Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation IV)

Today, three beliefs exist on the subject of morality. One belief is held by the naturalist who is an atheist and believes that morals are evolutionary and found in the laws of the nature of man. A second belief is held by the politician who is an atheist and believes that morals are determined arbitrarily by political parties, governors, dictators, etc.

The colonists and founders of the USA held the third belief. Believing that a Creator exists, they were against the arbitrary laws determined by England’s parliament. But, they did not agree with the naturalists that morals are to be found in the laws of the nature of man. In the Declaration of Independence, they say that God entitled man with ‘Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.’ They agreed with the naturalists, who believe that Laws of Nature exist. But, they also thought that Laws of Nature’s God also exist and govern the moral life of man.

Since the field of law in the USA did not include the Declaration of Independence in the body of US laws, the third belief did not become part of the life of US citizens. History tells one that Abe Lincoln was the last US leader to use the Declaration of Independence. In my book, I discuss this action of the field of law and conclude that this action was a linguistic error in the philosophy of symbolism.

Some of the founders seemed to work hard to make sure that we would understand the meanings of the words they were using in the founding documents. The works of Ben Franklin and James Madison show that they were very sensitive to symbols and the weakness of the philosophy of symbolism. Franklin’s review of Thomas Jefferson’s draft version of the Declaration of Independence and Madison’s work on The Federalist papers show us of their sensitivities. In the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, for instance, Franklin changes the phrase ‘the people’ to ‘one people.’ This change aligns the USA to a monotheistic God. And, in Federalist No. 10, Madison tries to protect the US government against the political powers of special interest groups.

Neither of these efforts saved the US citizens from ‘atheism’ and the ‘special interest groups.’ Clearly, the error of our lawyers on the Declaration of Independence has caused many national US problems. This error has also formed a federal government that would alarm the founders if they were living today. Needless to say, the US government has no interest in developing symbols or improve our knowledge of the philosophy of symbolism.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Book Review of " Breaking The Spell" by Daniel C. Dennett

The most popular Internet book store is It is doing a great job for Americans and people throughout the world. One job it does well is the ‘book review’ for authors and readers of the books it sells. This review helps people throughout the world. To date, I have presented a book review for over 50 books. My book reviews are concentrated on my research subjects , that is, God, the universe, and life. For my past reviews, click.

Some book reviews are offered but not posted, I believe because the reviewer’s language is too dirty. But, I now believe that atheistic publishers also block some book reviews. I have three reviews that have been blocked. I believe that book reviews, if they are not dirty, should not be blocked in any way because book reviews express free ideas. So, I will post any of my new book reviews if they are not posted on Below, is my latest book review on the subject of 'breaking spells. 'I do not believe that people should break the spells of Christianity.

" Breaking the Spell" by Daniel C. Bennett
To the majority of the people in the world, nothing matters more to them than religion. This is the argument the author tries to prove in his book. As a godless philosopher and naturalist, his proof is based on Darwin’s evolutionary theory. To him, religion is based only on natural phenomena. To identify the best religion for man’s survival, he develops ways to ‘break the spell’ from those religions that are unnatural. Breaking these spells with scientific investigations is an excellent endeavor because more and more errors are found in today’s religious teachings. So, this kind of book is timely.

However, God does exist. In my recent book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove the existence of God. In this proof, God is the origin of all finite things found in the universe. I also prove the existence of an Agent of God, who is known in Christianity as Christ. But, this godly dualism is also found in Hinduism. Since I show that the teachings of Christ are of divine origin, rather than of human origin, natural phenomena now exist to support any sound scientific proof of God.

A scientific proof of God was not possible earlier because God was thought to be outside of the purview of science. Instead, scientists thought that God is in the purview of either mysticism, poetry, tautology, metaphor, or symbolism. With well_defined symbols, we learn that both God and science are in the purview of the same philosophy, symbolism. Thus, a single symbolic language is sufficient to unify the subjects of God, the universe, and life. Since some subjects in my book are difficult, I am teaching such subjects on the Internet at

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation III)

When closing yesterday’s blog, I said that scientists and mathematicians have two choices with respect to life. They can either accept or reject God. When rejecting God, I said that an atheist must live with arbitrarily-determined morals, rather than with godly morals. However, this is a questionable choice to US citizens because the US Revolutionary War was fought because the US colonists/ revolutionists did not want to live under the arbitrary moral laws of England’s parliament. So, to choose life as the atheists, the US atheists are returning to the life that was rejected by the founders of the USA.

However, if the US returns to arbitrarily-determines morals, this return will essentially stop the development of the philosophy of symbolism. This return will also affect the development of new symbols because new symbols will be given arbitrary meanings. Thus, the USA cannot allow atheism to guide its future. This is why any efforts to prevent the USA from becoming a theocracy are ignorant and are counter to the purpose of the US Revolutionary War and Civil War.

