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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moving On XXIII, (Unifying the People of the World)

In yesterday’s blog I say that the Western world is a world of slavery. It is such a world because the leaders of its nations do not teach their citizens that ‘human development’ is a natural activity of every human Spirit. This development begins with ‘birth’ and ends with the natural process of death. Development is a continuous process because the death of any thing is followed naturally with a rebirth in a new body. With respect to the continuous life of humans, the knowledge about rebirths is unknown. Thus, a Muslim in Iran, for instance, could be reborn in the USA to a Christian family and a Christian in the USA could be reborn in Iran to a Muslim family. Obviously, God’s intelligent design will eventually develop a single language, single political system, single science, and single religion worldwide.

Instead of teaching this natural human activity, most leaders merely seem to seek new political, religious, or scientific powers. This desire for more power can be seen in the institutions of all Western nations, Thus, I conclude that our leaders do not understand the modern God, God’s intelligent design, and God’s creation. It is thus clear that no free people under God exist anywhere in the world.

Accordingly, I ask people worldwide to stop killing other people so that political, religious, and scientific leaders of the world can meet immediately to identify and plan the changes necessary to free every person in the world. At the same time, I ask the parents worldwide to teach their children how to self-develop their own minds so they can conceive and understand God’s creations.

Common to all nations is a single political system consisting of a Union of free people who are guided by the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Nature's God, and a self-government of, by, and for the people. This self-government must increase the perfection of the Union continuously.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moving On XXII, (The Western World: A World of Slavery)

In the yesterday’s blog, I present a truth related to my scientific proof of God. This truth is supported by the works of Friedrich Hegel on the phenomenology of Spirit. This truth says --- a monotheistic God creates all things with independence and negativity. If this truth is correct, one can say the following facts: (1) no Western world religion teaches this truth; (2) no Western world science teaches this truth because many scientists quietly reject God to hold their jobs; and (3) the first political experiment of a free nation under God, the USA, does not teach this truth.

Western world religions do not teach this truth because they do not recognize that modern world thoughts are questioning the ancient teachings of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures. Western world scientists reject God because they believe wrongly that man’s mind is only an image of sensations and cannot prove God. The USA does not teach this truth because the mandates of Declaration of Independence were wrongly limited by influential US lawyers who became members of the US Supreme Court. The action of this court has allowed atheism to become an active belief against God in the USA.

I say that these Western world religions, all Western world sciences, and atheism are the sole causes of all Western world conflicts and all US human conflicts today. If the people in the Western world correct these religions, sciences, and Supreme Courts, a beautiful and never-ending world peace would become possible quickly. These social problems exist because our national leaders do not understand what human freedom really means.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Moving On XXI, (The Independence and Negativity of Things)

The concept of freedom is not understood well by most people throughout the world. People do not understand freedom mostly because they do not understand God. The lack of understanding God often causes some people to seek wars so they can enslave other people to their own misunderstandings of God. Good examples are Osama Bin Laden, suicide bombers, and the many 9/11 terrorists. God, who creates all things, does not expect any created thing to be ended unnaturally. God has designed every created thing so each thing has a natural death. Further, rewards from God are based only on laws of Nature. For example, reincarnation is possible after a natural death. The statement, thou shall not kill, is a sound statement made by Moses in his theory of God’s Ten Commandments.

God gave all things freedom when He gave them independence. Each created thing is a single thing that has determinate contents, which come from God as essential properties. However, the oneness of these essential properties is unessential because they form the moments of each unique and purposive thing. Since these essential properties differ from thing to thing, no two things are identical. Thus, the thing1 is not the thing2. It is also not the thing3, ... etc. So, each thing has positives and negatives. It has negatives because a thing is in opposition to all other things. The independence of a thing is thus maintained when it does not become part of the constitution of any other thing. For more details on ‘thinghood,’ see the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by Friedrich Hegel (in Consciousness on Perception). Accordingly, Bin Laden, suicide bombers, and terrorists are going against God with their unnatural killings. They have also lost most of the independence that God gave them.

To understand God, one must understand the things God is creating (See Rom. 1:20.) And one must also learn how to express his or her independence to other humans. One does not understand the dogs created by God when dogs are asked to fight against each other. Nor do many people understand God and man’s creations when they create an atom bomb and produces a nuclear waste product that can destroy many humans, lower animals, and plants. And a pharmaceutical company does not understand God when it makes things (called pills), which produce side effects, And a person does not understand God when he or she fills the mind with falsities and dies unnaturally with cancer.

However, when people in the USA do not include the Declaration of Independence in the US body of laws, they are nothing other than living negatives who try to destroy the thing we call ‘a nation under God.’

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Update on BigDumbChimp, the Good/Bad Math Website and Website. They Still Do Not Understand Things.

