interpretation and absolute inerrancy of the Scriptures, the imminent and physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Birth, Resurrection, and Atonement.) But, theological science also has successes. For instance, I prove scientifically that God exists. In time, I expect new religions to develop and will contribute continually to the progress of man’s search for truths.

Theological science had to develop a truth language before God or any other invisible truth could be recognized. Theological science began to develop in small social units. This truth language eventually developed and led to the growth of knowledge. The firs form of knowledge man found is about nonliving things. This knowledge led to the industrial revolution. But, knowledge of living things has never been found.

Fortunately, in the 1920s, linguistics discovered that sense data are primarily symbolic. This discovery tells us that empirical science is a pseudoscience. So, a return to empirical science by atheists will fail.

Man’s knowledge today is only about nonliving things. This limited knowledge explains the many social problems we find in the world today. Only if theological science is put to work, can knowledge about living things emerge. Theological science is the only science that can solve the many social problems we find in the world today.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Theological Science, the Only True Science, I

Today, we know that only two sciences have ever existed in the life of man.

The first science was developed without God. This science developed a common sense language that people shared. Today, we know that the first science was an empirical science and used man’s five senses and logical thinking.

The second science had to develop a truth language before God or any invisible truth could be recognized. The second science developed in small social units, where the communication among people would increase and a true language would develop. One true language did develop. It developed a true language about nonliving things and became known as ‘physical science.’

However, the development of other true languages was not smooth. For instance, physical scientists discovered many physical laws and started the industrial revolution. But, a true language of living things did not develop. Then, in the 1920s, linguistics discovered that sense data are primarily symbolic. This discovery essentially destroys empirical science and any common sense language based on logical thinking.

Thus, the only true language that man knows today is the physical scientist’s true language about nonliving things. Accordingly, a true language about living things does not exist. This poor scientific situation explains all social problems in the world today.

In my book and on this website, I develop the true language about living things. This true language is based on a consistent symbolic language and my scientific proof of God. So, the second science is a reality. I refer to it as the ‘theological science.’ It is the only true science we know today. It is the only science that can solve the social problems in the world today.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Theological Science: The Nature of Things and Their Positive and Negative Qualities, III

Yesterday, I became 79 years old. Thus, in a year, I will have lived for eight decades. Since my health is good, I expect to teach on this website as long as I live.

Today I want to continue my discussion about the human developments of negatives that make people unhealthy. So, if you have a Bible, turn to Matthew, Ch/. 10, verse 34. There, Jesus Christ says, ’Think not that I am come to end peace on earth. I came not to send peace, but a sword.’ In my book, I conclude that Jesus’ basic teachings are about (1) our changing minds, (2) the kingdom of God that can be found only in our minds, and (3) the common sense we develop by our minds. I conclude that the sword Jesus used a tool that divides our thoughts into different pairs of opposites. In verse 35, this dividing sword distinguishes father from son, daughter from mother, and daughter from mother-in-law. These opposing thoughts are known today as excluded middle opposites (or either/or opposites).

However, in the remaining verses of Chapter 10, Jesus also tells us that the dividing sword in our mind cannot distinguish God from man with excluded middle opposites. In my book, I say that God and man cannot be distinguished by using the logic of excluded middle opposites. Jesus tells us that God and man can be distinguished only with included middle opposites. In my book, I teach ‘included middle opposites’ as opposites that coexist. The concept of coexisting opposites is also known as ‘both/and’ opposites.

So, in the New Testament, Jesus used the dividing sword of his mind to teach us that coexisting opposites can be identified by our minds. But, on this website and in their reviews of my book on, some logicians have argued against man’s use of coexisting opposites, saying that I write with non sequiturs. My response is that these logicians are filling their minds with false negatives, are developing psychological problems, and are becoming unhealthy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Theological Science: The Nature of Things and Their Positive and Negative Qualities, II

If you read Ch. 3 of Genesis, Moses will tell you that knowledge of good and evil could not be fully known by Adam and Eve, who were the first humans who sought to become gods by knowing all of the wisdom of God. Today, we understand this teaching of Moses today better because all laws of Nature and all moral laws cannot be fully known by us. The first modern writing on this teaching of Moses was made by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. In his first book, On Learned Ignorance, Cusa tells us, in Bk. I, Ch.4, that knowledge cannot achieve the maximum. So, his book shows that we can learn what we cannot know.

Since man’s knowledge cannot become maximum, Moses was telling us in the Book of Genesis that God’s creation has no end. So, when Moses said that God rested on the 7th day, Moses is telling us that God finished the first six phases of the creation and that God rested by beginning the next phase.

Many religions, especially religious fundamentalism, have misinterpreted this teaching of Moses. However, this misinterpretation has caused psychological problems in people who rationalize materialism and atheism. So, in this blog, I show that materialism and atheism are unwanted negatives of the human mind and are as dangerous as the dirty nuclear-radiating thing that was made by warring men. I described this dirty thing in yesterday’s blog.