The belief that a person has only one life is false. This Western word belief is based on scriptural interpretations of the New Testament, Chapter 24 of Matthew. The darkening of the sun means that life on planet earth will come to an end. Today, modern scientists know that the darkening of the sun will not occur for a few billions of years. The interpretations of Chapter 24 by the ancients and moderns, who carried this interpretation forward by unchanging scriptures, have misled the development of life in the Western world. These misinterpretations have essentially confused human life and the awful languages that nations have developed.

The only proper symbols that have been developed thus far are the symbols used by the physical sciences. However, the physical sciences are stalled today because they refuse to accept God. With their rejection, they cannot develop the symbols that would reveal knowledge of the infinitely small and infinitely large regions of the universe. Because of the early success of the physical sciences with symbols, they lured the life scientists to symbols of physical things. Since life requires a spiritual thing as well as a physical thing, life scientists must begin to develop their own symbols. I believe that medical care will improve drastically after the program of research for medical care begins to search for these new symbols.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation II)

To develop symbols and the philosophy of symbolism, I must discuss the eternity of a monotheistic God, the eternity of the Universe He creates, and the eternity of the Son of God, who is our eternal teacher. These three eternities imply that there was no beginning and will thus be no end to God’s work, the works of the Son of God and the works of our lives. Energetically, this means that the universe built by God is called an ‘open’ system.

This open system is opposed by the school of physics and one of their big leader, Albert Einstein, who proposed the Einsteinian universe. Contrary to the above three eternities, the Einsteinian universe has a beginning and end. And, in the middle, of the beginning and end, one finds linear processes of expansion followed by the process of contraction. In the middle of the beginning and end, one finds universal or unchanging laws of nature. Energetically, this universe is called a ‘closed’ system.

Albert Einstein can be honored for his famous law, E = MC2 His special relativity theory is also honored, by those people who follow closely the relativity theory of the German mathematician, Bernhard Riemann. However, Einstein’s general relative theory, which creates the Einsteinian universe, has achieved honors from two groups: (1) from non believers in God, especially those people who are supporting the Big Bang theory and (2) from believers in God, especially those who expect only one life but believe that God gives ‘good’ people a second life in a place called Heaven.

If one believes in the three eternities, one does not believe in death. Instead, one believes in reincarnation. If one believes in the three eternities, one also learns that the laws of nature are nonlinear and are changing. One also learns that the material structure of the world-manifold is empirically determined as Paul says in Rom. 1: 20. Thus, all symbols begin with sensual data. This is when the symbol’s’ meaning is determined and becomes related to other symbols. This scientific work of humans never ends. People who do not appreciate science do not understand God.

If the three eternities are true, the universe is a continuous and never-ending process and has no beginning and end. This continuous process can be evidenced by noticing that a magnet can induce electricity into an independent live wire with magnet lines of force. These lines of force of a magnet can thus be felt at a distance. Lines of force of different kinds can fill a universe with all kinds of activities. Why would one want to leave a life of different activities created by God?

If you can make a contact with the group of Lyndon LaRouche, Jr., (click) you can request a 103-page report by Uwe Parpart. This report is titled as the First English Translation. of "Georg Cantor’s 1883 Grundlagen" with ‘The Concept of the Transfinite.’’ (click) By reading this report, you will add an important history of science and mathemnatics to your intellectual life.

This blog shows the only two choices that a scientist or mathematician have in life. They can either accept or reject God. If they accept God, they can expect an eternal life and expect to live a godly moral life. If they reject God, they can expect one life and expect to live an arbitrarily determined moral life. The argument of the atheists is that they can live an arbitrary moral life without God. This argument cannot be held as today's arbitrarily-determined world events prove.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation I)

My scientific proof of God is as true as the proof of gravity. And, just as the proof of gravity revealed a law of gravity, the scientific proof of God also reveals laws of God.
The law of gravity became known as Newton’s Laws of Gravitation. It says that two bodies exhibit a force of attraction and that the magnitude of this attraction depends on their mass and the distance between them. So, our planet attracts us when we are standing, are sitting, or are jumping up. And, this attraction can tell us our weight when we stand on a scale.

Science also learned that the law of gravity is ‘particular’ only to large bodies and do not apply to small bodies. The electricity of a body become significant when the body is small and the mass becomes insignificant. Bodies can thus be neutral electrically or be a body charged negatively or positively. The law for electrically charged bodies became known as the Coulomb’s Law of Electrostatic Action. These two laws appear to be structurally similar at first. But, they are as different as night and day. One difference is found in the meanings of the symbols used to define the bodies. And, a second difference is found in the meanings of the symbolic constants used in these two laws.

Of interest to my scientific proof of God is that it reveals two laws. One is a ‘general’ law whereas the other law is a ‘particular’ law. The general law is the ‘law of creation’ and states that God is the origin of all things found in the universe. The law of creation is scientific and is in the purview of the philosophy of symbolism. The particular law is the ‘law of teaching’ and states that the Son of God is the origin of all new teachings found in the universe. These new teachings are thus the origin of all new human knowledge that can be developed in the life of humans. The law of teaching of the Son of God is metaphorical but remains in the purview of the philosophy of symbolism.