If you search Google using my name (George Shollenberger), you will learn how the logicians and atheists in the USA are trying to stop the propagation of godly thoughts. For instance, look at the long blog (click), which is written by Mark CC, the blogger of the good math/bad math website. The brief blog is written by Robert Donovan, who is from South Carolina and is still fighting for evolutionary evolution and slavery. To Robert, the Civil War seems to still be active. (click). Neither Mark CC nor Mr. Donovan understand "things,' which have a determinate (or positive) content and also a negative content. The negative content distinguishes a thing form all other things. With their thoughts, the world is one-sided and has only processes. These thoughts guide their minds only to mathematical processes and evolutionary processes. Why can they understand processes but cannot understand objects?. The answer lies in the lack of development of their minds.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Moving On XX, (Perfecting the USA Through Jesus Christ)

In the Preamble of the US Constitution, the founders of the USA said that one of the purposes of the US government is to form a more perfect Union. Since the mind of man is designed by God to measure all created things, all US citizens must ask their government about its yearly achievements of the perfection of the Union. This year’s achievement can be compared with last year’s achievements. However, perfections cannot be measured relatively. The perfections of a Union can only be compared with a perfect thing. But, the only perfect thing is God.

To compare the perfections of the USA under God, one must remove evils, one-by-one, from the USA. However, we can never stop these removals. That is, we cannot believe that we should learn to live with ‘accepted levels of evils,’ as many of today’s politicians believe. We cannot stop at specific ‘acceptable levels of evil’ based on the feeling that we are perfected. Clearly, the perfection of the USA requires the achievements of goals, whose purposes are to achieve the best of all worlds.

Achieving the best of all worlds under God requires that I disagree with many Christians who say that the role of Jesus Christ is to save and judge humans. I reject this role partly because it is inconsistent with a monotheistic God. Instead, I accept the role of Jesus Christ defined by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. In Nicholas’ book On Learned Ignorance (Bk. I, Ch 2), Jesus Christ is the third maximum. This maximum is the goal of the universe God created. This role means that Jesus is both contracted and absolute. It also means that Jesus Christ is an eternal teacher who inspires humans continually. So, reincarnation and the endless development of the plurality of Spirits of the world are mandatory under God and the goals established by Jesus Christ.

If you study the sayings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and review my research on the sayings of Jesus Christ in Part IIb of my book, you will see the teachings of Jesus and the goals he has presented for the future. Nowhere does Jesus teach that our world is coming to an end. Amen.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moving On XIX, (Development of Man vs. Evolution of Man)

If one traces the use of Aristotle’s logic in the field of geometry, we will find that logic is a means to identify Plato’s higher ideas. For instance, Euclid used logic in his 3-D plane geometry by saying that ‘parallel lines do not intersect.’ However, in the 19th century, Euclid’s plane geometry was found to be limited after non-Euclidean geometries, e.g., spherical geometry, were discovered and the time zones were found to be separated everywhere except at the North and South Poles where they intersect. Then, when Riemann wrote his major paper, On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry, Einstein was able to extend the theory of relativity, which destroyed Newton’s Universe that was based on Euclid’s geometry.

Aristotle’s logic can also be traced to the field of law in the courtroom of Cicero during the Roman Empire and in the canon of the Roman Church. This courtroom and canon had serious flaws which were not identified until Blaise Pascal wrote against this canon in his book on The Provincial Letters and Nicholas of Cusa began to write on his negative theology. For instance, in his book, On Not-other, Nicholas says that Aristotle could have spared us and himself great labor and did not have the need for an elaborate logic.

The existence of God does not mean that God is knowable. A monotheistic God is one and infinite. A monotheistic God is thus incomprehensible. Accordingly, all beliefs about God are opinions. But some opinions can be better that others. And, this is what Plato means when he speaks of higher ideas. And this is what Hegel means in his History of Philosophy (Vol. I, p.35). There he says, ‘it is unreasonable to believe that reason only is in Nature, and not in the mind.’

The use of logic must be limited to thought structures unified by God. Logic should not be used on continuous variables. For instance, logic can be used to distinguish opposing structures such as infinite/finite and true/false. Since the evolutionary theory proposed by Darwinian naturalists uses Aristotle’s concept definition and an elaborate logic, it cannot identify truths with Aristotelian definitions. Thus, I conclude that the development of man is true and the evolution of man is false. However, the history above indicates that the misuse of logic has impeded considerably the progress of man.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Moving On XVIII, (Geometry vs. Mathematics)

Geometry is spoken of today as the oldest branch of mathematics. But, geometry is not limited to the study of flat surfaces (plane geometry) and three_dimensional objects (solid geometry) as mathematicians and logicians believe. Geometry can be used in abstract thinking about the things God creates. Since all created things are images of God, the mind uses geometries to develop knowledge of these images. So, I say that mathematics is really a branch of geometry.

In Part II, Ch.1 of my book, I discuss the differences between a godly world and a godless world. I conclude that a godly world cannot be known completely but that a godless world is mechanical and can thus be known completely with mathematics. As you can see, atheistic mathematicians, logicians, and scientists are the people who placed mathematics above geometry.

Any good historian will tell us that mathematics was placed above geometry after Plato and Aristotle distinguished themselves and no one could reconcile them. To Plato, the completed knowledge of the world was impossible. To him, man can find higher ideas about God’s created things but cannot comprehend God at all. To Aristotle, logic is the path to exactness and all knowledge. If Aristotle was right, the universe is a machine and human freedom is an illusion.