If one becomes a theological scientist, that person will learn that the human mind is a thing that measures things and becomes images of the things that God created, as Paul said at Rom. 1:30. So, when a person seeks knowledge of God’s created things, the human mind becomes harmonious with the things God created.

Now, if a person has turned from spiritualism to materialism and from theism to atheism, the mind of this person is being filled daily with images of things that are negatives and are not harmonious with the natural things that God created. These negatives are not positive things that God created. The criminal mind is an example of a disharmonious mind.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Theological Science: The Nature of Things and Their Positive and Negative Qualities, I

The positive qualities of God and all finite things are different. This qualitative difference is necessary otherwise some things could differ only by their number, would look alike, and vacuums would exist in the universe. So, no two things are identical and cloning is impossible. So, in a universe created by God, God has a one and infinite essence whereas finite things only participate contractedly in God’s essence.

To distinguish all things, the content of all things must have negative qualities as well as positive qualities. The negative qualities are necessary because they distinguish a thing’s positive qualities from the positives of all other things. Thus, God has the positive one and infinite essence and distinguishes himself from all of the things he creates. So, God negates all finite things from his positive being.

Finite things have positive qualities also because they participate contractedly in God’s essence. Every created finite thing must also have negatives. These negatives distinguish all finite things from God and each other. As seen, all things in the world are different. Since all things in the world are different, God had to create a system of things that have an unbelievable harmony.

However, today any human can see clearly that this harmony can be fractured by man. Examples are the building of the fission atom bomb by the USA, the building of fission nuclear bombs and rockets by the US and the Soviet during the Cold War, and the building of fission nuclear-producing electricity power plants by the US, Soviet Union, and Iran. The negatives of these dirty man-made things are known as ‘nuclear-radiating things.’ But, no states in th USA want to bury these dangerous things in their soil. Isn’t it time for governments to understand the evilness of these nuclear-radiating things?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Theological Science and the Quality of Things, III

When I looked into the evening sky and saw many different finite things, I concluded that their origin must be a single infinite thing. But, an infinite thing is not limited to the attribute ‘infinite.’ It has other essential qualities because I concluded that the finite things in the evening sky have qualities other than the quality we know as ‘finite.’

Then, when I studied the Christian Trinity, I concluded that three-essential qualities, one-equality-union, are basic attributes of God. Based on this conclusion, I was also able to conclude that the three-essential qualities, many-different-related, are attributes of all finite things because God and all finite things can be connected to each other logically. So, I conclude that all things in the universe participate in God’s ‘one,’ God’s equality, and God’s union.

Thus, it seems clear that the essential qualities of God are contracted by God’s acts (intelligent design) so that contracted essential qualities will appear as essential qualities in all things found in the universe. Since these essential qualities are found in all things, they can be called ‘universals.’

However, if only essential qualities of God were found in the things in the universe, one could conclude that God did not give freedom to any thing in the universe. The founders of USA concluded that man is free. So, the US colonists fought for its freedom from England. With freedom come choices and man’s independence. So, the attribute, independence, will be found in all living things, but not in any non living things. So, essential and non essential equalities are to be found in the things we find in the universe.

So, finding and knowing God and the things in the universe are endless tasks of man to identify the contents (essential and non essential qualities) of things in the universe. God gave only humans the ability to find and know God and the things in the universe. But, note. This task of man is noy governed by 'time.' The nature of this task is also the biblical teaching of Paul at Rom. 1:20. As seen, the wealth of a nation will not be found in money. Nor will people find truths in slave states and in the teachings of religious fundamentalism.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Theological Science and the Quality of Things, II

US physical scientists do not study God. Instead, they reject the existence of God and study the universe as a physical process that, like a pair of shoes, wears out in time. So, time and space are the major concepts in the study of the universe and the mind of a physical scientist.

An alternative to the current studies of the physical scientists above is the use of ontology, which is defined as the study of beings. I used ontology to develop my scientific proof of God. My ontological studies contribute to the development of a new science I named ‘theological science. Currently, theological science is the study of things, their qualities, and their acts or processes.

In this blog, I discuss God as a thing-in itself. Then, in the next blog, I will discuss the things-in-themselves that God creates. Since all things in the universe come from God, I will discuss the universe as a changing relationship of many things-in-themselves.

The study of any thing-in-itself requires one to identify the content of the thing. In a monotheistic God, the content has a single essence. On the other hand, in created things, the content has ‘essential’ and ‘non essential’ qualities.

Since a monotheistic God is a completed or perfect thing, the single essence of God is infinite. Thus, when we look at God’s intelligent design and act of creation, we realize that God has created all finite things in the universe out of his single infinite essence. Since God’s essence cannot be exhausted, one can conclude that God and the creation form the eternal partnership between God and the universe. This partnership has no end.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Theological Science and the Quality of Things, I

The finite number systems allow one to number all spiritual atoms. And the transfinite numbers found by Georg Cantor allow one to number the wholes in the universe. However, neither the finite nor the transfinite numbers inform us about the qualities of the wholes we find in the universe. So, in this sub-series of blogs, I discuss how these qualities might be identified by theological science.