Thus, I encourage scientists and mathematicians to read and think about this words found in this blog. I also encourage them to contact the leaders of the US National Science Foundation and the US National Academy of Science to inform them of the new significance of symbols, the philosophy of symbolism, and my scientific proof of God. I am encouraging them because no government or agency of government can function properly if God does exist.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General

In the local newspaper today, I read a report on the effectiveness of the federal law known as ‘No Child Left Behind.’ This is a national test and says that our teens lag in math and reading — 40%f seniors scored below basic math and, 25% score below basic reading. This is clear evidence that the parents of these children are not creating and using symbols now and will not create and use them in the near future unless action is taken in all fields of thought to develop the philosophy of symbolism and new school textbooks. Since poor tests in reading and math weakens science, where are the leaders of the USA taking us? If nothing is done with this US education problem, must the USA ask its citizens to survive with nuclear weapons, ignorance, and rich families whose children have no respect for God, the universe, and life.

The USA and all other nations must be turned 180 degrees and away from the past. For instance, they must turn away from all wars and away from all free market economies. This does not mean that isolation is the goal. This turn merely means that all nations must take a rest, as Moses said about God, so that the true monotheistic God can be recognized and implemented throughout the world. This implementation will allow all men to have the life that man received from a monotheistic God. Never-ending world problems can be expected if this rest and turn are rejected.

To give ‘rest’ its reality, I wrote Part I when I wrote my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ There, I provide considerable information of the philosophy of symbolism. And, when I wrote this book, I also included ways, in Part IV, for nations to turn away from their past.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The First Scientific Proof of God Presented in My Book is Supported by General and Particular Phenomena

The atheists say continually that God does not exist because there are no phenomena of God. Phenomena are data that must be derived from our five senses. In my Proof of God, for instance, I ask people to look into the night unclouded sky. In this sky, they will see phenomena. They are general phenomena defined as "many-different-related" things and belong to the universe. The origin of these three symbols could come only from the opposing symbols "One-Equality-Union." These three opposing symbols belong to the Christian Trinity, which is our way to express a monotheistic God with symbols. Thus, a monotheistic God has general phenomena, which in the universe is many different and related things.

The particular phenomena of God are observed when one senses the teaching of Jesus Christ and can prove that these teachings are divine. During the life of Christ, people could sense these phenomena by listening to Christ’s sermons or by talking with Christ. But today, people can sense these phenomena only through studies of the New Testament of the Bible. No other religion can offer this kind of evidence about God. My method of proving that the teachings of Jesus Christ are divine are found in Part IIb of my book. But, I do not understand why Christians have not offered this proof of God long ago.

As seen, the scientific proof of God presented by me in my book is supported by both general phenomena and particular phenomena. It seems very clear now why many scientists and atheists of today have been rejecting God. Without the development of symbolism, all sciences can expect to fail consistently at the theoretical level.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Sciences of the Future

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the subjects of God and science are both in the purview of the philosophy known as ‘symbolism.’ This is why I was able to prove scientifically that God exists. This proof means that all current sciences must now be questioned.

Since God and the universe are eternal and the universe and life have no end, two forms of sciences will be found. One science is predictable or exact whereas the other is probabilistic or inexact. For instance, one should not find an exact science of human death. This is true because people do not want to know exactly when they will die. For this reason, people will concentrate most of their thoughts on present activities while simultaneously giving some thoughts to future activities. So, we should expect the physical sciences and the life sciences to find exact and unchanging laws and inexact and changing laws.

Up to this point in time, most all sciences have been either developed or guided by the physical sciences. This was a major error at our colleges, universities, and federal government. This error must now be forgiven so that the above two forms of science can develop properly and without shame. No man is perfect and errorless. These two sciences must be guided by Laws of Nature and Laws of Nature’s God. These two brilliant laws are found in the Declaration of Independence. The Laws of Nature are better known as natural philosophy whereas the Laws of Nature’s God are better known as moral philosophy.

Since the scientific proof of God is a major finding, I expect the development of a worldwide renaissance and major cultural changes. As time passes, I will discuss a few of these sciences so that scientists become more familiar with how a science will develop under an active monotheistic God.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Help for Today’s Mathematicians and Scientists

Yesterday, I said that God and a created universe can be known by man only with symbols. This is a true statement because man is the only living species that can create and use symbols. All other animals are limited to creating and using signs. Today, too few people know the differences between a sign and a symbol. People, who are in the know, would agree that signs are ‘operators’ whereas symbols are ‘designators.’