As one can see, all Western world leaders are serving the people of their nation as if the nation must be controlled by a machine that acts like a see-saw used by children. In the Bible at Jas 1:8, the see-saw is like the double-minded man. To say that believers and non believers can live together is to say that people like the a see-saw motion in their government. I do not believe that humans can ever live constantly under a see-saw motion without regular conflicts and wars.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving On XVII, (German Language vs. English Language)

In this blog, I argue that the English language is ugly because it develops the human mind improperly. On the other hand, I say that the German language can develop the human mind properly. These two languages are as different as night and day because the English language is based on Aristotle’s method of defining concepts with logic whereas the German language is based on Plato’s higher ideas.. Thus, I say that if the USA does not fix its language, it will fall apart. One might conclude that the USA is falling if one examines the world educational statistics.

The English language could have been fixed after the restoration of the England’s monarchy in 1660. Then, England’s leaders sought help to fix the English language because France’s John Dryden had viewed English as barbarous language compared to the French language. In 1662, England began to act by approving the Royal Society. At the same time, a committee of 22 was appointed "to fix the English tongue particularly for philosophic purposes." This committee failed. A second attempt to fix the English language began in 1712 by Jonathan Swift. Swift was a great friend of Queen Anne, who died suddenly in 1714 after she encouraged the American colonies to become independent of England. Many historians say that Anne was murdered also because her grandmother, Sophie of the Hanover House in Germany, recommended that Gottfried Leibniz, a consultant to the Hanover House, become the Prime Minister of England under Anne. Obviously, the political power in England was clear but the English language was always guided by Aristotle’s concept definition and logic.

With Leibniz as its leader in the 17th century, the monarchical nations of Germany, Austria, and Russia developed a new educational system for the masses of people. Leibniz even set up a debate with Isaac Newton to show that England’s view of the world was wrong. But, Newton feared Leibniz. Leibniz then set up a debate with John Locke. But, Locke died before the debate could be held.. We can trace the 17th century work of Leibniz backward to the 15th century work on negative theology of German bishop, Nicholas of Cusa, and forward, to the German work of Kant on the critique of reason and the work of Hegel on the self-developing Spirit. From theml, we can trace this German work to Karl Marx, Kierkegaard, Sartre,. Husserel, Heidegger, to Americans such as, James and Dewey, and to Hitler. Before Hitler, it is clear that the German language was always guided by Plato and dialectical thinking.

One cannot see God at all with logic and the English language. But one can see God clearly with dialectical thinking and the German language. Thus, unless the people of the US begin to read dialectical thinking and translated German works since the 15th century, I believe the American mind will continue to degenerate. Only books like mine will save the US citizens from a human disaster.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moving On XVI, (Expressing Knowledge of God on Public Places)

I sent a letter to the editor of The Journal in Martinsburg (WV) on the subject of expressing knowledge of God on public places by religions. The letter was published on 10/19/07 and is presented below. I had prepared this letter because I believe that all people must always be aware of the history and new advances on the development of knowledge about God. Since the field of religion is one of the fields of thought that produces this form of knowledge, I believe that Religion cannot be separated from State on the matter of keeping all US citizens informed on man’s development of knowledge about God. A Museum of God should be allowed in any town or city.

Authorized to express God
Christians can win their rights to express the Lord in public places if they improve their understanding of the founding documents of the United States.

Lawyers are wrong to say that the Declaration of Independence has only one authority. It has two authorities. The first two paragraphs contain an authority that gives "the people" the right to express God anywhere. The other authority gave "the people" the right to go to war with England.

The founding documents do not separate State from God. These documents only separate State from Religion. Thus, the United States has always been a nation under God.

Thus, atheism and communism are un-American practices in the United States.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Moving On XV, (In God, All Things Are Identical and One. And, in the Universe, No Two Things Are Identical.)

The statement, ‘in God, all things are identical and one’ is true if a monotheistic God exists and unifies all opposites. And the statement, ‘in the universe, no two things are identical’ is true if God created all things differently and did not create any vacuums.

Thus, the statement, ‘twins exist;’ is false. And the statement ‘all DNA chemicals in the same thing are identical’ is false.

Today's scientists cannot find identities in the universe because God exists.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving On XIV, (The Greatest Thing Is God)

When I could not find an interested publisher for my book, I had to self-publish. This is when I decided to create a book that represented a core of personalities who had already recognized the greatness of God. These personalities are Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Constantine, Nicholas of Cusa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Gottfried Leibniz, Ernst Cassirer, and Georg Cantor. None of these personalities stopped their work as if they found the ultimate truth and could turn their life to other activities as Isaac Newton did. Today’s scientists also expect to stop their scientific work if they find the ultimate truth of the universe. Western world religions have also stopped their work saying that their scriptures are the ultimate truths and only need to be interpreted correctly. Some of these leaders also teach wrongly that a person needs only to be saved in order to get to Heaven.

Nicholas of Cusa sought the truth about the greatest knowledge in his book On Learned Ignorance (Bk. I, Ch.4). At his time, the greatest knowledge was described as ‘that which cannot be greater.’ However, this description was already known as the ‘maximum’ at his time. He concluded that we cannot comprehend the maximum and is not in the nature of things that are comparatively greater or lesser. Today, we might also say that the maximum can never be less than it is. So, Nicholas found the absolute maximum. We have maximums in our finite world. But they are finite maximums and never become absolutely maximum.