To see these wholes with one’s mind, one must recognize that the spiritual atoms form a ‘first whole.’ In my book, I call the first whole ‘the initial universe.’ So, it was always correct to say that the initial universe can be placed on the point of a pin. This initial universe can be rationalized by knowing that, in God, the spiritual atoms are ‘one’ and that the spiritual atoms become ‘many’ instantly. Accordingly, time is not a factor in God’s creation of the universe. For this reason, the creation of God must be understood ontologically.

Ontology is the study of beings. I saw the instant creation of the universe when I thought of the impulse function in the field of mathematics and modeled the creation with this mathematical function. Thus, in an instant, the universe is created by an infinite God, who, by necessity, must be the origin of the first whole of all spiritual atoms that are on the point of a pin. Ontologically, I thus see the second whole, third whole, fourth whole, fifth whole, ... nth whole. This series of wholes is not formed with leaps or steps. Instead of leaps or steps, these wholes form a geometrical continuum, just as the rational and irrational numbers form a geometrical continuum of numbers. As seen, the universe is changing continually into new wholes.

If we could stop these changes, the different wholes of the universe could be known precisely. Since no one can stop them, we cannot know these wholes exactly. For the same reason, I reject the Big Bang theory and the belief that the universe comes to an end.

Far enough for this blog.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

response to quantum_flux and information for other readers,

Let me explain how I define God and God’s infinity.

I use Plato’s negative. In his Sophist at 257b Plato says, "When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different." (See Hamilton, Edith and Huntington Cairns, Editors (1961) ‘Plato: The Collected Dialogues,’ Princeton: Princeton University Press,. P. 1003) With these words, Plato turns the negative thinking of Socrates into positive thinking.

So, take the concept ‘finite’ and ask your mind to negate it. When your mind negates finite, your mind will replace the concept finite with the concept ‘not-finite.’ As Plato says, the concept not-finite is something different than the concept ‘finite.’ Thus, not-finite is a positive concept. Since today’s dictionaries do not list negatives, the concept ‘not-finite is listed as ‘infinite.’ So, infinite is something positive in our minds.

The errors in using the concept ‘infinite’ found in our dictionaries occurs when today’s logicians argue that the concepts, infinite and finite, are excluded middle opposites and cannot coexist. This is when a logician will become an atheist and will drag many good scientists onto a path of thought that has the smell of a stinky sewer. How can a logician say that these two concepts must be seen as excluded middle opposites when both concepts are positives in our minds? So, our logicians and many scientists live with half-truths in their minds and half-worlds.

Many coexisting concepts are accepted by our minds. My mind accepts the coexistence of the concepts infinite and finite when I sought the origin of all finite things in the universe and concluded that all finite things in the universe must have their origin in a positive concept. So, I argue that the concepts, infinite and finite, coexist.

But, my mind did not stop at the coexistence of these two concepts. My mind went further and negated the concept infinite. This double negative, which exist in my mind is written as not-not-finite. This double negative told me that the concepts infinite and finite must have a unifying principle in my mind. Otherwise these opposites would not coexist. My mind thus saw this unifying principle as a creator God, who unifies all coexisting concepts. Many other coexisting concepts will be found. For instance, I use the concepts, one/many, same/difference, and union/relation to connect God and Universe logically.

As you can see, the concept 'finite' applies to all things in the universe and that the concept 'infinite' applies only to God. In the universe we only find ‘finite infinities.’ This oxymoron is a reality that Georg Cantor and Nicholas of Cusa understood at their time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Theological Science: Numbering Spiritual Atoms and Numbering Wholes

In Part IIb of my book, I say that all things have a quantity and quality. So, for instance, a car battery has 12 volts. In my book, I did not number things and identify their qualities because my research was not complete and could not identify all things and their quantities and qualities. The origin of the quantities and qualities of all things is the Trinity, which is One, Equality, and Union. Thus, all created things are numbered, given their qualities, and are related. In this blog, I propose that the spiritual atoms and the wholes be numbered. This numbering is guided by the Bible at Matt. 10:30. This verse says.’But, the hairs on your head are all numbered.’ Obviously, many numbers will be needed.’

Since the spiritual atoms are the first things that God creates, by necessity, they should be the first things that must be numbered in God’s intelligent design. But, we can’t give the spiritual atoms integer numbers, even though they are infinite. Nor can we give them rational numbers, even though they are also infinite. We cannot number spiritual atoms with integers or rational numbers because the spiritual atoms must form geometrical wholes. Geometrical wholes are required because the universe has no vacuums, which have quantities but no qualities. The only way to number the spiritual atoms is thus to number them with the rational and irrational numbers.