For instance, to protect a specie from its predators, a deer will operate the tail to warn the rest of the deer in a herd of the presence of a predator. But, man also creates and uses signs. For instance, many mothers shake a bell indicating that dinner is ready. The bell sign is thus a stimulus-response situation. The sign of the bell has no necessary connection to the meaning we gave to the sound of the bell. However, all symbols have necessary meanings. For this reason, our dictionaries require a major reform.

I suggest that all mathematicians and scientists study the Thirteenth Symposium of the Conference of Science, Philosophy, and Religion in 1952 at Columbia University. ( See, Lyman Bryson, Louis Finkelstein, R. M. Maciver, and Richard McKeon (Editors, 1954) Symbols and Values: An Initial Study, distributed by Harper & Brothers.) At this conference, many Americans were confused.

I believe that our mathematicians and scientists do not understand how to create and use symbols because physicists discovered hundreds of laws of physics rapidly. They had too much production, too rapidly, from only six well defined basic physical qualities (charge, temperature, mass, length, time, and angle). Instead of trying to determine exactly why they can perform dimensional analyses and find new numerical laws simply, they left the determination of this ease as a mystery.

It is clear that the laws of physics do not apply everywhere. The law of gravity, for instance, was found not to apply in the regions where atoms-like particles are found. I found that the true atoms are spiritual, rather than physical. Thus, the beginning of the universe is not physical. So, a universe that has a physical beginning and ending does not exist. This means that the Big Bang theory is a wasted effort. Further, the initial wholes of the universe, which are formed from the spiritual atoms, might not obey Einstein’s famous energy equation. So, other higher forms of energy seem to exist. And, when Kepler found that only the first six planets were governed by Plato’s five nested solids, the laws of physics can be expected to change as man goes deeper and deeper into space.

Scientists must consider a monotheistic God as a possible reality. If they do, they might conclude quickly that all true symbols are performing functions for real things in the universe. Since these real things are images of God, they have different meanings because no two things in the universe are identical. A shift of thoughts to ‘things’ is thus necessary.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Revisiting My Blogging Activities With Some of Today’s Mathematicians

On my blog of August 5, 2006, I made a suggestion to restudy the field of mathematics. On August 18, 2006, a response was made. (Click) A second response was made on August 18, 2006. (Click) And, on July 20, 2006, a third response was made. (Click) The last comments to these three responses were by August 23, 2006. However, on Jan. 17, 2007, a new comment was added to the third response by Norm Breyfogle. He says:

[Checking the definition of the word "God" as a testable hypothesis leads one inevitable to the final and necessary compromise concept of "God" as identical with the concept of "existence."Both are arguable, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

This does not make either the word "existence" or the word "God" meaningless, but it does set these word’s meanings outside of the purview of science and into the realm of tautology, mysticism, poetry, metaphor, and symbolism.]

These latest words continue to reject my first scientific proof of God. But, these words also separate Science from Theology/Religion permanently. These words are the words of atheism. But they are very troublesome for the human race because God, the Universe, and Life can never be unified as a whole. Essentially, these words eliminate God. This elimination creates a purely physical Universe and materialistic Life, which eliminates the kind of Life that God created.

However, the words of Breyfogle express the ignorance found today in the field of mathematics. Unfortunately, this ignorance is being passed onto our children and schools teachers. It is thus ignorant to say that only the words of God might be found in symbolism. The truths about symbolism were found by the field of linguistics in the 1920s. On P. 8 of my book, I discuss this important discovery. I show that symbols are needed to know God, the universe, and life. In my book, I teach that a single symbol language must be developed to know everything --- God, the Universe and Life.

Since God is monotheistic, all words in God form identities. So, Breyfogle was correct to say that God and existence form an identity. The consequence of having identities in God is that no identities will be found in the Universe or Life. Thus, only different symbols will be found in our studies of the Universe or studies of Life. Since each symbol has a unique meaning, the meanings of God, the Universe, and Life will be slowly revealed to our minds through the symbols we create. Obviously, man’s creation of symbols and them meanings guide the development of our knowledge. Accordingly, my suggestion of restudying the field of mathematics still holds. Today's pic thus represents the place that the fields of science and mathematics will finally live if they do not restudy their past and future.

It is unfortunate that Science and Theology/Religion became separated after the imprisonment of Galileo by the roman Church. Now, the human problem is to unify them. The longer this unification is delayed, the longer human conflicts will exist.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bar Charts and Pie Charts Can Increase Our Truths About God, the Universe, and Life

Let me explain when bar charts and pie charts can be used beyond using them to connect God to the universe. To make the universe, a monotheistic God creates spiritual atoms first. Then, God causes them to form different finite things in accordance the Intelligent Design he chose. Since the number of spiritual atoms is coming from an unlimited monotheistic God, the spiritual atoms are both eternal and unlimited in number. Each spiritual atom is ‘in’ all different things that God decided to create. Thus, a spiritual atom is never free. Instead, each spiritual atom is functioning in some way for some thing. So, the universe can be seen as a system of functionally related spiritual atoms.