So the knowledge of a greatest thing, which we call God, cannot be comprehended by us. This means that our knowledge is always finite and can become greater or lesser. The knowledge of theologians will not become greater by limiting their knowledge to religious scriptures. Joel Osteen and D. James Kennedy are theologians who seem to be expanding their thought beyond scriptures. Further, the knowledge of scientists will not become greater by limiting their knowledge to a godless universe. It is clear that Science and Theology must become unified in every nation. Otherwise, worldwide knowledge will not grow and human conflicts will grow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Moving On XIII, (Freedom Can Come Only From God)

The first twelve Moving On blogs indicates that non believing scientists have been misleading the people of the USA with theories that are not proven and cannot be proven scientifically. These blogs also indicate that religions are also misleading the people of the USA with scriptural materials that are inconsistence or not proven scientifically. As a result, the people of the USA have become highly divided and have no way to unify themselves. This is an internal security problem of the USA. Some foreign nations hope that this problem remains so that the US falls apart.

This internal security problem became possible after Science and the Roman Church began to separate, initially with the first early Middle Age Inquisition, the heresies of the Cathars and Waldenses during the 11th and 12th century, the burning of about 2000 heretics at the stake thereafter, and more recently the imprisonment of Galileo (1564-1642) for saying that the earth is not at the center of the universe as the Church teaches. Eventually, the Catholic church admitted its error and in the 1980s apologized for Galileo’s imprisonment in. Fortunately, Western religious leaders stopped such inquisitions. However, they created two new wicked ideas --- that a scripture is the only source of proven truths and that a scripture is the Word of God. In my book and on this website, I argue that these wicked idea are false.

The founding of the USA in 1976 was the first effort to unify Science and Religion and unify them in a nation under God. But, this godly effort of the founders of the USA began to fade away with the assassination of Abe Lincoln. The motive behind Lincoln’s death seems clear. Darwin’s 1859 theory of evolution is godless and, if promoted worldwide, could remove God from the USA. To expand this promotion, atheistic physicists created another godless theory known as the Big Bang theory. By the 1970s, most US scientists became atheists. But, these atheistic efforts are failing. I say they are failing because human freedom can be proven only if God exists and creates independence in everything in the universe.

In my Moving On blogs, I try to show why God cannot be rejected by any field of science. I also try to tell Western religious leaders that a monotheistic God is very different that they are teaching. Hopefully, scientists and theologians consider these blogs because the internal security problem of the USA might be weakened and broken by external forces.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moving On XII, (Your Mind Is a Thing)

As a Christian, I say that God is an infinite thing who creates all finite things for the universe. I also say that God and all finite things are independent and are thus free.. So, when atheistic brain theorists say that our mind is a shadow of the brain, mind loses its independence and God must be rejected. Now you can see why the founders prepared the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution and why atheistic lawyers promote the idea that the Declaration of Independence is not a part of the US body of laws.

All things in themselves can exist only under God. Under God things have unique properties that they would not have in a godless world. For instance, some things under God live forever. Only God and spiritual atoms live forever. However, the lives of all things that are organized into bodies by spiritual atoms are limited. This is why humans, animals, plants, and physical things age and eventually die. But, you will not die because you are a spiritual atom who can be reborn in a new body.

All organized bodies thus have a beginning, middle, and ending. Those bodies, whether they develop or not, have moments in the aging processes. For instance the human mind begins with no innate concepts or ideas. As the mind begins to develop, the mind forms a highly permanent content, which will tell other people of your character, attitudes, motives, knowledge, and moral beliefs. The content is positive and represents your reality of the world. However, your mind also has negativity. This negativity is characters, attitudes,, motives, knowledge and moral beliefs that are found in other people but are not found in you. The positives and negatives in your mind guide your life until you die. When you are reborn, you will develop a new content, character, attitudes, motives, knowledge, and moral beliefs in any nation on this planet or on some other planet. I do not believe that you will be reborn at a place where you can talk to your parents and grandparents again. Such a place is inconsistent with the modern knowledge of a monotheistic God.

Clearly, a rebirth on planet earth would seem to be undesirable because its current morality is awful.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving On XI, (Mind, What Is It?)

Today, mind is distinguished primarily by believers and nonbelievers in God. For instance, the non believers say that mind is a property of physical matter. That is, mind is a shadow of the brain, just as one’s body has a physical shadow when standing in the sun. But, if you are a believer, you will probably agree that mind is an independent thing, which is a Spirit created by God. In general, Westerners say that mind might be (1) unique to humans, (2) in other animals, (3) superhuman, (4) a single absolute, or (5) a transcendent intelligence. Thinking is indispensable in most views of mind. These views can be different if thinking is caused only by the senses or thinking is independent of the senses. I say that no thing, other than God, creates things. As a believer in God, I also say that mind is an independent thing I call a spiritual atom. Such an independent thing can be found in everything God creates.