Georg Cantor identifies these different infinite number systems. All integer numbers, all rational numbers and, and all algebraic numbers, for instance, become known as N0 because they have a one-to-one relation with each other. Then, all rational and irrational numbers become known as N1. The rational and irrational numbers form the spiritual atoms as geometrical points and also form the wholes with geometrical lines, curves, ... etc. Beyond N1, we find other infinities such as N2, N3, N4, ... etc. They are used to number wholes with different infinities.

As seen, God creates everything in the image of His own inexhaustible infinity.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Theological Science, Spiritual Atoms, and Mind

Yesterday, I showed that God unfolds spiritual atoms prior to unfolding organized wholes (or things). Since every spiritual atom perceives, every spiritual atom is ‘mind.’ But as Gottfried Leibniz says in his Monadology, the perceptions of some spiritual atoms are confused and are unable to think because they lack the organs needed to think. Confused spiritual atoms thus form all non living (or non thinking) things. The non living things function as the infrastructure of life in the universe.

If an unconfused spiritual atom can think, then it has thinking organs in the brain. Such a spiritual atom organizes a human. If an unconfused spiritual atom cannot think, but can learn, then it has learning organs in the brain. Such a spiritual atom organizes an animal. And if an unconfused spiritual atom cannot think or learn, but can memorize, then it has memory organs in the brain. Such a spiritual atom organizes a plant.

My use of spiritual atoms in my book is not a new idea. They were found in the 17th century by Gottfried Leibniz, who also discovered the infinitesimal calculus (e.g., dy/dx). Obviously, Leibniz found that it is natural for the perceiving spiritual atom of a human to use the infinitesimal calculus to think.

My use of spiritual atoms is not liked by evolutionists and naturalists because they promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory. They also say that the human mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain and that we learn but do not think. This is why they are atheists. But, it was reported recently that a 115-year-old lady in the Netherlands was able to think as if she was only 60 years old. This is evidence that the brain, but not the mind, degenerates with age. So, this lady was healthy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Theological Science and Spiritual Atoms

In yesterday’s blog, I say that a theological scientist must conclude that all created things are wholes made by God with indivisible spiritual atoms. God must thus create spiritual atoms prior to the creation of things. Reason leads us to these conclusions because a monotheistic God and the essence of God are not partible. God is thus seen by us as a pure whole that has no parts. Yet, the wholes in the universe do have parts. So God had to include in the intelligent design a way to give all creatures independence and divisibility. Thus, spiritual atoms are necessary. Accordingly, any created whole or part that we find in the universe will be an organization of spiritual atoms. As seen, the appearance of the universe is well organized by the contraction of God’s wisdom and essence. This universe has no end

Many of today’s scientists say that the universe has no God. Instead, they say that the universe is purely physical. They say that the universe begins by chance. Chance causes the instant appearance of a hot physical whole. This whole is called a physical particle. The divisibility of this physical particle is said to appear when it explodes and forms orderly physical things that are based on laws of physics. However, this universe has an end.

A created universe and godless universe are opposed because one has no end and the other has an end. However, this opposition hides an important subject — the origin of the morals of life. When a person decides to believe in God, that person will find the morals of life only among the created things. So, a believer must develop self-knowledge as Paul says in Rom. 1:20. But, when a person decides to reject God, it is not necessary for that person to develop self-knowledge. In a godless universe, the morals of life will be found only in rulers.

The independence and divisibility that God gives to all creatures in the intelligent design were self-knowledge of the founders of the USA. With this founding, why has the US government turned itself away from God? Why are our school teachers teaching the godless theory of evolution? Why is Hollywood producing immoral movies? And why do people hoard money, natural resources, and land? This turning away, this teaching, this production and this hoarding will not find any rationality in any sound study of God.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Theological Science and Wholes

A basic difference exists between today’s scientists and theological scientists. Theological scientists must consider the acts of God when their thoughts enter the unknown. Today’s scientists do not consider God at all. This difference became a reality to me after I learned that today’s scientists are failing and say that the universe comes to an end. However, when one identifies the differences between these two sciences, their differences about ‘wholes’ are significant. So, today’s scientists must say that a whole is equal to the sum of its parts . But, a theological scientist must say that a whole is more than the sum of its parts.

The whole of today’s scientists can be seen if one breaks down the parts of any man-made thing. For instance, break down the parts of any automobile. Then, count the number of parts in the automobile. Always, the number of parts will be finite. It is thus clear that the whole of any man-made thing will be equal to the sum of its parts. Since today’s scientists do not consider the possibility that God-made wholes exist, they do not investigate the nature of God- made wholes.

A theological scientist must conclude that all created things are wholes made by God with indivisible spiritual atoms. Every whole (or part) that God has made is thus formed by an infinite number of spiritual atoms. Thus, the parts of any God-made whole cannot be counted. This is why we are unable to distinguish and count the parts of a human being. Thus, a God-made whole can never be known exactly by us. We can only improve our knowledge of the wholes created by God.