This kind of universe is presented in "The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Accordingly, this kind of universe has never been presented before June 2006 to the scientists and theologians of the world. Many of the conceptions of God, the universe, and life presented by theologians and scientists today are thus very different. One example is the Big Bang world theory. A second example is the identity of the mind and brain. And, a third example is the free market economy. All three examples require the use of bar charts and pie charts because life is imbedded in these three examples. Instead of assuming that life is in the universe, most of today’s physical and life scientists reject the existence of God and assume that the universe, the brain, and an economy either are purely physical or have material life, but have no spiritual life. These rejections of God are human errors, which cause many different social problems.

Many different views of God and the rejection of God led to many different theologies and many different sciences. Yet, only one real God and only two real sciences, a physical science and a life science, will be found by man. So, there is only one theology to explain God; one physical science to explain the universe that supports life; and one life science to explain all different forms of life. It is obviously that man has become highly confused with respect to ‘reality.’ Since the reality that God has made simply is ‘many different wholes,’ the opportunities to put the bar charts and pie charts to very useful work seems clear.

The pic is a model of Jesus Christ, who represents man of living among living things. This is the life of man who has a spirit and body

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Two Different Pie Charts Connect God and the Universe

Cones, spirals, pie charts and bar charts are powerful tools that modern man has found. Such tools are prepared by our artists and can be seen on the Internet by searching for these four tools. Click. Only through such tools can we understand God, learn the changing and unchanging laws of Nature, and learn the changing and unchanging life that God included in Nature. I showed how the cones and spirals are used in the lase few blogs. Below, I show an example of a bar chart of a thing that has seven (7) variables. By making bar charts, one can study the changing behavior of anything in the universe.

Next, I use two pie charts to show how God is connected to the universe. The pie chart on the left represents God and the pie chart on the right represents the universe. The left pie chart is known as the Christian Trinity and has three factors. The black area represents an identity whereas the green area bonds the two members of the identity absolutely. In the 4th century, the Christian Trinity became doctrine and stated as 'Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The black area represents the 'Father and Son' and the green area represents the Holy Spirit. Then, in the 15th century, the Christian Trinity became scientific. Science thus changes the Trinity to 'One, Equality, and Union.' The appearance of a scientific version of the Trinity in the 15th century opened the possibility to connect God to the universe. But, this possibility could not become actual without atoms. Unfortunately, the physical sciences could not find any physical atoms. Fortunately, I found the spiritual atom in the work of Gottfried Leibniz. With spiritual atoms, I connected the one, equality, and union to the universe logically with a universe of 'many, different, and related' atoms.

In the pie chart on the right, many different atoms, which come from the 'one and equality' of the Trinity, are given their function and existence in the purple area. The red area gives the many different atoms their 'relations' and come from the Holy Spirit of the Trinity The pie chart on the left represents the infinite world of a monotheistic God. And, the in and out pie chart on the right represents the finite world of all things God creates. The in-out red pie is necessary because the eternal changing of the 'relations' gives the universe the differences we see in the seasons, the time of the day, the changing colors if the plants, etc. These changing relations give us the new lives we seek after death.

It is thus clear that the Muslim scripture (Koran) is flawed with respect to worshipping God. Christians do not worship three gods. It is also clear that Christians are not infidels. The above scientific advances by Christians are revealing new truths, rather than falsities, about God. I conclude that a monotheistic God does not ask any believers to kill infidels when ignorance can be corrected by education.

In the many, different, and related things that exist in the universe, one can find non living and living things. The plants are interesting because they seem to be both living and non living things because they must grow roots among water and the non living things so that they can grow and make food for all of the animals. As animals, we live outside of the non living and must use the plants and drink water to live. So, it is wrong for evolutionists and physicists to argue that life in the universe came from non-living things.

New Studies of God, the Universe, and Life Are Now Possible

Today, studies of God, life’s infrastructure, and life are partitioned rather than unified. These partitions emerged when Science and Religion separated and when modern scientists discovered the scientific method of finding truths and proofs. With this discovery, scientists placed this method of truth seeking above all religious scriptures.

When Science and Religion separated, the scientific method was unable to prove the existence of God. Without this proof, most scientists and many intellectual became nonbelievers and turned toward atheism as the guide their lives. However, most non scientists and non intellectuals remained with the guidance of scriptures. Today, about 85% of the people in an advanced nation are guided by scriptures. But, almost all people in backward are guided by scriptures. This difference between today’s advanced and backward nations invites new social and political problems such as terrorism and the Iraq War.

In 2006, I used the scientific method to prove that existence of God. This proof is found in Part I, Chapter 1 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ If this proof is accepted, atheism will no longer be able to guide people. But, this does not mean that scriptures must then guide all people. My scientific proof of God reveals flaws in the scriptures. These flaws inform us that God has been guiding us more through our minds than through scriptures. The lack of appearance of new scriptures is evidence that God is guiding us and the universe through spiritual communications. Such communications are the only kind of communication that is possible between a monotheistic God and man.