The divisions of the mind, as discussed above, emerged before Jesus Christ when the debates began between Plato and his student, Aristotle. Plato said that the mind is developed and filled with higher and higher ideas. But, Aristotle said that the mind can be developed and filled with facts. Today, this ancient debate still exists between believers in God and atheists. Believers say that the human mind can be developed with the help of God. Non believers say that the human mind is developed by Nature. These two beliefs divide the people of the USA.

At this time, no one can prove absolutely who is right --- the believers or non believers. In my book, I prove the first scientific proof of God.. Today, I wait to see the first scientific proof that God does not exist by atheists. Today, the US government is on the side of the atheists in terms of using taxpayer’s money to fund scientific research. Yet the founders of the USA were on my side.

Those logicians, who are atheists,. say that the reasoning of mind is limited to logical reasoning. Thus, they reject other forms of reasoning such as the 'sufficient reasoning" of Leibnix. This limit of mind hides God and many other things fromm us.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving On X, (Each Thing Is in Each Thing)

At John 12:32, Jesus Christ says, "And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, will draw all Men unto me." Since no finite thing can enter the infinite world of God, I said yesterday that it is not possible for any person to live with God after death. In his statement Jesus is telling us that he will be lifted up from his body and that we will also be lifted up from our body. So, in his statement, Jesus is teaching reincarnation. The reincarnation statement of Jesus can be confirmed by linking this reincarnation statement to a holistic teaching of Jesus at John 14:29. There, Jesus says, "At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." In Book II, Ch.5 of his On Learned Ignorance, Nicholas of Cusa explains this holistic idea with the following statement: each thing is in each thing. I believe that this holistic idea was taught first by Jesus Christ at John 14:29. Nicholas tells us that Anaxagoras also mentioned this holistic idea.

The statements of Anaxagoras and Nicholas are the result of the conclusion that an infinite thing, which is God, cannot be compared with any finite thing. Since I agree that the concepts, infinite and finite, cannot be compared, I connected God to all created things using logic in Part IIb, Ch.1 of my book. This logical connection agrees with Nicholas, who says that God is in all created things through mediation. My logic creates the mediator. The mediator is the universe. The universe is thus a metaphysical theory of how the intelligent design of God is contracted to a unity of finite things.

To learn more about this contraction theory, I suggest that the reader go onto the Internet. (click). There, click onto the book on ‘On Learned Ignorance." Then, read Book II, Ch 5. I also suggest that you scan or read Dr. Jasper Hopkins book on "Nicholas of Cusa’s Metaphysic of Contraction."

I believe that it is time for Christians to become modern thinkers. And it is time for atheists to recognize the power of metaphysical thought. The one-sided theories of atheism are childish.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moving On IX, (Development)

The idea of ‘development’ is universal in our thinking because it can be observed in all living things made by God and in all things made by man. In Part IIc of my book, I identify books on the geometry of life. These books on geometry deal with life and are very different from the geometrical books used by atheistic scientists. In all things made by God, we observe moments that distinguish the development of these things. However, these moments are not moments of a universal time. These moments represent only the different phases of the life of things. For instance, when we observe a plant on our planet, the moments represent the phases of beginning, middle, and end of the plant as earth moves around the sun. In the New Testament, in Matthew, Ch. 24, Jesus Christ teaches us about the signs of our darkening sun using the seasons of the fig tree. These signs are the moments we speak of today.

If we observe a plant closely, we learn that plants have a lower set of parts (roots) and an upper set of parts (stem, branches, etc.). For example, if one observes the development and growth of a plant, the person will see the moments of the upper part of the plant. One will see the development of the stem, branches, leaves, buds, blossoms, and seeds. However, logicians might also see logic in a plant. For instance, they might say that the blossom must refute the bud and that the seed must refute the blossom. This is not true because things are wholes. As a whole, all things in the universe have a basic principle that maintains the oneness of each thing. In my book and Leibniz’s Monadology these principles are dominating and distinguish and organize every species and all members of each species. Thus, no two things in the universe can ever be identical. Further, nothingness cannot exist in between things. Thus, no vacuums exist in the universe.

Humans also develop. Their developments also have two different kinds of moments. Like plants, human developments occur both in the mind and the body. So, much like a plant, which has a lower part and an upper part, a human has two primary parts. In a plant, the lower parts search for water and nutrients to support the life of the plant and the growth of its body. In a human, the mind searches for true knowledge so that one can perfect both the mind and body. All plants, lower animals, and humans have a seeding process that prevents their absolute death. So all living things are reborn. However don't believe that you will reborn with innate ideas. You will begin a new life from scratch. The culture in which you are reborn will hold the ideas that you will develop. But, if you are reborn in a third world nation, you must fight for rights you already developed in you last life. So, if you don't like to redevelop rights that you already did, you should stop helping people who are evil and create evil things such as a third world nation. And, if Christiam leaders believe that a person can go to live with the Lord after death, they owe their members a proof showing how a finite person can enter the one and infinite world of a monotheistic God.