When today’s scientists became atheists, they concluded that the end of life is coming. Religions that say that the end is coming are essentially saying that they are also atheistic because they do not understand God’s creation.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Theological Science and US Politics

The only science that is authorized by the US founding documents is a science under God. Thus, the only authorized science in the USA is ‘theological science.’ This founding authority is found in the first two paragraphs of the US Declaration of Independence. Yet, many lawyers say that the Declaration of Independence y authorizes only a war against England. However, the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence are not saying anything about a war with England. Instead, these initial paragraphs only define the Society that is to be self-governed and thus the Society that will defend itself. So, the USA was founded as a nation under God. So the only authorized by the USA is ‘theological science.’ The US Constitution also mandates that the government be a government under God. In the Preamble, the clause, ‘to form a more perfect Union,’ can be measured by the US government only if it is guided by a perfect standard, which is an attribute of God.

The US government began to form a Union when Alexandria Hamilton proposed a strong national government. But, Adams and other anti federalists feared the development of rich industrialists. Thomas Jefferson thought that the USA could become a farming nation. Soon, the American System of Economics became popular. This economic system is based on sciences and technologies that reduce the prices of human necessities continually. The American System was applied by Abe Lincoln when he industrialized the South and lured homesteaders to develop the West. However, after Lincoln’s assassination, science and technology are no longer used to reduce the prices of human necessities. Instead, we hear about using science and technology to create wealth. So, the ‘big families’ emerged, Then, a rich and poor class emerged. With WWII and military science and technology, a middle class emerged.

Help for the poor came with the science and technology of the space program of President Kennedy in 1960s. In 1971, President Nixon proposed the last domestic initiatives that could save the poor class. In August 1971, I represented the US Department of Justice at the first White House discussion of Nixon’s domestic initiatives. Coming from a poor family, I was very excited. Unfortunately, President Nixon was forced to resign after the ‘Watergate’ political event.

Today, the US government is not producing any new and significant sciences. Also, new technologies that would reduce the prices of human necessities are not developing by the US government. So. I must ask, "What is happening to the USA?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Theological Science and Reincarnation

In my thoughts on theological science, reincarnation became a necessary process in the universe because both God and the universe have no end. However, I cannot accept other reincarnation theories (e.g., New Age, Far East religions, etc.) because such proposals require the existence of a celestial world in between God and the universe. In my development of theological science, God is unified logically to the universe. So, I say that nothing exists between God and the universe.

Thus, I do not accept paranormal communications or telepathy because I do not believe that people exist in another world. Nor do I believe that paranormal communications or telepathy applied to people who live on other planets. If life exists on other planets, communications must be normal between people on different planets. Further, I do not accept the existence of ascended masters, angels, demons, devils, etc. who live in another world. Furthermore, I do not accept the law of karma. Instead of karma, I believe that like-things hang together whereas unlike things do not hang together. Just as Jesus Christ tells us to study the signs of the fig tree to find the signs of our darkening sun in Matthew, Chapter 24, I seek signs in Nature to tell me about like and unlike things. For instance, to make my yard beautiful, I learned to keep weedy grasses away from the beautiful grasses..

In my book, I say that life exists after death. Thus, I believe that life is continuous and that life continues after death. I found that God made after life possible with the spiritual atoms. I discuss them in Part IV of my book.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Potentials of Theological Science Are Great

The development of theological science is impeded by major groups of people. One group is a religious movement known as fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is a conservative movement in Protestantism arising from a 19th century movement that emphasizes the literal interpretation and absolute inerrancy of the Scriptures, the imminent and physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Birth, Resurrection, and Atonement. However, with the continued development of theological science and the emergence of panentheism, none of these teachings are true.

However, the conservative movement caused the emergence of a second group of people who oppose fundamentalism. Against fundamentalism, the second group of people creates the liberal movement. Today, the conservative and liberal movements have become the primary political factors in the USA. The two oppositions are politically active and created the widely known ‘two-party political system.’ This opposing political syetem is an example of the Ugky English Language I often discuss. on this website. As seen, this two-party system is causing both non conservatives and non liberals to decide against voting. So, conservatives, liberals, and the two-party political system are impeding the development of theological science. By adding the US field of science to these impedances, one can see why the recent development of theological science has been slowed compared to the advances that occurred in initial works of modern scientists such as Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler and Galileo.

Fundamentalists and US scientists form significant human forces against the development of theological science. Simply speaking, fundamentalism does not promote science at all, even thought the teachings of Jesus Christ are dealing mostly with science. On the other hand, US scientists merely reject God, even though there is strong empirical evidence that God exists.