It is time for scientists and intellectual and non scientists and non intellectuals to evaluate all current proofs of God. It is also time to correct the past separation between Science and Religion so that we can identify and study new truths about the whole world of God, the universe, and life. Such studies are now possible.
The pic shows the weather in the Northeastern region of the USA today.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Studying God, Life's Infrastructure, and Life With Pie Charts

The pic on the left shows a typical geometrical cone. It is standing on its base. The cone can be used to model the whole world consisting of God, the universe, and life. The pic on the right shows that the American Indians also used the cone. They used the cone to make a wigwam in which they lived. To model the whole world with the cone, one merely adds a geometrical spiral to the cone so that it can wind on the surface of the cone. Thus, the spiral and cone exist simultaneously. The cone forms the universe's infrastructure of life whereas the spiral forms all life forms. The vortex exists because all created things of God originate there as one. They become many different things with the circular and spiral motion God gives them.
The circular motions that God gives to created things cause the bases of the cone to grow. Obviously, The first base of the cone is very small and will not be sensed. But, as the created things of the universe increase and include life, the universe grows and the bases of the cones become larger and larger. Since the base of the cone not limited by an unlimited God, the cone can grow forever. The spiral motion represents the motion of all living things. The spiral has the potential to become infinitely large because God's infinity is able to expand the infrastructure of life forever.
The cone/spiral model can be used to manage the specific infrastructure of life and the specific life of any life-supporting solar system. This managing job requires the use of cuts through the cone. A horizontal cut through a cone will produces a circle. Other conics can be formed by cuts. For instance, cuts through a cone will produce a parabola, an ellipse, or hyperbola. The pic on the left is a cut through a green cone and reveals a parabola. Studies of our life's infrastructure, which is our solar system, can be conducted with the horizontal cut because this cut produces a circle that can be formed into a pie chart. Such a pie chart is shown in the pic on the right. Different pie charts can display the different contents of life on planet earth. Such pie charts can detect the rise and fall of life on this whole planet or in any nation. In general, many religious leaders, political leaders, and dictators will not want to use these pie charts because the charts are scientific tools that can guide man and a nation. This is why it is time to rid the world of all irrational mysteries, religious leaders, ungodly political leaders, and dictators. The cone, spiral, and pie charts will not be found in any scripture.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rise and Fall Theories: End or Eternity?

Yesterday, I spoke of the rise and fall of persons, organizations and nations and the causes thereof. Here, I will continue to discuss rises and falls in more general and as a theory. As a theory, rise and fall can oscillate as a see-saw oscillates. Or, a rise and fall can struggle for existence. For instance, rises can struggle for existence by minimizing and/or defeating all possible falls. This is the eternity theory. The eternity theory seems to be more appropriate to other theories associated with man’s mind and do not seem to be associated with laws of Nature or evolutionary theory. The pic shows a spiral that has no end. If this spiral winds round and round on a geometrical cone standing on its vortex and God is this vortex, the winding spiral represents the universe in which all created things exist.

A famous story of a rise and a fall is discussed by Moses in the Genesis of the Old Testament. The setting is the Garden of Eden, a place where Adam was thought to be born. Adam is said to give life to the first woman, Eve, through the rib of Adam. Using the good and evil ideas, Moses assigned the ‘good’ to God. Here, we see that Moses did not lift his monotheistic God into a world higher than His universe. Instead, Moses assumed that God and man lived in the same world. This was a major error of Moses. With this error, Moses assumed that Adam and Eve were created as ‘good.’ Moses then says that Adam and Eva developed evilness when they ate forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Based on this major error of Moses, one can ask, Could have the evilness of Adam and Eve come from the lack of knowledge? This question seems rational because one observes today that knowledge lacks in all third-world nations and all of those nations that have dictators.

It is time for political science and religions to become serious on the subjects of knowledge and science. It is also time for religions to treat God as a real monotheistic God. And, it is time for all scientists and mathematicians to accept the reality of God and reconsider all theories of an end.. Remember, the atheists, if empowered, can take man into a deep fall because they see ends coming to all life and to the universe.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

What Causes a Fall or Rise in Life?

I assert that a person, organization, or nation will degenerate and fall if the development of the human mind is slowed and stopped. To prevent such falls, humans must continue to develop their mind. A mind continues to develop by removing false ideas from the mind and replacing them with true ideas. Today’s spiritualists know this and teach how to overcoming depression, for instance, by forcing negative thoughts out of a person with positive thoughts.

In general, the Western religions are falling. They began to fall with their separation from the modern scientists. To rise, all religions must initially become one religion under a monotheistic God. This single religion must then be unified with those scientists who are currently developing scientific knowledge under a monotheistic God. This two-step process is necessary because many of today’s scientists and mathematicians do not believe in God. The unification of all religions first will cause these atheistic scientists and mathematicians to force the ugly atheistic ideas out of their minds with godly ideas.