The above discussion is evidence that the biological evolutionary theory and the physical Big Bang theory are illusions. This evidence is strong enough for the US government (especially the National Science Foundation) to fund a new scientific research initiative that would develop a ‘science on things. The evidence is also strong enough to secure the USA against the forces of communism and atheism.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moving On VIII, (Opposites)

All true opposites that are unified by God have nothing in common. For example, the pairs of opposites ‘True /False’ and ‘Infinite/ Finite’ have nothing in common. By definition, such opposites are absolutely different and are understood only with logic. Thus, these opposites cannot be compared with each other. Logicians know these opposites as ‘excluded middle opposites.’ However, the mind of man has also conceived opposites that are not absolutely different. They are relative and can be compared. For example, the pairs of opposites Hot/ Cold, Permanence/Change, and Cause/Effect are relative pairs and can be compared. Since these opposites are finite, in my book I call these relative opposites ‘included middle opposites.

Over time, new temperature symbols were added in the middle region between the opposites Hot/Cold. Some examples are Cool, Warm, and Tepid. However, the addition of new symbols was stopped after scientists learned that all temperatures can be numbered. This learning led to a thing called ‘thermometer.’ Today, our scientists are trying to number other included middle opposites. This has been a slow effort because many scientists are focusing their minds mostly on the content of ‘process’ and turn away from the content of ‘things.

Beginning/Ending form an interesting pair of opposites because they appear as both excluded middle opposites and included middle opposites. These excluded middle opposites are unified by God. But, included middle opposites are found in every living thing in the universe. Thus, in God, we find Beginning/Ending. But, in the universe, in all living things we find the trinity --- beginning, becoming, and ending. The concept of ‘development’ emerged from this trinity just as the concept of ‘temperature’ emerged from different temperature symbols. I believe that Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx were the first to build ‘development’ into a science. To build this science, they focus on ‘things.’ To them, development has ‘moments.’ To Hegel, these moments for a science of the development of human spirits. To Hegel, spiritual development never ends. So, the idea of reincarnation is a natural developmental process for all Spirits.

I believe that US scientists are failing because they are building neither a science of ‘development’ nor a science of ‘things.’ I also believe that the negativity of the ‘dirty fission atom bombs’ of the US and Russia is a world disaster. Iran, or no other nation, should develop more of this dirty nuclear energy. I also believe that the development of ‘fusion energy’ will fail because its scientists do not know the science of things. I believe that the absence of a ‘thing science’ is confusing the minds of the world’s logicians.

Hey scientists. Become a scientist of things, not an atheist.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Moving On VII, (Things and Purposes)

The scientist who accepts pure reason (metaphysics) and God ought to turn his or her mind away from the thoughts of those atheists, evolutionists, and naturalists who say that man’s mind is a shadow of the human brain and is thus not a thing. This scientist will also reject Darwin’s evolutionary theory and the Big Bang theory of the field of physics.

This scientist will also turn to Table IIa.1, p.105 of my book to learn that originals measure their images. So, God measures our mind and our mind, which becomes an image of a conceptual world, conceives and measures God’s created world. Since man cannot make living things, this godly scientist might want to study the French book Thinking by Machine by Pierre de Latil (Houghton Mifflin). I believe that this book can assist the self development of a person’s mind. Further, I suggest the study of the Gospel of Thomas. As I say in my book, the teachings of Jesus Christ are focusing on the human mind and the conceptual world, which Jesus calls the kingdom of God. Furthermore, I suggest the study of the works on ‘things’ by Friedrich Hegel.

As I say in my book, spiritual atoms form all created things. These atoms separate living things and nonliving. Nonliving things form a structure that makes living things possible. So, nonliving things form an infrastructure for all life. Living things are plants and animals. So, in my conceptual world, one finds God, infrastructure for life, and life.

God is a thing (in itself). As such a thing, God acts to create other things, which are images of God. So, God is absolute negativity and can be named as "Not-other." I suggest the study of the book On Not-other by Nicholas of Cusa. God is determinate and has essential qualities. When the infinite God is given the name Not-other, one learns that all created things, because they are finite, can also be defined using the negative. For instance, Cusa says that ‘sky’ and a hot thing can be defined respectively as --- the sky is not other than the sky and the hot thing is not other than the hot thing. With these simple definitions, he finds, for instance, that in a hot thing, what is not-hot is the hot thing. Thus, in all things one can conclude that in a thing, what is not-thing is a thing. In my theory of the universe, the not-thing is a spiritual atom. Every created thing thus has a purpose, is different, is independent, is in the presence of negativity (God and other finite things), and has necessary and contingent qualities.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Moving On VI, (Things and Nothingness)

Although scientists deal with some things such as the sun, a moving baseball, or an atomic bomb, the symbol, thing, is seldom found in the index of any scientific book. Yet, this symbol will be found in most books on philosophy. So, one can conclude that things will be filling the minds of philosophers but not the minds of scientists.

The world is not a container that has an outside because it has a God who is both absolute maximum and absolute minimum. Beyond God will we find created things. The created things are related to each other and God. So, there is only one world. Since God is complete and cannot be exhausted, only God is able to end the existence of created things. Based on this single world, only concepts and ideas about this kind of world enter my mind. Since many US scientists reject God, what is entering the mind of a godless scientist?