Today, alternative energies are needed because US gasoline prices are forced upwardly by US enemies. But; fusion energy is not being found. Yet, fission energy, with its dirty waste, is increased in the Middle East. But, US science is failing in general. This failure is spilling into the field of medicine, where major medical problems are not being solved. Thus, isn’t it time for the US government to investigate the hidden potentials of theological science?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Theological Science and Necessary Beings

On the theory of God, the thoughts of people have changed from many gods (polytheism) to one god (monotheism). Today, some people are changing to no god (atheism). However, the thoughts of people have also changed on the theory of the universe. Thoughts on the universe are found in scriptures, science, and theological science.

In Western world scriptures, believers in God say that the universe ends. When the end comes, good people are expected to be saved by God, are resurrected, and are reborn for an eternal life in Heaven. In the Far East, the universe has no end. In this belief, people are reincarnated. This reincarnation is thought to transform a human into a non human.

Today, many Western scientists have changed to atheism. To these atheists, the universe has an end. At the end all people will be destroyed. However, they also say that a new universe will be formed. This new universe will also end. Since Western scientists say that nonliving things can form living things, their thoughts are similar to the Far East reincarnation thoughts.

Theological science opposes the current interpretations of Western world scriptures and also opposes atheism. Instead, theological science says that both God and the universe are necessary beings. Thus, God could not exist without the universe and the universe could not exist without God. With Moses’ creation theory, we find that God remains to be active in the seventh phase (day 7). With Plato’s Parmenides, we find that ‘One’ cannot exist without ‘Many’ (other beings). With Aristotle, we find that ‘what moves’ must have an ‘unmoving mover.’ With Jesus Christ, we find that God is active, that we are reborn, and that the universe is in our mind forever. With Nicholas of Cusa, we find that God unites all opposites and that our logical thoughts exist only because God exists. With Gottfried Leibniz, we find that divisible things in the universe cannot exist without true atoms created by God. With the founders of the USA, we find, in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, that God exists and will be law in the USA. Georg Cantor, we find that transfinite numbers cannot exist without a genuine infinity. And with the scientific proof of God in my book, we find that all finite things must originate from an infinite thing.

I believe that all problems in the world today are being caused by people who are unaware of the three thousand year developments of theological science. Nor do most people in the world know that God and the universe are eternal partners and that the universe had ne beginning and has no end. Without this knowledge, most people do not realize that human life could become beautiful for all people immediately.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Theological Science and God’s Infinity

Abraham, a Jew who flourished early in the 2nd millennium BC, is the founder of monotheism. Monotheism is a belief in one God and rejects polytheism, the pagan belief in many gods and idolatry. The pagans rejected the Jews, who worshiped a ‘one and infinite’ God of whom they were ignorant. However, the symbol ‘infinite’ was initially defined by the ancients as something that can be divided infinitely. For instance, divide a foot ruler in half. Then, divide the six-inch ruler in half. Continue this process and the smallest ruler will never be found. Further, if something can be divided, but cannot be divided infinitely, the atom was identified and gave birth to the philosophy of atomism. So, the ancients concluded that an infinite thing is a variable, which can be divided either infinitely or finitely. This was the status until the 15th century.

In his 15th century inquiry into the maximum of knowledge, Nicholas of Cusa concluded that any inquiry must begin with a comparative relation. He thus concludes that the infinite, qua infinite, is unknown for it escapes all comparative relation. Accordingly, the meaning of the symbol ‘infinite’ changes from a variable to a constant (or a noun) in the 15th century. Friedrich Hegel and Georg Cantor agree with this change and also say that two infinities, a good infinity and bad infinity, are in practical uses. The good infinity is viewed as an attribute of God whereas the bad infinity is viewed as an attribute of finite things. The good infinity is applied to a perfect or complete thing whereas the bad infinity is applied to imperfect or uncompleted things. I use both infinities, when I connect God to the universe logically. I make this connection on page 6 of my book by saying that ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.

Today, atheists are rejecting the connection I describe by submitting negative book reviews on my book to They take this position because they believe that the good infinity does not exist. Thus, they also reject the works of Cusa, Hegel, and Cantor. Among these atheists are many atheistic physical scientists and life scientists. Atheists also reject the existence of an ‘intelligent design’ of the universe and also promote the teaching of Darwin’s biological evolutionary theory in public schools.

People must decide whether the believers or non believers are correct because both cannot be true.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Theological Science and the Incomprehensible God

An incomprehensible God cannot be compared with anything found in the universe we live. However, we can understand God by observing created things. In order to observe created things, we must create precise symbolic languages. Thus, among all living things, God’s intelligent design of the universe gives only man this ability. Accordingly, man has a leadership responsibility over everything created by God.

Scientists observe things in the universe regularly. They have developed three precise symbolic languages. One symbolic language is identifying laws of chemistry. Another symbolic language is identifying laws of physics. A third symbolic language is called a code and is identifying the DNA, a protein found in all biological things. But, these symbolic languages are the only ones that the field of science has found.