The religious fundamentalists will not make change easily because the mind of a religious fundamentalist has many false and deep-seeded ideas. Many of these false ideas must be replaced by scientific ideas. This raises a problem for a religious fundamentalist who holds ideas against science, For instance, it will take time to teach some religions that God judges humans continually; that the universe has no end; that death is an illusion and that human life never ends; that God can reincarnate and/or resurrect any human; and that Heaven and Hell are in our minds, not in the universe.

Today, leaders choose different forms of war to cause rises. For instance, this is the path of today’s religious fundamentalists, the communists, the al-Qaida terrorists, today’s suicide bombers, the small and special religious cults, and those third-world nations that do not develop science and technology. These paths are never successful.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Will Christianity Rise or Fall?

As I have said often, I have proven scientifically that God exists. This proof is found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Yesterday, I developed a second scientific proof of God using the function theory of mathematics. This second proof shows us that God must function in the universe after man was created. The Jews were thus correct to say that God’s rest on the 7th day does not mean that God became inactive after creating man. The Christians and Hindus were also correct to say that God does appear in our world after man was created.

But, I believe that Christians are incorrect to say that God appears in our world only twice. No where can I find this saying in the Bible. But, the proof of God with function theory says that God is the only independent function in the world. The single independent function of God means that all dependent functions will be found only in the universe. My two proofs of God both show that God and the universe have no end. This means that God can and must appear in the universe endlessly. On these appearances, we must conclude that God functions for man by adding new wisdom that man can consider. With this new wisdom, humans can continue to descend consciously in the kingdom of God. Obviously, the kingdom of God is a spiritual world that will be found only in the human mind.
Currently, Christianity is a leading religion. But, it can rise or fall. I do not believe that it will remain as a leader without opening the minds of its leaders and members to science.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Function Theory

A book on the introduction to mathematics begins with the discussion of variables and constants. Variables are quantities or qualities that change. They are usually represented by the last letters of the alphabet (as x, y, and z). Constants do not change and are either absolute or arbitrary. They are usually represented by the first letters of the alphabet, such as a b, c, etc.

Function theory assumes that the universe contains ‘things’ that are subject to change. Experience tells us that the changes in one thing can cause change in one or more other things. When a variable in a first thing is related to one or more variables in some other thing, the other thing is said to be a ‘function’ of the variable found in the first thing. The first variable is called the ‘independent’ variable whereas the one or more variables are called the ‘dependent’ variable(s).

Since all variables represent all changes found in all things in the universe, one must seek a thing that is the origin of all variables. This thing will not be found in the unchanging constants discussed above. But, it can be found if all variables and all constants in the universe are originated by a thing that creates all things. As seen, the independent variables and dependent variables of the universe would not exist without God.

Function theory is one of the most powerful tools that mathematicians found. But, they wrongly limited it to a finite world. By adding this limit to function theory, they rejected God. With respect to function theory, God is the Function of all functions. But, God is also the Truth of all truths; the Maximum of all maximums; the Contradiction of all contradictions; etc.

On the subjects --- universe, things, and function theory, all sciences can be questioned. These important fields of thought seem to be drifting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Torch Club Now Exists in Martinsburg, WV

Last evening, a new Torch Club opened in the Holiday Inn of Martinsburg, WV. It is a private association of people who believe that communities in the USA and the USA must always grow intellectually. Obviously, I became a member of this new club immediately. So, if you have similar beliefs of the members of the Torch Club, please contact the national Torch Club at to see whether you can become a member, or begin a new Torch Club, in your area.

At no other time than today, does the USA need new intellectual capacities.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Finding the Scientific Connections Between God and the Universe Requires Government, Science, and Religious Changes

When I proved the existence of God scientifically and found that all things in the universe are images of God and that God is in all things functionally, I concluded that man’s thinking in the life sciences must be corrected and that only a portion of the universe could be explained by laws of the ‘physical sciences.’ These conclusions explain, for instance, why deadly human diseases are not cured and why physical scientists are not finding proven laws in the universe’s regions of the infinitely small (atomic regions) and the infinite large (beyond solar systems).

Thus, I do not expect physical scientists to find consistency with God in their Superstring and Big Bang theories, And, I do not expect medical doctors, economists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, anthropologists, psychologists, etc. to find consistency with God in the ways we now live. Without these consistencies, one will never find eternal regularity and happiness in life. Instead, life will not be predictable and arbitrariness in the field of lawmaking will govern us.