Apparently, the mind of a godless scientist is filled with concepts and ideas about a universe that was filled with physical matter from a single physical particle that exploded. This matter is thought to become energy less in time and is also thought to be reducible to nothingness. The godless scientist thus speaks of an end to the universe. This scientist also speaks of the environment, space, and time, as if they were not in the content of things. More recently, space and time are unified and called ‘space-time.’ How can the concept, space-time, be a natural part of the content of any thing when time is man-made?

However, particle physicists are producing interesting research results on the relations among physical particles. They expect to find structureless particles indicating that free, point-like particles exist. I reject this possibility if all finite things form a single continuum. Leaps are not to be found in my universe. A finite physical thing is divisible and thus cannot become a zero point. The geometrical zero-point is the model of all of my spiritual atoms. Any finite physical thing is always divisible and cannot be transformed into something indivisible. I say that the universe must begin with spiritual atoms, which combine to form divisible things. I also say that the universe is always finite and thus has no end.

It is time for all scientists to accept God and the things he created.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Moving On V, (Atoms and Things)

The inability to unify empiricism and rationalism by Kant stopped the work of many philosophers. The field of philosophy remained in the background until the 1920 discovery of independent linguistics, who said that empirical data are primarily symbolic. This discovery meant that the same symbol could have different meanings. This discovery did not affect the field of physics because this field carefully defined physical qualities using standards based on natural phenomena. However, after Kant, Friedrich Hegel began to develop philosophy into a science.

Kant reviewed Leibniz’s work. Of interest to Kant were Leibniz’s monads and Monadology. In addition to them, I also had interest in Leibniz’s ‘universal characteristics’ and the indivisible triangle in his infinitesimal calculus. Kant said that a monad must have an inner nature, which is free from outer relations. He thus concluded that a monad cannot be a composite thing. So, Kant viewed a monad as a simple thing and placed it in the Anthesis of his Second Antinomy. I disagree with Kant’s placement, even though Leibniz says that monads have no windows through which anything could come in or go out.

I say that a monad is both simple and composite. So, I use Leibniz’s monads in my book and speak of them as spiritual atoms. The monads are independent things, are immortal, and have essential qualities. They unify and become lawful composites. These composite things form the ever-changing and no- ending universe of God. Since, no spiritual atom is ever free, reincarnation is real.

Ever since my book was published and logicians challenged my scientific proof of God, I tried to convince them that some opposing ideas can coexist. Thus, I argue that either/or logic can lead only to one-sided thoughts, a pure world of physical and nonliving things, the rejection of metaphysics, and the rejection of God. I argue that both/and logic are a reality in our developing minds and give us new knowledge and understandings of life. I use the both/and logic in my scientific proof of God. This logic unified the opposites, infinite and finite, and unifies an infinite God with all created finite things. When the subject of our mind is life, I say to logicians that non sequiturs are illusions.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Moving On IV, (Science)

In my blog On Moving On, III, I said that modern scientists limited their knowledge by rejecting pure reason (metaphysics) and God. With this limit science becomes a one-sided field of thought. This limit is like wearing, at all times, a pair of sunglasses that lowers light by 50%. Kant shows the effect of this limit. For instance, his antinomies tell us that we cannot determine whether the world has a beginning, is limited in spaces, has parts or not, is necessary or contingent, or whether we are free. (See p.38 of my book) As seen, the limit accepted by US modern scientists has confused the lives of all US citizens. It is leading to new and different crimes and human behaviors. But this limit will also explain the human causes of every war.

Unfortunately, these modern scientists have lured the colleges and universities, the fields of mathematics, logic, life scientists, and many non scientists to their way of thinking. However, their way of thinking has negative effects because today’s research in physics, mathematics, logic, and the life sciences are useless. According to news reports, these research failures are real and are growing. Recent news is not good because the performance of US 4th grade readers, mathematics, and science have fallen to the 19th to 25th ranking levels among many nations. I argue that these poor performances are the result of the rejection of God by many modern scientists, logicians, liberals, and atheists and the new ‘me generation.’ A few atheists even rejected my scientific proof of God on without even reading my book. These rejections are beyond real science and human dishonesty.

Since the security of the USA has two components, external and internal, I conclude that both of these components are being compromised by this arbitrary limit of Science. I informed the US government about these compromises. When is the US government going to realize that the USA is a nation under God, as I prove in my blog dated 10/11/07? And when are our judges going to stop playing ‘monkey say, monkey do’?’ Judicial precedence does not apply in a free nation that is perfecting its Union.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Pledge of Allegiance

Today, the Associated Press reported that Michael Newdow, a Sacramento doctor and lawyer, says "I want to be treated equally." He added that the supporters of the phrases "under God' and "In God We Trust" want to have their religious views espoused by the government.

In 2005, a federal judge ruled in favor of Newdow saying that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. I have shown that this ruling is wrong. In my blog dated 10/11/07, I prove that the USA is a nation under God. Previously, I have proven that the Declaration of Independence is a US law in my August 2, 2007 blog. This blog also shows that both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution express the existence of God. Thus, I am showing that atheism cannot be practiced in the USA in any way that would destroy the belief in God.