Some believers, for instance, former President Clinton and Dr. Francis Collins (author of The Language of God) say that the DNA code is the language of God. I believe this belief is incorrect because the DNA code is a symbolic language created by humans. It merely reflects man’s current knowledge about the nature of living things. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the language of God. And Jews and Christians believe that the Old Testament contains words of God through the Holy Spirit. I disagree with these Muslim and Jewish/Christian beliefs. Some people believe that they can talk to God. I also disagree with this belief.

When theological science found that God is incomprehensible, more current human beliefs, religious teachings, and scientific theories can be challenged.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Theological Science

Theological science is not new. Theological science came into existence when man found God and began to seek truths about God and God’s acts of creation. Theological science became formal after man learned how to write and produced scriptures. Theological science produced major findings when Abraham discovered that God is monotheistic and when Moses proposed that God used a seven-step creation. The methods of developing theological science became formalized by the writings of Plato and Aristotle on epistemology, the study of knowledge. Then, theological science was given a big boost with the teachings of Jesus Christ on God, the creation (the kingdom of God), human mind, common sense, and morality.

During the Middle Ages, theological science developed the Trinity of God, a proof of God’s existence, new thoughts about God and the creation, and new thoughts about man’s method of thinking. Unfortunately, the development of theological science was slowed considerably by the Inquisition and the imprisonment of Galileo. With this imprisonment, man’s study of God was separated from the study of the creation. This separation is still not mended today.

This separation has led to the growing division of people and nations in the Western world. By the 20th century, these divisions have caused many unnecessary wars. And such wars are continuing to develop in the 21st century even though the Roman Catholic church has apologized for its imprisonment of Galileo. This church must do much more to recover the damage it caused.

This long separation has led to new divisions of people. For instance, a belief that God does not exist is developing. This new division is known as atheism. This division is found in most Western nations today. Other kinds of wars could emerge from this division. This division has led to materialism and the development of economic divisions such as rich and poor people. This division has also misled the field of science away from God and into developments of highly irrational scientific theories. This separation is even dividing religions because today’s religions have limited their teachings to scriptural material.

I conclude that the Western world is moving in a direction that will cause results that no people want.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Understanding God by Building Symbols As "Theological Science "

God is not comprehensible. However, humans can gain understandings of God because they were created with the ability to build symbolic languages. This ability is found only in the human mind, which is an independent thing that can measure all other things that God created. Obviously, God created man with a major responsibility. However, man’s development of symbolic languages has been very poor because the philosophy of symbols has not yet become an accepted field of thought.

This poor development explains why many Western believers seek an understanding of God by going to a church, synagogue, or mosque. However, the churches, synagogues, or mosques limit their teachings to scriptures and teach differently. This limit and different teachings have forced many believers to find other teachings about God. In the USA, the believers who are seeking these other teachings are to be found in the New Age and New Thought movements. In time, the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, Frierrich Hegel, Georg Cantor and my work will organize a third new religion. The appropriate name of the third religion would be 'theological science.'

In the 1920's linguists made an important finding about symbols. They found that ‘sensual data are primarily symbolic.’ Unfortunately, this discovery is still unknown by most scientists of today. So, when these unknowing scientists search for new phenomena, they become lost and develop theories that are eventually found to be false.

Unless US scientists return to God and begin to develop symbolic languages, I see a continuous degeneration of science.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Failing US Economy

Soon after I opened this website in June 2006, I said that the US economy and the field of US science are in trouble. I made these statements because most US economists and most US scientists do not consider God in their theories and thoughts. Today, these troubles still exist and continue to grow. For instance, giving people $600 to expand the US economy is only one sign of our troublesome economy today. And recent lay offs of many scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the recent failures of the field of physics are also signs of the troublesome field of science in the USA.

For two years, I have taught the scientific proof of God found in my book. This proof does not mean that people must become more religious by returning to a church, synagogue, or mosque. The proof of God means that every person must become a seeker of truths. Going to a church, synagogue, or mosque will thus be useful only if churches, synagogues, and mosques become truth seekers and become more scientific.

Most US economists and scientists do not consider God in their thoughts. This is why the content of US economy is only money. This is why the goodness or badness of the US economy is reported primarily by a ‘bean counter’ (accountant) at a financial organization. Like a pure mathematician, as bean counter also has no knowledge of the ‘quality’ and ‘wholeness’ of anything found in the universe. So, most US economists and mathematicians are Satan’s closest friends.

If the bean counters of the world would consider God in their thoughts, they would learn quickly that God created things so they can be counted. However, God also gives qualities and ‘wholeness’ to every thing created. So, God made sure that every created thing has unique qualities. God also made sure that every created thing is also touching all other created things so a form of togetherness exists among them. This need of togetherness is the reason why God created only one universe.