Without God and these consistencies, one must conclude that the Laws of Nature’s God and the Declaration of Independence have no authorities in the USA. Without these authorities, the USA developed a godless government of, by, and for bandits. Thus, the American Revolutionary War cannot be said to be successful because the US government has now returned to the ‘arbitrariness’ of that ungodly government of England’s people, who ruled arbitrarily over the American colonists. I believe that many people and nations throughout the world are becoming aware of this political failure, that the USA has lost its world leadership, and that the US government has private spirits but cannot use them publically.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Monotheistic God Is Connected Scientifically to the Many Finite Things He Creates

Yesterday, I showed some of the things that the Hubble telescope has found in the universe. I also said that God is in all things that He creates but is not in them in a way that God is each of them. If God would be in them, pantheism, rather than panentheism, would be true. However, the way an infinite God would be found in all finite things could not be explained by the ancients. The ancients failed because they wanted to view God geometrically, as most people still view each other today. Fortunately, the ancients knew that an infinite thing could not fit into any finite thing geometrically. This ‘fitting’ problem could not be answered for thousands of years. To solve this problem, we had to wait for modern science to become possible in the 14th century, the development of function theory in mathematics after modern science developed, and wait for some scientist to apply of function theory to God and spiritual atoms , as I did, in the 21st century In the meantime, many new and different religions appeared. Today, they must change.

I assert that an infinite thing can be found in any finite thing. But, this is possible only if God creates all finite things differently and functions identically in each different thing. The pair of opposites, different and identical, are thus necessary to explain why all different finite things come from the same infinite God. This pair of opposites helps to explain why monotheism (e.g., a one God theology) is true and why God must appear in our world, as the Son of God.

To have a monotheistic God function in all finite things in the universe, a scientific symbolic language must connect an infinite God to all finite things. I make this scientific connection with the scientific version of the Christian Trinity. (See Part IIb of The First Scientific Proof of God.) Then, I identify an infinite set of indivisible spiritual atoms. (See Part IV of the same book.) The spiritual atoms are permanently connected to God. But, they are also functionally related to each other so that the universe can change in ways God thinks it must to change. The connection of the spiritual atoms to God gives each atom an eternal life. The changing functional relations among the spiritual atoms define the many continuous and different ways that the universe changes in accordance with God’s Intelligent Design. Thus, neither God nor the universe will end. Such a beautiful and endless universe could come only from the wisdom of a monotheistic God.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Hubble Telescope Shows Acctivities of God in the Universe

It is difficult for most people to recognize that God created these things in the universe, that God is not these things, and that God is functioning in these things. Those people who cannot recognize God fail to recognize God because they try to recognize God only with their senses (by sight, hearing, touching, tasting, or smelling). The telescope also does not recognize God because it is merely an extension of our sight sense. We can see these strange things in the sky because there must have been a God who had to create them and a God who also had to function in them. Only humans can recognize God. This is because God gave all humans a mind. This mind has a special eye known as the 'eye of the mind.' Thus, people who do not develop this special eye usually reject God.
Most scientists and all atheists have not developed this special eye and often reject God only because considerable study is necessary by a person to develop consistent beliefs in one's mind. This consistence is found only with deep study of God with one's mind. This deep study is necessary because I conclude that God gave human a mind that is not happy as a fence-sitter. In my study of the Old Testament and the New Testament, I found consistence with the techings of Jesus Christ. And, it was with Moses, Plato, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, Georg Cantor, and the US founders that I found the consistence of thought on the subject of God. For government to fund atheists and atheistic companies is a major governmental error.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Monotheistic God and the Attributes of Life

When scientists made the error to reject God and theologians made the error to concentrate mostly on scriptures for knowledge, an ugly world could be expected to develop as it is today. Slowly, I developed the belief that this ugly world could be changed to a new and beautiful world if more knowledge was developed about a monotheistic God. In 1980, I decided to develop this new knowledge and did by publishing the book, The First Scientific Proof of God, in 2006.. In this blog, I show why scientists and theologians might have made these errors.

After the Jew, Abraham, convinced people that only one God exists, the theology of monotheism expanded and caused pantheism to degenerate. However, as monotheism expanded, new names were given to God. Some examples are All Mighty, El Roi (a god that sees), Infinite One, and Yaweh. Some of these names became scientific because the ancient and modern scientists identify things and their attributes (or properties). Today, one must conclude that Philosophy, but not Science and Religion appreciate things, their differences and attributes, and the function God gave them.

In ‘‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’’ I view a monotheistic God as a thing. And, I seek the attributes of a monotheistic God. As a thing, God makes images of Himself to create the universe. These images are finite things because a monotheistic God is infinite and does not create other gods or finite gods, such as the gods of pantheism. All finite things are wholes and thus have parts. But, a monotheistic God has no parts. Thus, knowing the attributes of God is critical to our understanding of God.

Not to be concerned about finite things and their attributes and not to be concerned with the attributes of God have created unannounced problems in all sciences and all religions. For instance, physical scientists reject God They are thus concerned only with the processes that emerge from the exploding physical singularity billion of years ago. And, they view ‘environment,’ not as an attribute of each thing, but of a general process that has an effect on all things. And, many religions are concerned only with those processes of God that will eventually judge us. What are science and religions doing about the life that God created, that is, all of it? Do they see ‘‘getting a job’’ and ‘‘dying’’ the only real attributes of the life God made?