Earlier, I informed President George W. Bush., Chief Justice John Roberts, Senator Robert Byrd, John D. Rockefeller, IV, and Representative Shelley Moore Capito of my research on these subjects.

Moving On III, (Metaphysics)

In Part I, Ch.4 of my book, I discuss the formal development of human knowledge. There, one learns that pure reasoning (or metaphysics) and finite empirical data could not be unified by Kant. In Kant’s work on his Critique of Pure Reason, one also learns that finite data cannot determine the Absolute (God). Since finite data cannot determine the Absolute, the field of science discontinued its inquiries into the Absolute, rejected God, separated Science and Theology, and turned to atheism. But, some scientists and all religions have never rejected the possibility of determining the Absolute.

However, the shift of science away from God was an irrational course of action because qualities of finite things can never be compared with the qualities of an infinite thing. The field of science also became a one-sided field of thought. A rational course of action for science could have opened the search for ways to find qualities of God with an independent mind, which can measure the finite things that God has made. Thus, just as an inventor’s thoughts can be known by knowing what the inventor has made, our minds can know God’s thoughts by knowing what God created. (e.g., see Rom. 1:20) However, a mind is independent only if freedom is true.

In my blog dated 10/11/07, I prove that the USA is a nation under God. Since the founders of the USA say in the founding documents that God exists, I say that the freedom does exist. This freedom is the independence found in every created thing including the human mind. So, in my book, I agree with Nicholas of Cusa, who says that mind is the first thing unfolded by God in the universe. However, to appear in the universe, this first thing must be contracted by plurality. Thus, I recognize this mind as a plurality of spirits. I call them spiritual atoms. They become the atoms of the universe and combine to form independent things that can be measured by our independent minds.

So, contrary to the rejection of God by scientists and other atheists, I say that Science and Theology must be unified and that we can learn truths about God. This book is thus the first formal scientific attempt to measure the things that God created.

Errors in the Text of My Book

My book is self-published. The self-publisher is authorhouse. Unfortunately, when my book was published, either authorhouse's computer or an employee of authorhouse made two changes in my book’s WordPerfect text. On page 38, my words antinomies and Antinomy were changed to antibodies and Antibody respectively and on pages 45, 46, and 50, the name Krantz was changed to Crayons. If any other errors are found, I will post them here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Moving On II, (Politics and Government)

I conclude that the USA has turned too far away from its founding principles. Thus, we must return before the Union is weakened and is reconstituted as partitions. We must not follow those other nations that hate our new 1776 experiment to build a free nation. Yet, I conclude that this experiment was the correct human action. But, just like a human must correct himself or herself occasionally after being influenced too long by friends, the USA must also correct itself after being influenced to long by monism, materialism, and atheism. Turning our world into a nonliving machine by our monists, physical scientists, and atheists is a bad influence.

Further, using my book over the last year and a half, I have been suggesting corrections in our behaviors and the behaviors of the US government. This book emerged after I analyzed the meaning of the word ‘freedom‘ and found that freedom is not real in a machine but is real if God is also real. So, when I found that God exists and is the origin of all things in our world, I found that God is unlimited in all ways and that our freedom is really limited. This limit requires that humans have both personal and social responsibilities. So, the US government has been influenced too long by laissez-faire capitalism. In my book, I show that this bad influence occurred after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. So, some humans in our nations have been influencing the US government successfully, but wrongly and too long. Laissez-faire capital destroyed the Union and removed all social responsibilities from business and industry.

Furthermore, finding the existence of God reveals two distinct worlds, God’s infinite world and our finite world. The after death teaching that a human will live either in Heaven with God or in Hell with the Devil is thus not even possible. Thus, suicide bombers should not expect rewards from God. The atheistic teaching, that the human mind is a shadow of the brain, is wrong and comes from the godless theory of evolution. It is correct to say that people do not die. It is also correct to say that brains do not mature. The human mind is an independent thing and has a purpose. It begins by becoming conscious. It develops continuously, no matter where a person works. Mind is a self-consciousness thing that develops and guides the daily life of every person. In general, each life has a beginning, becoming, and end. In any particular life, a person becomes ‘a thing that is.’Then, the person passes on and dissolves in the flow of life only to begin a new one.

This is the life found in my book. The reviews of my book by five atheists are obviously silly and ignorant. In my next blog, I will prove their ignorance and the ignorance of other US institutions.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It Is Time for Me To Move on I, (General)

The holiday season has come. At the same time I have come to a point at which I was able to decided that my teaching of "The First Scientific Proof of God" might be slowed. This decision will allow me to return to my real love, the search for new findings on God and the creation. This decision does not mean that I will terminate my responses to your comments. It only means that new blogs by me will be less frequent.

Before I return to research, I will prepare a series of blogs of a summary of my book and why I wrote it. After almost a year and a half of defending God, my book, and my work, via this website and, I conclude that my book is still the most advanced book in the world on how to unify Science and Theology. The separation of these two fields of thoughts should have never occurred centuries ago. But, the truth is that they did separate. So, it is time for humans to determine if they will, or will not, become partners again. This is probably one of the most important human decisions to make in the new century.