While the US economy gives a number to every US citizen and gives each citizen freedom, a togetherness of the US citizens does not exist. For instance, I see citizens sleeping on the street, uneducated citizens, citizens who cannot afford medical care, citizens who have much mor money than they can ever spend, citizens who must live in ghettos, citizens who are addicted to drugs, citizens who abort babies, citizens who are making criminal careers, ... etc.

I conclude that the absence of ‘togetherness’ in the US economy is a violation the US Constitution. The togetherness of all US citizens is mandated in the Constitution with the clause — to form a more perfect Union. This clause is found in the Preamble of the Constitution. Why is this clause not enforced by the US government, whose purpose is to secure all citizens, not only some citizens?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

World Economics and Today's Oil Prices

The increasing price of gasoline in the USA is evidence that the US laissez-faire (a free market) economy does not work. When the US was founded in 1776, the American System of economics strengthened the US national government under Alexander Hamilton. And this economy was installed by the Lincoln administration. Apparently, Lincoln was assassinated in order to destroy the American System of economics and install the British System of economics. The British System is a laissez-faire economy. I conclude that the American System is a natural economy for our modern world.

Prices will increase only if the productivity of producing organizations decreases; if speculators are allowed to buy resources so they can be sold at higher prices; if depleting natural resources are hoarded; if land is owned by people; and if free trade agreements among nations are authorized by law.

In any properly governed nation, the prices of commodities will always decrease so that populations can increase in rational ways. In a properly governed nation, productivity is increased with the education of people, who also produce new sciences and new technologies; speculation must be eliminated by law; natural resources must be shared among all people by law; land must be free and shared by its people; and international trade agreements must be fair and controlled by international laws.

The 21st century has many economic problems that can be solved only by increasing international discussions.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Relation Between the Trinity, Proofs of God, and Praying, Part II

In yesterday’s blog, I say that the Trinity and developed truths about God are necessary to inform God of the status of a person’s mind. I argue that these two steps form the true process of praying. Thus, I do not believe that today’s methods of praying will connect a person’s spirit (mind) to God.

My argument is supported by religious scriptures. In my book, I say that these scriptures are not produced or inspired by God. Instead, all religious scriptures are produced by people who believe that God does exists. For instance, the Old Testament is a long history of the development of truths about God by the Jews. Then, this Jewish history was expanded greatly by the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ. This teaching led to a new religion known as Christianity. The divine teachings of Jesus revealed the Trinity and many new ways to develop the human mind. The teaching of Jesus was eventually confirmed by Mohammad. He developed another new religion known as Islam. So, one cannot turn away from these historical facts and the fact that a continuous development of the human mind has been taking place for more than three thousand years.

If a person rejects the human mind proposed by the atheists and Darwin’s evolutionary theory, that person’s mind is being viewed as a perceiving thing, which was created by God. So, when a person is conceived, that person begins to perceive immediately the ‘other’ things that God created. Thus, while still in the womb, a person’s mind is developing mental models of the perceived things.

When the baby leaves the womb, the mind continues to fill itself with models of many other perceived things. A human life is primarily a life of ‘perceiving and modeling.’ However, if the truths of models are not sought, the mind of a person can be filled with many falsities. I conclude that this is what happens in a criminal or atheistic mind. For instance, if Mother chooses to abort a baby, her decision is a prayer that informs God of this murder. However, God saves the baby because all human deaths lead to resurrection and reincarnation. Since the opposites, higher and lower, apply to all processes in the universe, I conclude that the reincarnation of ‘like-things’ will be either into higher and higher stages of life or lower and lower stages of life.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Relation Between the Trinity, Proofs of God, and Praying, Part I

In yesterday’s blog, I showed how humans can use the scientific version of the Christian Trinity and Rom. 1:20 of the Bible to develop an endless number of proofs about God. I concluded in Part IIc of my book that these proofs about God are signs that God is informing man. In this blog, I show that a person can also inform God. The way man informs God is through prayers. Below, I show how man must pray to inform God.

In Part IIc of my book, I show that God and man cannot communicate physically. However, I concluded that God and man can communicate spiritually, but only if both God and man are spirits. Since God is a pure spirit, I concluded that the atoms of the universe must be spiritual atoms. Spiritual atoms are thus applied to the universe in Part IV of my book. In my theory of the universe, I say that the universe consists of many related and different spiritual/physical things. Today, these things are often called spirit/body things.

Since I conclude that only humans have the ability to inform God, I say that humans are mind/body things. So, the mind of humans is very different from the minds of the lower animals. The difference between man and the lower animals implies that the mind of the lower animals is only a ‘surviving mind’ whereas the mind of man is a ‘surviving/creating mind.’ As a creating mind, man can measure all things that God created. With this unique ability to measure any created thing, man is able to inform God about his or her mind. So, I say that man informs God when man opens the mind so that God can measure it.

Praying thus occurs when a person opens the mind so that God can measure it. The pic is a good symbol of unifying the thoughts of a person's mind for prayer.